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Fist Fight episode 7 recap

Chan Ling’s father held her put the gloves on. Chan Ling won the round of boxing game. Cheung Fei Fan told Sandra he is leaving for a while. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching followed Cheung Fei Fan and Boss Ying. Brother Sun yelled at Ho Tit Nam. Yeung Ching Ching grabbed Brother Sun and warned him not to fight here. Cheung Fei Fan told Boss Ying they set up new accounts. Then they put ten thousand dollars as the base sum of each of the new accounts. Then they use these accounts to launder money through boxing matches.

The next round is Mr. Chang’s woman Tang Shek Chi versus Chan Ling. The boxing staff asked Yeung Ching Ching and Ho Tit Min what are they doing here. Yeung Ching Ching said they are looking for the restroom. Mr. Ying told Cheung Fei Fan he admires him. Chan Ling got beat up. Chan Ling feels hurt and told her father that when she did boxing in USA, her back got injured. She doesn’t know how many times she can still fight. She wants to win the championship so much. She wants to achieve her dream. She really loves boxing. He told her to fight as she can and don’t make herself regret it. Chan Ling fell down and got back up and fought.

Ying Kam Pui checked his account and received five million dollars. Ho Tit Nam and Yeung Ching Ching confronted Mr.Ying and Cheung Fei Fan of money laundering. Yeung Ching Ching checked the computer and saw the sign of disk cleaning. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Cheung Ying Ying that his computer have too much junk. Ying Kam Pui laughed. Tang Shek Chi won the fight. Chan Ling fainted. Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he wants to find out who’s behind the Vanessa Model.

Ho Tit Nam brought Ching Ching to his mother’s restaurant. Her mother asked him if she is his girlfriend. As Ching Ching leave for the taxi, Ho Tit Nam told Ching Ching to call him. Cheung Fei Fan followed Ho Tit Nam and told him to let him give him a ride. Cheung Fei Fan gout out. Ho Tit Nam grabbed him. Cheung Fei Fan said he found some evidence. Ho Tit Nam asked him what evidence does he have. Cheung Fei Fan said there’s a model company called Vanessa. He told Ho Tit Nam to drive. Ho Tit Nam asked Cheung Fei Fan if he’s a snitch. Cheung Fei Fan said money laundering is just a game, if he couldn’t fool him he would have been gone. Cheung Fei Fan said he want those who killed Yumi paid for it. Ha Tin Hang said Cheung Fei Fan’s advisor Sean is Yumi’s lover. Ho Tit Nam told them if the suspected Ying Kam Pui why didn’t they come to him. Ha Tin Hang said because the person protecting him may be a high ranked official. Cheung Fei Fan told Ho Tit Nam an enemy’s enemy is their friend.

Chan Ling looked at the boxing stadium and remembered the doctor told her she can’t do boxing anymore. Chan Ling boxes and hurt her back. Ha Tin Hang asked Chan Ling if he will see her again.

Cheung Fei Fan treated Ma Si Ting’s grandma some cupcakes. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting he visits her grandma everyday and the staff took her as her grandson in law. The doctor said she can leave so he took her home. The grandma told Si Ting she must find a boy like Cheung Fei Fan. Si Ting was about to call him a liar, but Cheung Fei Fan put a cupcake in her mouth.

Ying Kam Pui and Cheung Fei Fan printed the money. Mr Chang’s women followed Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang. Mr.Chang’s woman held an axe and about to hit. Mr. Chang asked Mr. Ying if he’s working with Cheung Fei Fan. Mr. Ying said Cheung Fei Fan showed him how to launder money. Mr. Chang told him that Cheung Fei Fan is not trustworthy. Mr. Ying told Mr. Chang he knows he hate him but Cheung Fei Fan is smart. He’s good at the web and launder money for him. If he set him up then he is setting himself up. Mr. Chang asked Mr. Ying if he doesn’t believe Cheung Fei Fan is involved with stealing the necklace with her boyfriend. Mr. Chang asked without Cheung Fei Fan’s help how could Yumi leave with Sean. Mr. Ying pushed him off the building and Sean managed to escape. Mr. Chang told Mr. Ying he hired her models and they always get business from the high ranked officials, he won’t trick him. Mr.Ying said his girls helped him a lot and even helped him selling jewelries to the black market. Mr.Chang said Cheung Fei Fan isn’t trustworthy and he will get him in trouble. Mr. Ying said he needs a partner in the money laundering.

Cheung Fei Fan and Ha Tin Hang came. Flashbacks of Lui Wai Being fought with Mr.Chang’s woman. Ha Tin Hang brought a suitcase and said Mr.Chang sent his women to steal twenty million dollars. Mr. Ying put down the cigar and thanked Mr.Chang for reminding him who he should work with. Cheung Fei Fan told Mr.Chang to fire his women, they failed to steal the money and necklace.

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