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Fist Fight episode 3 recap

Lui Wai Bing criticized Ma Si Ting for leaving early and she asked her if she remembers the rules of CPO. She warned her if she makes a mistake again she will leave. Yeung Ching Ching visits Wan Sing Han and said she’s all for disclosing the PDS but her boss isn’t since she believes PDS will plan to execute. Wan Sing Han gave Yeung Ching info he has. He told her a DPS member pretended to be a reporter and showed up at the press conference which Cheung Fei Fan organized. Recently Cheung Fei Fan has gone to Philippine.

Ho Tit Nam threw papers for Tak and promised he will revenge for him. Yeung Ching Ching followed Ho Tit Nam and ordered him to go with her to Philippine as a normal person. She wants him to go to Philippine to check the background of the three new boxers. Cheung Fei Fan’s father teased Cheung Fei Fan that Ma Si Ting is so skinny how can she dodge his bullet. Ma Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan, she took three punches from him and he must pay her thirty thousand dollars.

Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Nam sneaked in the boxing room and checked for the three new boxer’s profile. Yeung Ching Ching noticed one of the boxer’s picture just recently being glued. Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Man Tit asked a man if he’s the owner of Dimaka Gym. Ho Tit Man asked him if he someone paid him to place this boxer. Yeung Ching Ching paid him to tell. He led them to a boxing gym and told his men to fight. Ho Tit Man grabbed him and asked him who ordered him to switch the boxers.

Yeung Ching Ching thinks that Cheung Fei Fan is working with PDS to recruit Law Kei or PDS wants to hurt Law Kei and Cheung Fei Fan is protecting him. Ho Tit Nam told Yeung Ching Ching he will keep an eye on Cheung Fei Fan while she goes back to Hong Kong. Ma Si Ting bought condoms for Cheung Fei Fai as he requested. Cheung Fei Fai came toward her and told her do one more thing for him then he will give her thirty thousand dollars. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ma Si Ting a letter to give to Rosa.

Ma Si Ting told Ha Tin Hang she’s buying Aphrodisiac for Cheung Fei Fan. Ha Tin Hang follows Ma Si Ting. Ma Si Ting covered herself with a cover. She ran inside a car. Ha Tin Hang searched between different cars. Ma Si Ting knocked on the door and gave Rosa a letter. Rosa saw the PDS and closed the door. Rosa and Ma Si Ting ran thought the back door and got caught. Rosa told Ma Si Ting that they are DPS. Rosa said her boyfriend stole confidential information from M9 in England and the DPS want that. Rosa said she doesn’t know Cheung Fei Fan. She only knows he shipped her boyfriend out of the Philippines. He comes to take her but DPS found her. Ma Si Ting whined that is why he paid her so much.

Cheung Fei Fan received a call from Ma Si Ting. He let the phone ring and he hid. A DPS member pretended to be a hotel staff and held a gun and came in the room and then left. Cheung Fei Fan eavesdrop on him. Cheung Fei Fan drove and followed the DPS member. A DPS member back up his car. Then an M9 member bumped his truck into Cheung Fei Fan. They got out of their cars and pointed a gun at Cheung Fei Fan and asked him if he’s Law Kei. Ho Tit Nam grabbed the DPS member. Ha Tin Hang pointed a gun at Hot Tit Nam and told him to let go. The DPS member told Cheung Fei Fan to give him the system and the anonymous list. Cheung Fei Fan is the system a monitoring system. The list is a record of anonymous guys who do illegal things. Law Kei has both. He’s not going to deal with him until he takes Rosa to Hongkong. He will talk to Law Kei to give him. If he doesn’t, Ho Tit Nam will save Ma Si Ting and Rosa. Law Kei told Cheung Fei Fan to bring Rosa back if he wants the monitoring system. Yeung Ching Ching checked in the hotel room and chased Law Kei. Law Kei held a gun and shot. Ho Tit Nam followed Ha Tin Hang while driving.

An M9 guy met with Ha Tin Hang and asked him if he found Rosa yet. He told him that DPS have captured Rosa and Ma Si Ting. He told him last time he tried to cause DPS and Interpol to fight each other but they both escaped. The M9 member told Ha Tin Hang to tell him where Cheung Fei Fan will give DPS the monitoring system. Neither Cheung Fei Fan or DPS can have the monitoring system. Ho Tit Nam got out of the car and yelled at Ha Tin Hang who is that guy. Ho Tit Man received a call that Law Kei is dead.

The Hongkong police shot Law Kei from his back. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan he must know where’s the monitoring system. Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang and Cheung Fei Fan they only care about their system, if they didn’t keep secrets, the girls wouldn’t be captured. Cheung Fei Fan received a call to go to Tondo for exchange as hostages. Ho Tit Nam went with them. Ha Tin Hang gave Cheung Fei Fan a gun. Ma Si Ting beat up Rosa. The DPS came in and put a gun at Ma Si Ting. The DPS told the members that they will get the system then the girls will be theirs. Ho Tit Nam sung a song in the car. Lui Wai Bing fought with Interpol. Flashbacks of Rosa threw her transmitter in the DPS pocket. Cheung Fei Fan looks at the tracker and said Rosa is at Manila Bay. Ho Tit Man and Ha Tin Hang shot the DPS. Cheung Fei Fan saw the DPS was about to shoot Ma Si Ting and Rosa.

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