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Fist Fight episode 6 recap

Cheung Fei Fan released with no evidence of physical assault. The reporter came and asked Cheung Fei Fan abut his case. He told him he will do a live broadcast and remember to watch him in an hour. He did a fist fight pose. Cheung Fei Fan and his dad looked at the gossips. Cheung Fei Fan’s sister told Cheung Fei Fan that the company will suffer. Cheung Fei Fan said they still have one hundred thousand followers online. The web and real world are different. Cheung Fei Fan and his father looked at models. Cheung Fei Fan pointed at a model and teases him she’s right for him since shes’ old.

The bodyguards chat that people tried to kill Cheung Fei Fan in Philippine, then he becomes a murder suspect then he bid for young girl’s night. Ma Si Ting said what wouldn’t Cheung Fei Fan do. He is abnormal and wants everyone to know him. Ha Tin Hang told Ma Si Ting and the bodyguards to guard Sandra the night girl. The reporters took photos of Cheung Fei Fan and Sandra. Cheung Fei Fan talked sweet to Sandra in the car and went on date with her. He bought her necklaces and ate ice cream. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguards to protect Sandra at the Karaoke while Si Ting goes with him. Ho Tit Nam looked at them and told his colleague that Cheung Fei Fan bid a girl after murdering someone he will go to jail soon. Cheung Fei Fan showed Si Ting a tank top and asked her if it’s sexy. He told her that she loves money so much why don’t she offer herself for people to bid. Si Ting told him she is sure he pushed Yumi off the building. She told him to give back her necklace. Cheung Fei Fan put the bra on Si Ting’s head and said she’s the murderer.

Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching observes Ying Cham Pui in the car. Ho Tit Nam chat with Yeung Ching Ching about investigating Boss Ying of Yumi’s model agency and he requested they share information. Yeung Ching Ching said Vanessa/Yumi’s modeal agency appears to be good but they do money laundering in the inside. Ho Tit Nam thinks it’s either Cheung Fei Fan went to bed with a girl and had an argument and he killed her or Yumi’s involved in some arrangement between Cheung Fei Fan and that company or if Cheung Fei Fan isn’t involved then it’s a conflict between Yumi and that company.

Cheung Fei Fan hosted the Queen boxing Fist Fight. Mr. Chang came and is sure is women will win. Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguards to buy the Himalayan pink bath salt for Sandra. Cheung Fei Fan and Sandra went in the room and the guard pointed a gun at him. Mr. Ying told them to bow. He told him he spent ten million to bid for Sandra in one night and locked his money and paralyzed his operation, what’s his game. Cheung Fei Fan told him that he set up a website and a international model agency, he thought he would nice to women. Mr. Ying said Yumi left with the necklace and he’s sure he’s behind this. Cheung Fei Fan said he didn’t know anything then he checked Yumi’s background and found out she’s a model. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr. Ying that he’s web master and how would he leave evidences for hacking into his bid bid girl website. Cheung Fei Fan told him to collaborate with him on his money laundering site.

Ha Tin Hang sneaked in Mr. Loi’s room and searches for something. Chan Ling went home aching her back. Ha Tin Hang fought with Chan Ling and she fainted. He did a cpr for her and took her to the hospital. The doctor told him that Chan Ling got a stroke. Ha Tin Hang told her he went to her house to see her father, he wants to search for his family history. He wants to find the person who made the fake passport. Chan Ling told her father to help Ha Tin Hang search for his family history. Ha Tin Hang found a box of vitamin pills in the locker.

Chan Ling’s father called Ha Tin Hang to come. Chan Ling’s father told him that Ling’s mother made the passport. Chan Ling’s father pointed his knife Ha Tin Hang He told him that Chan Ling hit one hundred pigs to do boxing. If he sells the all the pork for him today then he will tell him. Brother Loi introduced a young man Ha Tin Hang to his customers while selling the porks. Chan Ling’s father treat him a drink of milk tea. He told him that a man who is acop asked Chan Ling’s mother to make him a passport. There were two others who could make a passport but one died out of stroke and one got their hands chopped.

Ha Tin Hang sent a video to Cheung Fei Fan of the bodyguard meeting with someone. In his office, Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang that he hacked into the Flyingman’s computer and looked into the footage of the jewelry show that night but it was one. He saw a vase and a photo of Yumi’s boyfriend with that vase. Then he bought a web app sending a fake phone message to the bodyguard. Then he followed the bodyguard and saw Yumi’s boyfriend. Ha Tin Hang said that Yumi’s boyfriend Sean paid a mechanic and got a car from Tam Kee Garage to pick up Yumi. Ha Tin Hang asked Cheung Fei Fan how did Yumi get killed and when did he join them. Ha Tin Hang told him to tell or he will call the cops.

Cheung Fei Fan sat with him and said on the night before Chang Man Kei’s jewelry show, he found out someone used his account to log in Wilson’s computer system to check the security plan for the show. He saw Yumi chatted with Seaon on whatsapp. He found out Sean stored Yumi in Flyingman’s room. Yumi said the Vanessa Model Agency is for International prostitutes. Yumi is an expensive prostitutes. Yumi didn’t want to continue working but she knew too many secrets of the high ranked officials. He wanted them to leave Hongkong. Then Ha Tin Hang fond out Sean has driven to Flyingman. So Cheung Fei Fan all the CCTV footage. He arranged the tickets for them to leave. He received a call from Sean he got hit several times. He went on the rooftop and saw Yumi fell down. He wanted to find the killer. Ha Tin Hang asked him why doesn’t he tell the police the truth? Why did he investigate the case by himself? Cheung Fei Fan said he found out an important figure is protecting Vanessa Model so it’s better for him to investigate this case by himself. He persuaded Sandra to work with him and made contact iwth Boss Ying. His next step is running the Box Queen Championship well.

Cheung Fei Fan introduced Chan Ling and Tang Shek Chi in the first round of the Queen Boxing Fist Fight. Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Man watches the game. Yeung Ching Ching told him she now knows what Cheung Fei Fan is doing. He is doing money laundering.

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