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Fist Fight episode 4 recap

Cheung Fei Fan came in and covered Ma Si Ting’s mouth. Cheng Fei Fan untied Ma Si Ting and Rosa while Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang shoot the DPS. Ho Tit Man grabbed the DPS from behind and killed him. A Dps shot the gaz causing fire. Cheung Fei Fan and his friends jumped down the sea. Ma Si Ting yelled at Cheung Fei Fan that he almost got her killed. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he will pay her ten times. Ho Tit Man told Rosa to come back to the police station for investigation. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Man he is in Philippine not Hongkong. Ho Tit Man angrily let and said he will wait. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Rosa for failing to protect Law Kei. He asked her if Law Kei left her anything. The cops picked up Rosa.

Wong Sir asked Ho Tit Nam where did he go and if he was arrested in China for buying prostitutes. Wong Sir told Ho Tit Man he is suspended. Wong Sir received a call and told Ho Tit Man he won’t deal with this issue for Yeung Ching Ching and he went to Philippine for the interpol. If he does it again, he will be suspended. Ho Tit Man got out and thanked Yeung Ching Ching. He wishes she was his boss. Yeung Ching Ching told him why don’t he transfer to her team. If he feels he can’t breathe anymore he may consider it. Ho Tit Man told her she is so nice to him, he must buy her lunch. Yeung Ching Ching said Rosa is arrested by the police in Philippine then arrested then turned her to M9 in England. Ho Tit Man asked what about the system and the hacker’s list. This isn’t Hongkong’s concern anymore so they closed the files.

Cheung Fei Fan drank with Wan Sing Han. Wan Sing Han asked him who’s the most likely to have the system and the list. Cheung Fei Fan thinks it’s either M9 or PDS. Wan Sing Han told Cheung Fei Fan he’s the last person who met Rosa. Cheung Fei Fan said once this system, the hackers on the list, the entire england, or the whole world will become a prison. Wan Sing Han said if the system vanish with Law Kei’s death then there’s no problem. The problem is if it has fallen into a terrorist or radical group. Wan Sing Han asked if if the system and list has fallen into him what would he do. Cheung Fei Fan said reveal, destroy, or sell them at a very high price. He won’t be Fever if he knew what he would do. Wan sing Han said he worked for the government before 1997. He visited another country with the governors and high ranked officials for a year. In less than half a day after he checked in a hotel, he got hospitalized due to allergy. Then he found out it’s because of the flowers in the room. He spent five days in the hotel but four days in the hospital. When he returned, his colleagues bought him dried flowers. That made him realized, for all the things that matters, there are people who like them or hate them. If the intention is kind, he is willing to overlook the minorities or even his believe. Cheung Fei Fan said if he has the system, he would sell them to the government to earn money. He can count on him to make the arrangement.

Cheung Fei Fan looked at the tattoo shape and figure out the map. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan asked her about the tattoo. Rosa told Cheung Fei Fan that Law Kei insists of putting this shape for her five year’s anniversary. Cheung Fei Fan took a photo of the tatoo. Cheung Fei Fan smiled that he got the system. Cheung Fei Fan looked at the list of hackers and even the hackers who ranked last still costs one million dollars. If they sell the name one by one, they don’t need to work for a long time. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard they will have fun all night. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told Ha Tin Hang that Cheung Fei Fan compliment he did a good job protecting him in Philippine. Ha Tin Hang said now the mission is accomplished he guess no one wants to see Cheung Fei Fan again. Ha Tin Hang said Cheung Fei Fan causes trouble everywhere and even with DPS. He doesn’t need bodyguards but he needs an army. His team only want to bodyguards not joining the suicide squad.

Cheung Fei Fan treated his colleagues for lunch at Hakka Lau restaurant. Cheung Fei Fan said he’s Wilson’s new shareholder so he’s Ha Tin Hang and the bodyguard’s boss now. Cheung Fei Fan showed Ma Si Ting she called him twenty two times and texted him eighteen times and he asked her if she doesn’t know it’s harassment. Cheung Fei Fan told her that he will pay her an interest of an extra hundred dollars each month. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ma Si Ting some of his boxing tickets and told her to sell them online. Cheung Fei Fan took a photo with the boxers. Ma Si Ting wonder if Ha Tin Hang will come. Cheung Fei Fan told the reporters he expected to win. Ha Tin Hang came and watch the boxing match between Cheung Fei Fan and Kim Ji Bin. Kim Ji Bing punched him hard in the first round. Fever got punched down and laid down. He got up and fight. The winner of the Fist Fight is Kim Ji Bin. Cheung Fei Fan made a speech apologizing for disappointing them. He was prepared to be defeated but he still persist until the last punch. This is Fire Fist Fight Spirit.

Stephen Huynh told Ha Tin Hang they have tried different methods but Rosa doesn’t know anything about the system. It looks like they will never retrieve the system. Stephen gave Ha Tin Hang a usb and said his father used a fake travel document in 1991 to bring him and kid to England. Ha Tin Hang knows it’s hard to find his family but he has a feeling they are looking for him. Ha Tin Hang watches Chan Ling boxing in the boxing room. He boxes hard.

At the party, Cheung Fei Fan met Wan Sing Hang and Mr. Chang. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr.Chang he’s the new shareholder of Wilson so he’s invited. He saw his supermarket department got closed down and his shares keep on going down so he suggests him to work with him on the online mall. Wan Sing Han said Hongkong got two talented businessman. Yumi put on the necklace. Lights has turned off while the models are performing their catwalk. Ma Si Ting said Yumi left with the necklace. Ma Si Ting was waiting the staff to take off Yumi’s necklace. When the light was dark, she pushed her and left. Cheung Fei Fan said to call the police. Mr. Chang told him to not to or he will ever forgive him. Cheung Fei Fan said this game will be fun to watch. Mr. Chang hit his servant with a cane down the stairs for wanting to call the police on Cheung Fei Fan. Ha Tin Hang paid a man to make a fake passport. A man came in Sis Lai’s restaurant and ordered lobsters, abalones, and geo duck. He told her a stupid guy gave him money. Ho Tit Man asked him if he has fake ID’S. The man told Sis Lai that a dumb guy told him to make a pre-1997 passport. He didn’t know how to make one and received 100,000 dollars so he made up an Uncle Tsat. Ha Tin Hang put the head of the man down and told him he fooled him.

Comment: This episode is interesting. Kinda reminds me of Net deception and Ultimate Addiction.

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