Dragon Love episode 2 recap

Siu Yu swam down the beach. Yip Hei held the boy and gave him to his mother. He turned around and didn’t see Siu Yu. Yip Chui told her servants to find Siu Yu in the beach. Siu Yu pray in front of the fortune teller she will marry a rich man. Yip Hei gave a letter to the fortune teller and wants to ask about Siu Yu. The fortune teller told him he will find news of Siu Yu tomorrow.

Siu Yu looked at the waterlilies on the lake. Yip Hei held the waterlilies and wishes Siu Yu to be alright. Siu Yiu stood on the water and asked Yip Hei if he’s alright. Yip Hei fell into the lake. Siu Yu steps on the hay and covered herself. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu if she is scared of water. It is nice of her to save people’s life though she is scared of water. Siu Yu told him it is nice for him to help other people he doesn’t know. Siu Yu created a fire and told him that he can’t touch the hay and there’s a fire. Yip Hei wants to pick up some hay. Siu Yu created a big fire and Yip Hei tripped. Siu Yu helped him.

Siu Yu sat and sighed that he she always caused Yip Hei problems. Yip Hei is happy to meet a nice girl. He asked her for her name. Siu Yu looked at the fish and said Siu Yu. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu where did she go last time. Siu Yu said she had to go home. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu where she is from. Siu Yu pointed at the lake. Siu Yu guesses where she is located and said there’s plent of herbal flowers. It is almost raining. Yip Hei gave her an umbrella.

Yip Chui and Yip Chu looked at their mother finding a bride for Yip Hei. The nanny told Yip Hei’s mother that if Yip Hei wants to marry that woman then he needs to change his last name. Yip Hei yelled at her he won’t change his name. Yip Chui argued with a nanny about ruining her dates.

Siu Yu told her brothers when they create rain, can they please find medical herb for her. Siu Yu blows her pearl. Her brothers created rain. Siu Yu reads the manuel. Yip Hei ran in the rain. The thunder struck Yip Hei and he fainted. Siu Yu took her pearls back. Siu Yu checks up on Yip Hei. She held her pearl. Yip Hei sucked the pearl and woke up. The two brothers told Siu Yu to breathe the pearl back.

Siu Yu watches Yip Hei treating patients. Siu Yu told him that she doesn’t feel well. She told him to look at her eyes. She was about to breathe. Yip Hei checked his medicine.Siu Yu uses her power to chop axes but it flew over the floor. Siu Yu brought tea for Yip Hei and saw him asleep. She gets close to him and tries to breathe. Yip Hei’s mother came and asked Siu Yu if she is waiting for Yip Hei to treat her. Siu Yu left and said she isn’t really ill. Yip Hei’s mother wakes up Yip Hei. Yip Hei and his mother saw the kitchen looks organized. Yip Hei held a bag of medical herb and looked for Siu Yu.

Princess Sun Yuet disguised as a male and looked at Yip Chu practicing martial arts and she recites the moves. Sun Yuet said Yip Chu has potential to be a martial artist but he is stubborn. Sun Yuet educated Yip Chu on martial arts and drank with him. Sun Yuet fought with Yip Chu and twisted her arm. Yip Chu helped her. She slapped him. Yip Hei checked Sun Yuet’s pulse. Yip Hei twisted her arm. Yip Hei only charge half of the price for her.

Siu Yu went with Yip Hei to hatch medical flowers before the sunrise. Yip Hei told Siu Yu a myth of goddess of flowers always bloom. Then she fell for a guy who pour some water on her, and the god discover and got mad. Then the flower goddess got punished of only blooming once. The guy became a monk to forget the goddess flower. The goddess flower couldn’t forget him. She knows that during the spring, the guy will cook tea for the buddhist. She uses this time to bloom and hope she sees the guy only once. Time has passed and the guy couldn’t recognize the flower. Siu Yu said the goddess of flowers is pitiful. God and humans can’t love each other. Yip Hei looked at Siu Yu and about to kiss her. He apologizes. The flowers bloomed. Yip Hei gave Siu Yu one. Siu Yu looked at the flowers and said the flower haven’t met the guy. Yip Hei told her that the flower has met Yip Hei. Yip Hei showed his mother the basket of flowers.

Yip Hei mother invited Siu Yu to come for dinner. The thunder stroke. Siu Yu told Yip Hei and his family that she has to go home. Siu Yu’s brothers asked Siu Yu where’s her pearl. The second brother took her umbrella and teases her for loving a human. The two brothers left and created a wind toward Yip Hei. Yip Hei held the pole tightly. Siu Yu held his hands. Yip Hei fell. Siu Yu checks up on Yip Hei.

Dragon Love episode 1 recap

Chow Ou Tin requested the majesty to let him hunt the dragon. Yip Man accused him of making an excuse to capture the dragon because the world is peaceful. Yip Man bowed and requested the majesty to let him leave. The dragon’s wife is almost giving birth to a a dragon. The dragon looked at the manuel for the weather and doubt it will rain. Yip Hei’s mother looked at the white flowers and bird chirping. Yip man told his servant to prepare a tea. The dragon visited Yip Man and drank tea and asked him if he can predict who he is. Yip Man said he sees he is a royal figure. When he treated him tea he already used his finger to signaling bowing to him but he was arrogant so he didn’t notice it. The dragon played chess with Yip Man. Chow Ou Tin sighed that the majesty doesn’t favor him.If he catches the dragon, he will gain back his reputation. Chow Ou Tin saw dark clouds.

Yip Hei’s mother said the manuel said it will rain. The dragon yelled that he can bet it won’t rain tonight. Chow Ou Tin saw a dragon flying on the sky and he shot it with an arrow. The dragon saw the rain and wonder who created the rain. The dragon came out and saw his wife. His wife told him she went to replace him visiting the god but she was being attacked by a human. She’s afraid her three dragons will not be born. Yip Man inserted needles on the dragon’s wife. The dragon happily want to be in laws with Yip Man. Yip Hei’s mother agrees. Yip Man hesitated and told Yip Hei’s mother that if dragon marry a human, they will be punished.

Chow Ou Tin’s soldiers surrounded Yip Man’s house and pointed their arrows. Yip Man steps out of his house and asked Chow Ou Tin why he’s here for. He’s stubborn and there are varieties of dragons and why must he force others. Chow Ou Tin asked him if he is collaborating with a dragon. Yip Man told him if he wants to revenge then he doesn’t need to accuse him. He has angered the dragon. He will revenge. He advised him to leave or it will cause chaos. Chow Ow Tin said whoever gets by his way have to die. The soldiers threw arrows. Yip Man’s servant took the shot. The two dragons flew out of the house. Chow Ow Tin’s soldiers shot the arrows. The dragon attacked them. Chow Ow Tin shot the arrow. The dragons attacked him. A dragon blew a fireball at him. The people ran. Chow Ow Tin’s wife fainted. Yip Man ran inside to save a man in the fire. Yip Hei’s mother hold two babies and sighed.

Eighteen years later, Yip Chu teaches martial arts to the students. Yip Chui twisted a patient’s arm and demanded him to pay for medical bills. Yip Hei made medicine. He showed Yip Chu and Yip Chui different medical techniques. Yip Hei sewed his mother a shirt. Yip Chu invited his mother to go for a drink. It rains and she got mad and went in to cook. Yip Hei bought some buns for his mother. His mother looked at his shoes and noticed it is wet and got mad that he went out. Yip Chui and Yip Chu wonder why they can’t go out in the water and there must be a secret. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Man in front of his tablet that she will feel satisfied when Yip Hei get married. The fortune teller told Yip Hei’s mother that Yip Hei is fated with a lady and he has the aura of a dragon.

The dragon’s daughter Siu Yu flew down. The dragon’s wife told her two sons and Siu Yu that they must create rain on the right time. Their father didn’t create the rain so he got moved to an island. The dragon’s wife gave Siu Yu a pearl to create wind and rain and reincarnate. She told her to transform in a human and don’t trust humans easily. Siu Yu and her two brothers hang out in the street and eat. The two brothers left Siu Yu for her to create the rain. Yip Hei, Yip Chu, and Yip Chui wonder why the rain is so little then so big. Siu Yu created a big rain. Yip Hei, Yip Chui, and Yip Chu checked on the injured people. Yip Hei came and told Siu Yu to put on the tissue on the elder woman for him. Yip Hei and Siu Yu helped a kid on the canoe on the beach. Siu Yu’s tail shows up.

Fist Fight episode 11 recap

Wan Sing Hang told a foreign man he got a meeting with Mr.Russel. Lui Wai Bing showed a paper to a foreign woman and asked her if the Grey Brothers are released from prison. Flashbacks of Lui Wai Bing got hit of being a snitch. She got into prison for a year. In 2014, Ha Tin Hang told her he left M9. To cover up for his failed operation, Alan a member of m9 denied she’s a spy. Ha Tin Hang told her to join his CPO team. A gang texted Ha Ting Hang they have Lui Wai Bing. Ho Tit Nam saw Ha Tig Hang. Ha Tin Hang fought with the drug dealers. Ho Ti Nam came and fought. Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang have mutual signal and fought with the drug dealers. Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang carried Lui Wai Bing and ran.

In the hospital, Lui Wai Bing told Ha Ting Hang that he was there for her when she got beaten up as a spy and gotten out of prison. She promised to pay back ten times to anyone who have hurt him. Ha Tin Hang told Lui Wai Bing if she wants to pay back then she must stay alive and don’t do this again.

Ha Tin Hang asked Ho Tit Nam if he remembered what he did in October 20,2005. Ho Tit Nam said he lost in the gold belt and many things happened and he gave up boxing. Ha Ting Hang said he beat up the drug dealers when he got attacked. Ho Tit Nam said he used his gun left handed to shoot the dirty cops. Ha Ting Hang said he couldn’t shoot the prostitutes then the signal appears. Ha Ting Hang said if either of them are in danger, a signal will appear. Ho Tit Nam came closed to Ha Tin Hang and said perhaps they were lovers in previous years. Ha Tin Hang couldn’t believe he was the one who he searched for twelve years. Ho Tit Nam said his grandma raised him. Ha Tin Hang wants to look for his parents.

Ha Tin Hang showed a photo of a man to Ho Tit Nam and said he’s a cop and took him to England after he was born. Ha Tin Hang showed a photo of the man to a man being tied up in the wheelchair and asked him who he is. Flashbacks of the man in the wheelchair gambled and hit a kid. Ha Tin Hang left and ate food from the garbage.

Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang bids farewell to Wan Sing Hang. Cheung Fei Fan has been informed that Wan Sing Hang met with David Taylor, a member of the second largest party in England. Wan Sin Hang meet with Mr.Russel. Wan Sing Hang thanked some men for helping taking out the Grey Brothers. Flashbacks of them shooting the car wheels of the Grey Brothers when Ha Tin Hang, Lui Wai Bing, and Ho Tit Nam ran.

Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam went out to eat. Ho Tit Nam’s mother told Ha Tin Hang when Ho Tit Nam was six, his biological mother went to Brunei with a businessman and gave him to her. She said if things calmed down with her husband, she will return. She never came back. She often came to her restaurant then she got married less than half of a year. Ha Tin Hang asked her if his mother left him in 1993. She showed him a pic of Ho Tit Nam’s mother.

Lui Wai Bing and a bodyguard followed Ha Tin Hang and asked him what’s been going on. Ha Tin Hang asked them if they believe in telepathy. Ho Tit Nam took the key under the rug and went in Ying Kei boxing gym. He pray and looked at the trophy and pictures. He boxes hard. Chan Ling saw Ho Tit Nam. He left. Cheung Fei Fan video called Mr.Russel and asked him to do him a favor.

Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam did a DNA test. Ho Tit Nam asked Ha Tin Hang if he’s going to help him search for their mother if they are really brothers.

Cheung Fei Wan went in the room and saw Wan Sing Hang with his bodyguard Double. Wan Sing Hang told him he will buy him a drink but why he checked up on him Cheung Fei Fan said he met with Mr.Russel and he knows he wanted to postpone making the confidential hongkong government files public prior to 1997. Cheung Fei Fan said Mr.Russel has a son who’s the biggest mobile gave developer in England. He’s got business with Flyingman. He told him he would help him venture his business to China. Wan sing Hang said Alcohol is a wonderful thing, many people loved it but not many could handle it. Wan Sing Hang said when there’s a choice, the person could make the wrong choice. A person who sees the big picture will choose for you then you make mistakes or suffer. Wan sing Hang told Cheung Fei Fan they are in different position and so their visions. They see differently, the think differently. Wan Sing Hang nominated Cheung Fei Fan for the post of secretary of innovation an technology.

The doctor told Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam there’s a high chance they are unrelated by blood. Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang that the guy in that photo used to be a cop for twenty years. Ho Tit Nam called Ha Tin Hang brother. Lui Wai Bing showed Ha Tin Hang showed a CCTV OF Double taking a brown envelope from the hospital.

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Fist Fight episode 10 recap

Chan Ling teaches her students boxing and they fell. During lunch, Chan Ling told Ha Tin Hang, she doesn’t care for her students skills but she just want they love boxing. Ha Ting Hang said he took boxing to protect himself. He was bullied in England. Chan Ling said she used to watch boxing games and was impressed with a boxer. She became addicted to boxing. Ho Tit Nam looked at Ying Kei boxing gym. He asked Ha Ting Hang about how many members in the gym.

Ho Tit Nam’s mother asked Ha Ting Hang how is Ho Tit Nam doing. Ha Ting Hang said Ho Tit Nam is doing well and learn fast. Ha Ting Hang told Cheung Fei Fan that Ho Tit Nam will go with them to England while he will think if he will participate in the boxing game. Ha Ting Hang, Lui Wai Bing, and Ma Si Ting arrived in Wan Sing Hang’s mansion and looked at the camera. Ma Si Ting heard a shot and covered a her ears. Someone entered the mansion. Ha Ting Hang came in the room and saw Wan Sing Hang with Cheung Fei Fan. Cheung Fei Fan looked at Ma Si Ting in his phone. Lui Wai Bing helped Ma Si Ting up. Cheung Fei Fan teased Ma Si Ting of falling down. Cheung Fei Fan told the bodyguards that Wan Sing Hang told him to play the role of a hacker to test the security. Cheung Fei Fan complimented Ha Ting Hang of being able to find him. Ha Ting Hang ordered Ma Si Ting to take photos of the securities. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he didn’t mean to trick her. Ma Si Ting prefers to take photos alone than borrowing his devices.

Ho Tit Nam’s mother asked Ho Tit Nam why isn’t Yeung Ching Ching with him. She told him to call Yeung Ching Ching and it’s obvious she likes him. Ho Tit Nam treats Yeung Ching Ching a meal and smiled and stared at her. Ho Tit Nam asked Yeung Ching Ching why she’s so good to her and if she’s onto him. She spit water. Yeung Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam to not worry about her, if she falls for him she will tell him.

Wan Sing Hang took Cheung Fei Fan and the bodyguards around his mansion and drank wine. Cheung Fei Fan’s assistant Double challenges Ma Si Ting in her knowledge of wine. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ma Si Ting if she’s been here with her parents. Ma Si Ting said she’s been here with her parents several times to buy wines. Ma Si Ting searched for her mom’s wedding ring on the plain. Cheung Fei Fan took pictures for Ma Si Ting. Ma Si Ting said four years ago, she came here to visit the university. Her dad promised to take photos of her in her gown when she graduates. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ma Si Ting if she heard of God of Search. When he was ten years old, he lost his father’s tenth anniversary magazine. He met a foreign lady of introduced him to god of search. She told him to hold a coin and trade something important. He traded his game device. The magazine suddenly appears in front of his desk. Ma Si Ting closed her eyes and made a wish. Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Si Ting saw Ha Tin Hang passing by. They followed him. Ha Ting Hang put in food for his father. Ha Ting Hang saw Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Si Ting leaving.

Master Fung, a kid put his bag of chip on Ho Tit Man’s suit and said his trash can is more expensive than his suit. Master Fung wants a gelato. He gave his drink to Ho Tit Nam. Cheung Fei Fan went hunting with Wan Sing Hang. Ha Tin Hang went to hunt hares with Wan Sing Hang and got injured. Ho Tit Nam got the same signal and hit the glass. Master Fung cried. Wan Sing Hang told the police to not make a scene and to not scare Chang Man Kei. Ha Ting Hang finds Wan Sing Hang’s reaction strange and why did he still fire the shot. Cheung Fei Fan ordered Ho Tit Nam to investigate Chang Man Kei. The bodyguards brought Ho Tit Nam to apologize to Mrs. Fung. Mrs. Fung told Master Fung to serve tea to Ho Tit Nam. Mrs.Fung told Ho Tit Nam that Master Fung is spoiled. She complimented Ho Tit Nam of being able to scare Master Fung. She told Master Fung to do homework with Ho Tit Nam. Ho Tit Nam drank tea and watches Master Fung doing homework. He saw Chang Man Kei and he dresses as a waiter and followed him. Yeung Ching Ching asked him why he’s here. Ho Tit Nam inserted a camera inside Chang Man Kei’s pocket. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching listened to the audio and it seems that Chang Man Kei isn’t behind it nor is aware of the shooting. They wondered who hates Wan Sing Hang so much.

How’s everything going?

Hey fans, I haven’t really watched any new tvb series last year nor this year. I only watched halfway of Unholy Alliance last year, and halfway of Apple Colada and currently Fist Fight. I find Fist Fight interesting as it keeps me thinking. I’m entertained by Vincent Wong’s internet character and what is his plan. And also would like to give new actress chances by watching them. I’m not very impressed with Karman Kong’s acting but it’s okay since Fist Fight focus is on males. I was a fan of Matt Yeung ever since he paired up with Tavia in The W Files 2002. Not sure which tvb series I’m anticipating next year, it depends on the plot and editing. I’ve skipped most of the big dramas this year. Plot just doesn’t interest me but I was able to take my time and watch Fist Fight mostly for Vincent, Matt, and Philip. I also like the couple Philip Ng and Rebecca Zhu. I’m not impressed with the new actress acting but everyone deserve a chance plus Fist Fight is focus on males.

Anyway I’ve been binging the animes Yu Gi Oh and The Blue Exorcists in english dubbed on Netflix. I love those action types anime which keeps me continue watching. I used to watch Detective Conan, Full Metal Alchemist, and Panic a few years ago in eng sub. Now I’ve been kinda back watching animes but in eng dub as I’m lazy to read the sub and also multi task.

Hope y’all doing well!


Fist Fight episode 9 recap

Ha Tin Hang looked at documents and photos of his father. Ho Tit Nam caught a guy who stole three hundred dollars. Cheung Ying Ying handcuffed him. Chan Ling’s father caught Ho Tit Nam. Yeung Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam he heard form his mother that he went to many interviewed but it didn’t went well. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Ying Ying he sings so well but too bad he dind’t become a singer. Cheung Ying Ying teases Ho Tit Nam if he will be in a singing contest. Ho Tit Nam said he will win for sure. Chan Ling does some chiropractic. Ha Tin Hang helped Chan Ling up and told her that no matter how hard she tries, her back will never be recovered. She can exercise but can’t do boxing. Chan Ling yelled there are miracles. She just wants to give herself some hopes. At the soccer court, Ha Tin Hang showed a female coach in a wheelchair to Chan Ling and said she used to be a member from a soccer team but couldn’t play soccer after age twenty two but she didn’t give up her dream. Ha Tin Hang told Chan Ling a sport career is short and they are coaches when they retired and she is just doing it sooner. Chan Ling said she is just an amateur while the coaches used to play in a team. Ha Tin Hang told her he used to see her put in her boxing data into the computer and then improve her training. She can teaches others about this. Chan Ling told her father she wants to be a coach by putting boxing data. Ha Tin Hang’s boss suggests Ha Tin Hang to hire Ho Tit Nam as a bodyguard.

Ho Tit Nam meet up with Yeung Ching Ching and knows she’s behind the hiring him as a bodyguard. Ching Ching believes he can work with Ha Tin Hang and he still considers him though they knew his background. Ho Tit Nam confronted his mother for teaming up with Ching Ching. Ho Tit Nam’s mother ordered Shark’s Fin in Soup and told Ching Ching to help Ho Tit Nam prepared for his job. She told him to pay for the food.

Cheung Fei Fan ate the cookies and found it good. Wan Sing Han said the head chef of his former governor gave him the recipe and he baked them. Cheung Fei Fan warned Wan Sing Hang to be careful of Chang Man Kei. He messed with him once, he can mess with him again. Wan sing Hang told him he needs his help in something. Cheung Fei Fan gave Ha Tin Hang a task of putting his securities in Wan Sing Hang’s mansion in England.

Cheung Fei Fan went down the elevator and met Ho Tit Nam and asked him what he’s doing here and if he’s investigating illegal activities. He told him good luck for the CPO interview.
The bodyguards are excited to be in Wan Sing Hang’s mansion and have free food. During the cpo exam, Ho Tit Nam read the questions and got mad and and annoyed at the participants flicking their pens. He yelled and left the room. Ha Tin Hang brought Ho Tit Nam to the room. Ho Tit Nam’s boss Chin Kwok Fung introduces himself and said he passed the exam. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Nam that three of the four participants had discipline issues. Only he managed to notice who posed as an applicant. He is decisive when the questions were stupid but he was wrong about the company playing him. Cheung Fei Fan showed him the camera. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam if his performance is below par in one month, he will be booted. Ho Tit Nam told him if he finds this company or its employee doing something funny then he will quit.

Brother Shun told Mr. Loi that when he distribute boxing flyers, the customers ignored when they see the coach is a female. Some female customers complained to Brother Loi about placing the boxing flyer in their bags. Brother Loi gave a flyer to a guy and he got bullied by several guys. Chan Ling helped her father pick up the flyers. She distributes the flyers. Brother Loi believes Chan Ling will train a boxing champion.

Chang Man Kei received a call about paying his debt. Chang Man kei ‘s ladies told him that they lost three hundred million dollars. Chang Man Kei stopped Wan Sing Hang in the middle of the road. Wan Sing Hang warned Mr.Chang to not do bad things. He’ll see if he can buy his fate with his fortune.

Ma Si Ting practices speaking english to Ha Tin Hang. Ha Tin Hang looked at the document and asked her if she has thought how to improve the securities of Wan Sing Hang’s mansion. Ha Tin Hang told Ma Si Ting they need a bodyguard not a tour guide. How is she better than others and why should he pick her to go to England. Ma Si Ting told him she wants to go because it’s free travel. Ma Si Ting sighed to her grandma if she studied harder then she would get a better job and travel to England. Ma Si Ting read the letter and is excited she will be going to England.

Ma Si Ting picked up the sweater for her grandma and saw Cheung Fei Fan’s business card. Flashbacks of Siting’s grandma came into Cheung Fei Fan’s office and gave her jewelries so Si Ting can go to England. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he only wanted to help her grandma but she has to pay for her trip to England. Ma Si Ting told him to pay back his sixty thousand dollars.

After the CPO training, Cheung Fei Fan told others to vote for Ho Tit Nam for the boxing championship. Cheung Fei Fan and the boxers told Ho Tit Nam to participate in the boxing match. Ho Tit Nam quits. Yeung Ching Ching asked Ho Tit Nam if he used to box. Yeung Ching Ching told him he has a grudge on his leader and he doesn’t need to quit boxing. Ho Tit Nam yelled he hates boxing so much he will never take part in it. He is fine with being a bodyguard but why does he have to be in the boxing game. Yeung Ching Ching told him to not give up his job as a bodyguard for a minor issue. Ho Tit Nam yelled at her to not bug in his private life. Yeung Ching Ching told him he can be a waiter for his mom. She left. Ho Tit Nam thought of about being beating up by his leader.

Fist Fight episode 8 recap

Cheung Fei Fan looked in the CCTV. Ha Tin Hang sneaked in the office and opened the lock. Cheung Fei Fan sent the link to hack the computer from the mobile. Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang tries to figure the password for the files. Ying Kam Pui asked his men who came in. He took his camera and watched and saw Ha Tin Hang sneaking in his office. Ying Kam Pui got angry. He called someone. Ho Tit Nam’s boss gave Ho Tit Nam the case of investigating Cheung Fei Fan for money laundering. Ho Tit Nam gave the document to Yeung Ching Ching. Yeung Ching Ching wonder why Cheung Fei Fan is risking himself investigating the case alone. Yeung Ching Ching saw Wong Sir and wonder what he’s doing. Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Nam search Cheung Fei Fan’s office. Yeung Ching Ching looked at the ipad and saw many prostitutes.

Wan Sing Hang treats Cheung Fei Fan a royal with african tea. Wan Sing Han told him there must be a rule to come for his tea, he must hold a secret. Cheung Fei Fan told him to exchange his intelligent. Cheung Fei Fan asked about the Vanessa model and if only the rich people use its service. Wan Sing Hang told him if he has new information then he must drink tea with him. Sean looked at the code of the high ranked officials. Ha Tin Hang showed Cheung Fei Fan a dictionary which M9 uses for encryption. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching followed Wong Sir and eavesdrop on him talking to Ying Kam Pui. Wong Sir told him he will find an excuse to arrest Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang. Ying Kam Pui’s men shoot at Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam has mutual signal and shot at Wong Sir and his men. Sean and the bodyguard Double got caught by Ying Kam Pui’s men. Lui Wai Bing and a bodyguard kicked them. Cheung Fei Fan gave Wan Sing Hang the list of high ranked officials behind the Vanessa Modles. Wan Sing Hang think they should investigate who did that and they can make use of their intelligence to take down the bigger officials. For those who patronizes the prostitutes then they can make use of them later. Wan sing Hang played chess and worries about his friend, To King Sun the commissioner of police. Wan sing Hang told To King Sun he will help him just this once. Ying Kam Pui got charged for murdering Yumi.

Ma Si Ting came home and saw Cheung Fei Fan played mahjong with her grandma. Ma Si Ting looked at the necklace on her grandma. She asked him how did he pay for it.

Yeung Ching Ching told the police that what Wong Sir said are lies. She and Ho Tit Nam saw Wong Sir discussing with Ying Kam Pui's gang how to cover their crime of controlling prostitutes. She almost got shot. Ho Tit Nam shot Ying Kam Pui's men for her. Wong Sir told the police that Ho Tit Nam worked with Ying Kam Pui. The police told Yeung Ching Ching to avoid contact with Ho Tit Nam in the future. Ho Tit Nam hit Wong Sir for making false statement. Yeung Ching Ching sat at Ho Tit Nam's food stall and asked him why did he quit. Yeung Ching Ching took Ho Tit Nam in front of the police station and said she thinks he's good and she is sure others think so too. She asked him if he is willing to give up. Ho Tit Man sighed becoming a cop isn't his dream. He couldn't do the job so he became a cop. Chang Man Kei read the news and got mad. Chang Man Kei's women threw red paint in Wan Sing Hang's firm. Wan Sing Hang fought with them and told a woman to tell Chang Man Kei if he won't quit, no one will spare him.

Comment: Loving how sweet Yeung Ching Ching is there for Ho Tit Nam. It helps calm down his nerve.