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Fist Fight episode 2 recap

Ho Tit Nam and his colleague interrogated Ha Ting Han. Ho Tit Man said Cheung Fei Fai is always in trouble whenever Ha Tin Hang is with him. Ha Ting Han asked Ho Tit Man if his boss knows he’s been keeping him for two days. Ho Tin Hang told his colleague to leave and he turn off the tv. Ha Tin Hang told him it looks like he is also taking his own action and don’t listen to orders. Ho Tit Nam fire a bullet, and Ha Tin Hang caught it. Ho Tit Nam asked him where’s the bullet. Ha Tin Hang told him to ask the janitor. Ho Tit Nam knows Ha Ting Han protected many people in England and even went to a fight in Iraq. Ho Tit Nam asked him how many people did he killed and if it’s for money. Ha Tin Hang said people can kill each other for a bowl of rice or a pen. The policemen in Hongkong will never understand how cheap human lives can be.

Lui Wai Bing and her colleague search for he boxing gym to see if it’s safe. Cheung Fei Fan practices boxing at the gym with a boxer.

Wong Sir yelled at Ho Tit Nam for following Ha Tin Hang instead of Cheung Fei Fan. Ho Tin Man told Wong Sir that Ha Tin Hang is very suspicious. Wong Sir told him that his dog is even more obedient than him. Ho Tit Nam confronts him. Wong Sir told him to stay and watch the CCTV Footage of the carpark until he found some clues. Ho Tit Nam’s Tak colleague watches the cctv and told Ho Tit Man to go. Ho Tit Nam followed Ha Ting Man to his van which looks like a cafeteria on the inside. While Ha Tin Hang drinks a cup of coffee, Ho Tit Nam search around.

Ho Tit Nam’s team sneaked in the suspect’s warehouse and shoot the suspects. Ho Tit Nam came and shoot the suspects. Tak got shot. Ho Tit Man beat up the suspect. His colleagues pushed him and handcuffed the suspect. Chief Inspector Yeung Ching Ching visits the suspects in jail and took over the case. Ho Tit Man told Yeung Ching Ching he arrested the suspect and Tak was his teammate why must he hand over the case. Ho Tit Man told Wong Sir, Tak is his teammate and he can solve the case. Yeung Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam with his temper, he can’t take this case. She told him to leave.

Ho Tit Man took of a micro and sung a song about crime then Sis Fung sung a song for him at the street market. Ho Tit Man ate lots of food at the food stall. His godmother Sis Fung ate with him. Ho Tit Man played rock paper scissor and took his clothes off.

Ma Si Ting told a young girl the alarm beep. She took her tag out from her shoes and gave it to her. Lui Wai Bing criticized Ma Si Ting for not focusing on work and wearing her ID. Ma Si Ting told her that her coworkers asked her to buy gifts for them. She isn’t her boss so why doe she care. Lui Wai Bing told her she will tell her supervisor about it. Come to her office after work. Ma Si Ting said she only reply to her messages. There was no theft happened. Please give her a chance. Lui Wai Bing told her this job isn’t suitable for her. She will find a suitable job for her. Lui Wai Bing looked at her and asked her why does she always play with her cell phone. Ma Si Ting take a transfer CPO test with two other people. Ha Ting Han looked at the test. Ma Si Ting passed the CPO test. Ha Ting Han looked at Fei Cheung Fan in his microscope.

Yeung Ching Ching greeted Ho Tit Man. Wong Sir called Ho Tit Man that he won’t take the case. Yeung Ching Ching chased the suspect. The truck bumped into Yeung Ching Ching’s car. Ho Tit Man drove between them and got out of the car. Wan sing Hang blackmailed Fat Wai to not disclose the presence of PDS triad in Hongkong. He showed him the picture of his wife having an affair. Wan Sing Hang told the police that he heard from his friends from abroad that DPS have a close relationship with East European Countries.

Hui Wai Bing told Ma Si Ting that Ha Tin Hang picked her since he saw her choosing the blindspot to message and he discovered a suspect. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ma Si Ting to box with him for one thousand dollars. Ma Si Ting hesitated. Then he raised to two thousand dollars, then three thousand dollars per punched. She is willing to. Cheung Fei Fan boxes with Ma Si Ting. He accidentally punched Ha Ting Han.

A boxer told Cheung Fei Fan that Rosa is in Philippine. He must make arrangement for her to come in Hongkong. He grabbed Cheung Fei Fan and said he promised to take Rosa to Hongkong and now he play games. Cheung Fei Fan told him he hacked in the M9’s database and stole the monitoring system they developed. He’s even in the anonymous list those guys who work online against the government. Cheung Fei Fan told him he worked hard to have him posing as a Filipino boxer. He saved him from M9 and PDS. The boxer said Rosa is alone in Philippine. Everyone is looking for him. The boxer asked Cheung Fei Fan to go to Philippine to find Rosa. Cheung Fei Fan promised him he will go in the next two days.

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