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Fist Fight episode 1 recap

In 2005, In London a man got chased by the triad and he defeated them.

In 2018 in Philippine, a member bids with Cheung Fei Fan to shoot an online ads to sell the suitcase for two hundred thousand dollars. If the client pays a double for his ad then the money will be his. If he couldn’t double it he will jump in the jeep. Cheung Fei Fan said it’s showtime. He threw his two hundred dollars from the suitcase out the crowd. The crowd at the beach picked it up. A member called the member and said the client of the leather suitcase thought the ad was so effective he decided to double the price.

During the interview, Cheung Fei Fan said the Flyingman Fire Fist Fight game was a hit. Now they organized boxing matches. They invite boxers from Philippines to compete with Hongkong and the four finalists will compete around the world. Ha Tin Hang. A triad showed Ha Tin Hang different types of guns around the world. He challenges him to a contest. If he wins, he may have all the guns but if he loses the triad may fire him three shots. Ha Ting Han shot him. While watching the chickens boxing, Cheung Fei Fan said there are few strong people and everyone has a weakness. The most spectacular fight is the weak beat the strong. Cheung Fei Fan stared at Ha Ting Han. Some policemen pointed a gun at Ha Tin Hang and asked him to show him if he’s chinese and show him his passport. Ha Ting Han looked at the badge. He said no way and fought with the police. The members placed them in the van.

Cheung Fei Fan received a call that three Filipino boxers got hospitalized for food poisoning and couldn’t make it to Hongkong. Some Filipinos shot Cheung Fei Fan and his members. A member rode the motorcycle with Cheung Fei Fan. They got caught. Tony Tang’s men grabbed Cheung Fei Fan and about to push him in the pool. Tony’s men pushed Cheung Fei Fan down. Ha Tin Hang’s members shot at Tony’s members. Cheung Fei Fan climbed up and slide down. He untied his two members. Ha Tin Hang pointed a gun at Cheung Fei Fan and his member and said they are unlucky working for the wrong boss. He pointed a gun at a member. The member told him that Tony is his boss and sent him to kill Mr. Cheung. Ha Ting Han shot the member’s knee and pointed a gun at him. Tony and his gang got arrested.

Ha Tin Hang introduces himself as the supervisor and his two senior officer Lui Wai Bing and Shek Tung Sing to Cheung Fei Fan and greets him as their boss. They went to Philippines for a vacation and they also wanted to see their coworkers. They found out someone wanted to harm Mr. Cheung so they investigated the black market of guns and found out about Tony. There were Tony’s moles. Tony sent his crew to pretend to be policemen but the sign on the uniform and car were wrong. Then they went to Plan B which is blocking the road so the mole took him to a place so he can get caught.

In Hongkong, Ma Si Ting rushed to meet up with her officer friends and glanced at the good looking Ha Tin Hang walking down the escalator. Cheung Fei Fan show around his office to Han Ting Han and his team. Si Lo told Han Tin Hang that what happened in Philippine must not happen again. She wants Mr.Cheung to come back safe.

Cheung Fei Fang came with his team watching his father with his friend Ha Tin Hang knocked down the knife. The knife is fake. Cheung Fei Fan rode the roller skaters with Ha Tin Hang while the member record him. Cheung Chi Fan fell into the pool. Cheung Fei Fan made a speech at the conference. Chairman Chow criticizes him. Wan Sing Han entered the conference and told Chairman Chow he came here to support Cheung Fei Fan’s boxing match since it promotes boxing around the world. Wan Sing Han made an announcement that the secretary of home affair will give additional resources to support the boxing of Hongkong. Sergeant Ho Tit Nam came here to investigate the drug case. Ho Tit Nam caught a boxer with drugs. Ha Tin Hang asked a foreign man for his passport. He fought with him. Ho Tit Nam shot at him as he got in the car. Cheung Fei Fan practices for his boxing match. Ho Tit Nam searches for the bullet in the parking lot and wonder where is it and he thinks Ha Ting Han must have it. Ha Tin Hang held the bullet.

Comment: Finally got a new hk drama I’m interested in watching and recapping. I will take my time! Got to fangirl Vincent Wong, Matt Yeung, and Philip Ng.

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