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Fist Fight episode 5 recap

Ho Tit Nam saw Ha Tin Hang and fought. The man told him he will give his money back. Ho Tit Man told Ha Tin Hang to not come at the restaurant again or he will arrest him. Ha Ting Hang gave the man money to order food again. Ha Tin Hang told his boss that the lights turning off in the jewelry case is not due to power failure but someone hack into the computer. Ha Tin Hang suspects there’s a mole. Some bodyguards gossipped that Ma Siting failed again. Ma Si Ting told Ha Tin Hang the car place number is JK3257. Ha Tin Hang and Cheung Fei Fan will check in the hotel which Yumi stayed. Ma Si Ting will tell the company’s lawyer and insurance company what happened. Ma Si Ting wants to go with Ha Tin Hang. Lui Wai Bing told he of course she is responsible for what happened that night. Ha Tin Hang told her to call to reschedule the appointment. She can come with Cheung Fei Fan and him. Ma Si Ting said Yumi signed a contract with a model agency in Korea. Cheung Fei Fan said women likes to gossip. Talk to the models and they may find something. Ha Tin Hang told Si Ting to talk to those models. Cheung Fei Fan said don’t worry she can take care of it if she fails, he knows how to talk to women too.

Ma Si Ting looked at Yumi’s expensive accessories in the hotel room. Yumi’s roommate said when they went to Japan for a job last year, she bought them at a flagship boutique. Yumi’s roommate told Ha Tin Hang, Feng Shei Fan, and Ma Si Ting that she went to Sham Shui Po last night and saw Yumi sharing a scoop of ice cream with a guy. Ha Tin Hang’s boss called Ha Tin Hang and said they found something in the CCTV, before the show, Yumi called someone in her cell phone. Ha Tin Hang showed the roomate his phone and asked if she knows those two girls. She said they are Zita and Fiona in the floor below but in different rooms. Si Ting told Tin Hang and Fei Fan she knocked on Zita’s door and called her but no one answered.

Ho Tit Nam’s mother dressed up and meet with Brother Loi. She came here to warn him about a man looking for someone who make a British passport. He’s ready to pay a hundred thousand dollars to find him. Ha Tin Hang came. Ha Tin Hang asked Brother Loi twenty six years ago, if a man with two kids asked him to create a fake passport. Brother Loi said he doesn’t know anything. Ha Tin Hang grabbed him and asked him to talk. Ho Tit Nam saw Ha Tin Hang and fought him. Ha Tin Hang saw Chan Ling carrying the pig and he walked in the boxing room. Chan Ling introduces herself and told him to grab a first aid kid for his head. She told him her dad likes her to do that. She likes boxing. She quit school and goes to Hongkong. Her dad punished her to hit one hundred pigs till they become soft. Chan Ling carried the pig to her father Mr.Loi. Mr.Loi told her to get her boxing things and come home.

Chan Ling prayed in front of her mom that she will keep her dad company so he won’t be bored. Brother Loi told her that Chan Ling quit school to chase her dream of boxing but give her a pass since she doesn’t do drugs. Brother Loi told her that if he forces her to become a doctor or a lawyer it will be against her will and she won’t be successful. She told her she knows he worked hard selling pork to pay for her education. She may not make big money but she will be nice to him. Brother Loi held her hands and said he made no achievement but having her for a daughter. She chose boxing she must work hard to be a boxing queen. She hugged him and told him she will cook for him tonight.

Cheung Fei Fan and his bodyguard looked at the video and noticed that after Fiona had finished taking selfie, Zita’s still dong it. Zita’s segment ends sooner than Fiona. Cheung Fei Fan called Zita and asked her if her videos was edited. Cheung Fei Fan suspects Ma Si Ting has edited the video. He told his bodyguard to investigate Ma Si Ting’s relationship with Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan followed Ma Si Ting to a building and watching her taking a necklace. Cheung Fei Fan showed her his video of her and asked her if she needs a lawyer. Si Ting asked him if he seen the necklace or if he have touched it. Can it be a different necklace? Cheung Fei Fan said he will report this to the police. Si Ting told him he’s crazy. She doesn’t have time to play this game with him. She doesn’t care if he believe it or not. She didn’t do it. Ma Si Ting pushed Cheung Fei Fan and left on the taxi.

Cheung Fei Fan called his bodyguard to check on Ma Si Ting’s background. He suspects she is that simple. Cheung Fei Fan heard Si Ting told a girl she almost got caught by her boss. She gave her the diamond necklace. He scanned the code and opened the door. He asked Ma Si Ting what is she carrying. He grabbed the box of necklace and saw the necklace. Si Ting asked him to give it back, it’s an imitation of the necklace to give it to her grandma’s eighty birthday. Si Ting put the necklace for her grandma. Three young ladies wearing a mask came in and fought with Si Ting. Cheung Fei Fan got punched. Lui Wai Bing and a bodyguard fought with the ladies. A lady grabbed the necklace from the grandma and found it to be fake. Si Ting’s grandma fainted.

Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard Ma Si Ting took a shot at the necklace before Yumi went to the show. She wanted to make an imitation of the necklace for her grandma. The bodyguard said Ma Si Ting came from a wealthy family but her dad got in trouble after doing a business with Chang Man Kei. In the end, her parents committed suicides due to pressure from Mr.Chang. The bodyguard said Ma Si Ting didn’t steal the necklace but she kept on making lies to to cover up so they can’t let her stay.

Ma Si Ting’s past servant begged them to not fire Si Ting. She’s pitiful. She loves money but it’s for her grandma who is sick. Ma Si Ting came from a wealthy family but her her parents got bankrupt and commit suicide when doing business with Mr.Chang. She quit university to take care of her grandma. Her grandma got dementia. Si Ting’s mind isn’t there and think she is a rich person. She works for her grandma. The sapphire necklace is her grandma’s accessory, her grandma always wear it. Chang Man Kei’s women wanted it but Chang Man Kei stole it for them.

Cheung Fei Fan gave Si Ting a bottle of water. Si Ting said grandma can’t forget it all. Chang Man Kei took the necklace for the show. She wanted to make an imitation of the necklace. Why does he cause so much trouble. Now grandma is in the operation, she doesn’t know if she will survive. Si Ting hit Cheung Fei Fan. Cheung Fei Fan told her that her grandma is fine trust her. Si Ting asked him how could she trust him. Are rich guys like that? He only wants people to take the fall, and so does Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told Si Ting she didn’t steal the necklace but why she lied again and again to cover up. Ma Si Ting said she will do anything for money but it doesn’t mean she will steal it. If they found out she shot a photo of the necklace, they will fire her. She needs money to help her grandma. Cheung Fei Fan promised she won’t fire her. Si Ting asked him if he can help her grandma too. Her memory is getting worse. She fears she can’t remember her name. Si Ting cried and said she lost her parents already and don’t want to lose her grandma. She doesn’t want to be alone. The doctor told Ma Si Ting that her grandma has mini stroke and is fine.

Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he could have exposed them if it wasn’t because of the two bodyguards. Ha Tin Hang said he will investigate this.

Mr. Chang told the three women to find Yumi. The plate number on the car is fake. Si Ting sent Cheung Fei Fan the necklace photo she took. The car was taken at Tam Kee garage for repair. Si Ting came to the garage and pretend to look for her car repair. Ha Tin Hang took photos of the document and found the owner’s plate number and phone number. The care owner was out of town during the day of the jewelry show. Ha Tin Hang said perhaps he could have lent the car to someone or asked someone to pick Yumi up. Ha Tin Hang called Cheung Fei Fan and said he found out someone went to the Flyingman boxing group. Yumi fell down the building. Ha Tin Hang went up the building and saw Cheung Fei Fan looking down.

Cheung Fei Fan told the cops, he heard someone falling down the building so he went to take a look. Cheung Fei Fan said there were dozens of models at the show, how would he know who Yumi is. Ha Tin Hang’s boss wants Ha Tin Hang to find evidence to prove Cheung Fei Fan’s innocence. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan deleting the files. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Fei Fan he is person who has control of those master control system, who else but him would delete those files. Fei Fan told him he knows a bit about taking statements. He’s not obligated to say anything unless he wants to. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told Ha Tin Hang to keep on tracking the necklace, it may be related to Yumi falling off the building.

Comment: This episode was good and touching and intense but I feel Karman Kong’s acting needs improvement. Vincent has a good role. Yep Vincent and Matt’s role have potential in here. I am interested in Vincent’s role of what he will be doing next with this web mind while how Matt will stop him. It’s nice to see Chun Wong here as the villain and I wonder how Vincent is going to deal with him.

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