Fist Fight episode 13 recap

Ho Tit Nam sighed to Yeung Ching Ching that a man wants to see him and he caused him to be in jail more than ten years. If she was him, would she forgive him. Yeung Ching Ching told him to apologize. Chan Ling told the senior that his sifu was here and asked her students to pay the fee. The Sifu gambled and punched Ho Tit Nam. Ho Tit Nam pushed Yeung Ching Ching and let his Sifu punched him. Yeung Ching Ching showed her ID. The Sifu mocked Ho Tit Nam needs protection from a madam. The Sifu told Ho Tit Nam to not thing he will let it go just for taking punched from him. He can never repay him in full. Yeung Ching Ching brought Ho Tit Nam home. The senior told Chan Ling that Ho Tit Nam was Sifu’s student. He won many fights and got the title Teenage Boxing King. Ho Tit Nam’s mother told Yeung Ching Ching that Ho Tit Nam lost the first time in eighteen years. He wanted a rematch. His Sifu punched the manager for criticizing him. He got sentenced for six years in prison. He fought with another person in the prison and got charged up to ten years. Ho Tit Nam wanted to see him but he refused. Ho Tit Nam blames himself for wanting a rematch. The senior told Chan Ling that Sifu’s life is finished.

During the competition to be the secretary of innovation of technology, Cheung Fei Fan received a call if he wants to see his sister, he should let Chang Kim Chiu beat him and make an announcement he will withdraw the competition. Cheung Fei Fan didn’t answer a question. Ho Tit Nam told Ma Si Ting that the phone call must be from the kidnapper. Cheung Fei Fan made a speech. Ha Tin Hang told his crew that Cheung Fei Fan is using a code they told him to let Chang Kim Chiu defeat him. He said he heard the sound of a helicopter. He said there weren’t people talking or cars honking so it must be in a new territory. Ma Si Ting said Government Flying Service. Ma Si Ting looked at the route and think that it must be taking water from the sea and release the bomb in these three locations. Lui Wai Bing and the bodyguards went to the Government Flying Service searching for Cheung Fei Fan’s sister but didn’t see her. Cheung Fei Fan received a call to make an announcement in twenty four hours to withdraw from the competition.

The women massaged Chang Man Kei and happy about taking Cheung Fei Fan’s sister. Wan Sing Hang believes in Cheung Fei Fan if he can secure his place. Cheung Fei Fan invited Ha Tin Hang and the bodyguards to a chinese restaurant. Lui Wai Bing told Cheung Fei Fan that Chang Man Kei is in there. Cheung Fei Fan held a drink and recorded in front of Chang Man Kei he is withdrawing from the competition. Cheung Fei Fan’s colleagues told Cheung Fei Fan he lost four hundred thousand subscribers per hour. Cheung Fei Fan reads the angry comments. Chang Man Kei’s women threw the bag down the van. Cheung Fei Fan’s sister walked out.

Ha Ting Hang wondered how could Chang Man Kei knows how to switch the location. Ha Tin Hang and Cheung Fei Fan thinks there’s a mole. Cheung Fei Fan treats his colleague for a trip to Japan. Cheung Fei Fan closed the file. He watches Chang Kim Chiu made an announcement to withdraw from the competition. Chang Man Kei came to Cheung Fei Fan’s office and asked him what did he offered his nephew. Cheung Fei Fan asked Chang Man Kei if he knows his nephew really wants. He gave him a recommendation letter and an air ticket to Silicon Valley so his dream will come true and he will meet his idol Bob Metcalfe. He also paved the road for him to run his own company in Silicon Valley. Cheung Fei Fan showed Chang Man Kei a photo of Chang Kim Chiu in Silicon Valley and said he sold his house. Wan Sing Hang watches the news that Lai Ho Cheung will become the secretary of innovation of technology. Flashbacks of Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang he’s not interested to be the secretary and their goals are to prevent Chang Man Kei to put his people to work for the government. Cheung Fei Fan showed Wan Sing Hang a document of Lai Ho Cheung bad thing he did. Wan Sing Hang believes Cheung Fei Fan will become big one day.

The Flyingman staff wants to leave Cheung Fei Fan’s company. Cheung Fei Fan asked them if they know why he gave them a chance to work in Flyingman even though their scores were the lowest. He saw their creativity. If they take the letter back he will assume nothing has happened. Cheung Fei Fan tapped a code. The female staff looked at his hands. The female staff told Sean to not listen to them, they are ganging up. Cheung Fei Fan asked her how did she know they are ganging up. She saw him use the code last time. She spreads rumors online so the staff will quit. She leaked the games out online. The female staff Mia said she was forced to do it, Chang Man Kei set a trap luring her dad to do business. Then he made him borrow loans to make repayment. Chang Man Kei wants her to bring Flyingman down or he will sue his parents. Cheung Fei Fan told Mia she’s fired.

Cheung Fei Fan gave Ma Si Ting a coin and chat with her about Mia. Ma Si Ting asked Cheung Fei Fan how can Mia repay her debt. He is like Chang Man Kei driving other people down the corner. Cheung Fei Fan told her to not trust a traitor. Ma Si Ting told him he only cares about himself and don’t care about others. He can’t expect others to always do things his way. Ma Si Ting gave back his coin. Ma Si Ting cheered up Mia. Mia showed Ma Si Ting a text of Fever sent her three million dollars. Mia said Cheung Fei Fan is the best employer and his most reliable friend but too bad she won’t have a chance to work for him anymore. Ha Tin Hang asked Stephen Huynh to find Ho Yin Kiu. Ho Tit Nam’s sifu took Ho Tit Nam to a boxing game and told him to fight and bet on him. Ho Tit Nam won.

Dragon Love episode 6 recap

The dragon absorbed the power and left. Chow Ou Tin yelled. Dai Pang called his men useless and asked Chow Ou Tin why did he let the dragon escape. Dai Pang asked Chow Ou Tin how powerful is his sword. Chow Ou Tin suggests Dai Pang to guard Yip Hei’s house then the dragon will appear. Chow Ou Tin made his sword stronger.

Yip Chui took care of Sun Yuet and told Yip Chu that the dragon is their savior. Yip Hei wants to take Sun Yuet’s clothes off to check her pulse. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to leave and let Yip Chui taking care of Sun Yuet. Yip Chui said she can’t since she’s a girl. Yip Chu said it is why he and Yip Hei can’t touch Sun Yuet. Yip Hei’s mother looked at Sun Yuet asked Yip Chu if Sun Yuet is a girl disguised as a male. Yip Chu apologized and said Sun Yuet is a maid who ran away from her house. Sun Yuet wakes up and worries that Yip Hei is mad at her for disguising as a male. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to go away. Yip Chu told Yip Hei that Sun Yuet did many things because she likes him. Yip Hei said love can’t be forced. They have to have fate. Yip Chu brought medicine to Sun Yuet and said Yip Hei made it for her. Sun Yuet reads the poem and said Yip Hei is also romantic.

As Yip Hei’s mother picked up the pears, it flew. The dragon greeted Yip Hei’s mother. Yip Chui looked at Sun Yuet’s pendant and asked her how is the princess. Sun Yuet said most of the officials in the palace are in their seventies and eighties. No one to play with her. She prefer hanging out in the town. Dai Pang sits and wait to kidnap and Yip. Dai Pang and his guards surrounded Sun Yuet and Yip Chui. Yip Chui asked Dai Pang if he knows who he is. She showed him Sun Yuet’s pendant and said she’s the princess. Dai Pang laughed and said if she’s the princess then he is the king. Yip Chui asked him why didn’t he bowed. She told him about the courts. Dai Pang bowed in front of Yip Chui. The dragon sighed about Yip Hei’s father’s dead. Yip Hei’s mother refuses to be in laws with the dragon. The dragon admits his fight with Chow Ou Tin has affected innocent people but he has changed. Someday she will believe he has become for the good. Yip Chui and Sun Yuet came with Dai Pang and his guards. Yip Chui thanked Yip Hei and his family for taking care of her and Dai Pang won’t bother with the capture of the dragon. Yip Chui enjoyed her golds and fabric and sword. Yip Chui wonders if she can be a real princess. Yip Chu asked her if she really wants to marry Dai Pang. She just wants gold.

Yip Chui ordered Dai Pang to catch her a fish. Dai Pang looked at the fist in the river and finds it hard to catch. Yip Chui pushed Dai Pang in the sea. She told Dai Pang to hit the bee hive. The dragon dressed up a as a poor man. The dragon told Yip Hei he is sick. Yip Hei took him to his clinic and treated his feet. Yip Hei massaged his head and back. The dragon said he’s hungry. Yip Hei offer to treat him. Yip Hei said he didn’t have a chance to take care of his father since he died. He now be nice to elders. The dragon saw Yip Hei’s mother and said he was Yip Hei’s father’s best friend. The dragon treated Yip Hei to dinner and talked about chess game. The dragon feels so blessed that Yip Hei served him tea. Yip Hei’s mother told the dragon that Yip Hei has a lover and will get married. The dragon told Yip Hei’s mother that his daughter is pretty and matches with Yip Hei. Siu Yu’s mother worries for the dragon and went to search for him.

Yip Hei’s mother saw Siu Yu on the street and took her to meet Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother told Siu Yu to stay for dinner. She will cook her favorite soup. Sun Yuet showed Yip Chu the two butterflies embroidery she made for Yip Hei. Yip Chu said if she didn’t say there were butterflies, he would have thought they were witches. Sun Yuet hit him multiple times. Yip Chu looked at the her hands being scratched. She said she got cut by needles. It is her first time sewing. Yip Chu asked her why she is so naive. Sun Yuet said as long as Yip Hei likes it, then she is happy. Sun Yuet saw the letter and reads it and found the ink haven’t dried yet. Yip Chu said he told Yip Hei to give him his letter.

Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu that she will tell Yip Hei to apologize to Siu Yu, they love each other. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that Yip Hei doesn’t like her, and those letters were fake. Sun Yuet slapped Yip Chu and called him a jerk. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu he knew that Yip Hei has a lover but he continues to let her fall deep. Sun Yuet whined if Yip Chu had free time, he should go to the woods to catch crickets but why must he try to make her happy. She feels so hurt. Yip Chu told her he also feels hurt. He has lied because he loves her. Sun Yuet said he changed the subject to put her down more. Yip Chu said he always loved her. Sun Yuet said she forbids him telling her he loves her. Yip Chu searches for Sun Yuet. He picked up a shoe and threw it down the hill.

Yip Chu went home and saw Sun Yuet eating dinner with his family. Sun Yuet told him there’s a guest. Yip Hei’s mother said Siu Yiu is almost a family member. She gave her a jade bracelet. Sun Yuet helped Siu Yu in the kitchen. She asked her how long have she known Yip Hei. Siu Yu said six months. Sun Yuet held two pairs of chopsticks and said they are equal. Sun Yuet asked Siu Yu if Yip Hei has healed her and traveled with her. Sun Yuet add more chopsticks. Thee pairs for her and four pairs for Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that she used to be mad at him but she thought he just wanted to help her. They can be friends again. Yip Chu said there are many pretty girls out there. He worries she will get hurt for Yip Hei. Sun Yuet said she wants to win over Siu Yu. She will win Yip Hei from Siu Yu.

Dragon Love episode 5 recap

Yip Chu bought some blushes for Sun Yuet. Sun Yuet told him she put on a blush today and if he likes it. If he likes it, then Yip Hei will like it. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu she likes Yip Hei. She stayed here to help Yip Hei. She thanked Yip Chu for helping her. Yip Hei invited Yip Chu to play ball with him. Yip Chu dropped his blush. Yip Hei picked it up and asked who he bought it for. Yip Hei told Yip Chu to tell Sun Yuet he’s busy and can’t meet with her. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet Yip Hei is busy treating patients so he won’t come.

Siu Yu saw Yip Hei and ran. Yip Hei chases Siu Yu. Siu Yu’s brother uses his power to make the tree branches fall two times. Yip Hei ran then trip then ran. then trip. Siu Yu checked up on Yip Hei. Yip Hei said as long as he meet her, he is willing to fall ten times. He apologizes for missing the meeting at the lantern festival. Siu Yu told Yip Hei that her brother is right that Humans and Dragons live in different world and they shouldn’t see each other again. She told him to not meet he in the woods, she won’t come. Yip Hei told her he waited for her in the woods to have memories of the goddess of flower. Siu Yu asked Yip Hei if he can accept her body. Yip Hei told her he only knows he loves her. Yip Hei swears to god he only love Siu Yu. Siu Yu picked up a leaf and told Yip Hei to whistle on this leaf when he wants to see her.

Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to do her eyelashes for her. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu the first day she met him she fell for him. Yip Chu blushes. Sun Yuet said she wants to tell Yip Hei this. Since Yip Chu blushes, it means she has succeed. Sun Yuet said it’s her first time loving someone. She asked him if he ever felt his heart beeping. Yip Chu told her to let him set her meeting with Yip Hei.

Sun Yuet pretends to drop the handkerchief. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to pick up for her. Sun Yuet drinks with Yip Hei. Sun Yuet wrote a poem but Yip Chu wouldn’t understand. Sun Yuet appreciates Yip Chu of being a good friend. Yip Chu worries Sun Yuet will scare Yip Hei since she is blunt while Yip Hei is shy. Sun Yuet gave Yip Chu her letter to give to Yip Hei. Yip Hei reads the poem and told Yip Chu that Sun Yuet has misunderstood his feelings. Sun Yuet is a good girl but isn’t a good match for him. Yip Chu asked an elder man to write a letter for him. Yip Chu gave Sun Yuet a love poem. Sun Yuet reads it and feel thrilled. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu she knows Yip Hei wants to use love letter to confess his love. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet to write love letters from now on. During dinner, Sun Yuet recites the love letter to Yip Hei and told him to translate it. Yip Chu sneezed.

Yip Chui took Sun Yuet to pray for her love in front of the rock. If she closes her eyes and make a wish and turn around three times then she will see her lover. Yip Chui saw Liu Dai Pang on his way. Dai Pang and Chow Ou Tin came to Yip Chu’s place to tear down the dragon rock. Yip Chu fought with Dai Pang’s men. Chow Ou Tin looked at Yip Chu in the eyes and left. Sun Yuet gave Yip Chu a sword. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to use the sword to fight with Dai Pang. She dropped the jade. Yip Chu looked at the jade and said it isn’t a normal jade and who is she. Sun Yuet said she is the princess’s maid. She left the palace because she is scared of Dai Pang flirting with girls. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu to leave this place. She told him his parents got murdered by the dragon.

Chow Ou Tin told Dai Pang that besides him, Yip chu has the potential to hunt for dragons. Chow Ou Tin came and wanted Yip Chu to help him capture the dragon. Siu Yu’s mother watches the dragon cheer up a kid. The dragon is exited to marry Siu Yu off to Yip Hei. Yip Hei and his family packed their stuff and left. Siu Yu and her brothers reunite with the dragon. Chow Ou Tin fought with Yip Chu and about to kill Yip Hei’s mother. The dragon appears. Chow Ou Tin chased it.

Fist Fight episode 12 recap

Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard he can’t find any info about Ha Tin Hang and wondered if he went to jail. Cheung Fei Fan said Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang suddenly are become close friends and become CPO. Ha Tin Hang boxes. Chan Ling asked Ha Tin Hang if she failed to teach her students boxing. Ha Tin Hang asked Chan Ling when did her mother died. Chan Ling said in primary school and she’s the only daughter. A man came and looked for Tai On Shun. He fought with Chan Ling. Ha Tin Hang fought with him. He asked Ha Tin Hang if he’s a coach. The man showed a picture of his team and said he’s Law Ying Kei. Chan Ling looked at the portrait and said he’s the owner of the gym. Ying Kei told the students to pay the fee. Ha Tin Hang paid. Ying Kei asked Ha Tin Hang how can he practice when he’s hungry. He told him to grab a bite. Ying Kei ate with them and asked them if they have never seen a prisoner before. Ying Kei said he went in jail for ten years. Ho Tit Nam will pay back. Ying Kei told Ha Tin Hang to tell Ho Tit Nam to see him.

Cheung Fei Fan encouraged Ho Tit Nam to take part in the boxing game. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan Ho Tit Nam isn’t ready for it with his condition. Ma Si Ting is willing to take part. Cheung Fei Fan told her she loves money that much. Cheung Fei Fan decided to pick Stone to take part. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam that his sifu went to look for him. Ha Tin Hang thinks Ying Kei wants revenge. Ha Tin Hang asked Ho Tit Nam what happened after he lost the match and if Ying Kei went to jail because of him. Chang Man Kei introduced his nephew Chiu to the board for the post of Secretary of Innovation and Technology.

Wan Sing Hang have faith in Cheung Fei Fan he can be the secretary of Innovation and Technology. Cheung Fei Fan wondered who will back him up. Wan Sing Hang promises they will be powerful characters. Cheung Fei Fan said if Chiu becomes the secretary then Chang Man Kei will extend his power to collaborate with dirty officials. Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang to not worry, he won’t let Chiu become the secretary. The reporters asked Cheung Fei Fan who does he think is the best candidate to take the post of Secretary of Innovation and Technology. Cheung Fei Fei Fan doesn’t think anyone is qualified as him. Chang Man Kei watches the news and got mad. Chiu showed Chang Man Kei about the media for bribing a project and framed him for buying a prostitute. Wan Sing Hang told his group he thinks Cheung Fei Fan is smart. He doesn’t want Chang Man Kei to get what he wants and he doesn’t want to be manipulated by him.

Cheung Fei Fan’s sister Yiu got kidnapped. The kidnapper called Cheung Fei Fan’s father and wants two million dollars. Cheung Fei Fan caught his father’s friend calling the kidnappper. Yiu asked Uncle Cha if it’s really him, she can recognize his ringtone. Uncle Cha told her they wanted to kidnap her for the money but now she didn’t have hte money. Uncle Cha got injured and told Cheung Fei Fan’s father that someone knocked on his head and kidnapped Yiu. Cheung Fei Fan drove and saw Yiu in the van. Ma Si Ting gave Cheung Fei Fan a coin and would like to trade for his sister abck. Cheung Fei Fan would trade for anything, he just wants his sister to be fine. Ha Tin Hang asked Cheung Fei Fan if he could think he has made enemies with besides Chang Man Kei. He needs to know who he has offended before he sends someone to watch him. Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he got so many enemies, he never knows if he will get hit by a bullet for him. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan to not use others he doesn’t trust. Cheung Fei Fan said he only checked up on him it doesn’t mean he won’t use him.

Cheung Fei Fan’s father begs Brother King Kong at the bar to help him find Yiu. King Kong forced him to drink a glass of wine with drugs. A brother followed Cheung Fei Fan’s brother and told him he can ask one of the brothers to help him but he needs three million dollar. Wan Sing Hang showed Cheung Fei Fan two who are his enemies, Black Luck Man who went to jail for drug trafficking because of him, and Chopstick Tak a powerful man from Taiwan who the bank demanded repayment. They may work with Chang Man Kei. Brother Chu told Cheung Fei Fan that his father is bringing three million dollars. The brother pulled the bag of three million dollars from Cheung Fei Fan’s father. Ho Tit Nam and Cheung Fei Fan fought with the gang. The brother put a knife toward Cheung Fei Fan’s father. Cheung Fei Fan’s father punched him and put back his money in the bag.

Cheung Fei Fan and his father played at the arcade. Cheung Fei Fan said he told he was the smartest though all his classmates laughed at him. Then he opened a video game center and he learned from him to fix machines and become a web master. No matter how people laugh at him, he is still the coolest dad to him. Cheung Fei Fan told his father the triad were untrustworthy so he left. Don’t engage with them again. He will find a way to rescue his sister.

Dragon Love episode 4 recap

Yip Chu and Yip Chui went home with their lanterns. Yip Chui said they had fun deciphering lyrics at the festival. They looked at Yip Hei’s dragon drawing on the lantern and found it bizarre. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei to throw it away. Yip Chu and Yip Chu said the lantern festival isn’t fun and it is snowy. Yip Hei looked at the lantern and thought of Siu Yu. Sun Yuet organized the herbs for Yip Hei. Yip Hei pull out a cut herb and asked Sun Yuet if anyone has been here. Sun Yuet’s maid told Sun Yuet to confess her love for Yip Hei instead of suffering. Sun Yuet wants to use her love to help Yip Hei. Sun Yuet complained to Yip Chui about losing money. Sun Yuet bids farewell to Yip Chu. Yip Hei’s mother told Sun Yuet she can stay in her warehouse. Sun Yuet looked at Yip He’s painting. Sun Yuet played the harp. Yip Chu sewed a cloth for Sun Yuet. Yip Chui daydream of Sun Yuet. Yip Chu told her that she can’t fall for Sun Yuet. Yip Chu said she told Sun Yuet that she’s a pig.

Sun Yuet took Yip Hei’s hand and want to drink with him. Yip Chu told Yip Hei that Sun Yuet is probably tired and he also have to make medicine. Sun Yuet went to sleep. Yip Chu wants to drink with Yip Hei. He feels frustrated. Yip Chu said he wanted to helped that person but the more he helped the more it causes trouble. Yip Hei said perhaps if he said how he feels, the person won’t accept him.

Yip Hei’s mother made soup for Yip Hei and asked him where’s Siu Yu. Yip Hei said Siu Yu rushed home to visit her hometown. Dai Pang came to Yip Hei’s medical warehouse and asked him where’s Siu Yu. Dai Pang said he flirted with Siu Yu in the lantern festival. He wants her to be his concubine. Yip Hei punched Dai Pang. Dai Pang rode a horse tied up Yip and dragged him. Yip Hei told Dai Pang he won’t find Siu Yu. Dai Pang was about to hit Yip Hei. Dark clouds appear. The dragon surrounded Dai Pang. Yip Chui told Yip Hei’s mother she heard there was a dragon that scared Dai Pang. Yip Hei’s mother brought soup for Yip Hei and asked him if the dragon has saved him. Humans and Dragons belong to different world.

In the woods, Yip Hei asked Siu Yu to come out. He apologizes for missing the appointment at the lantern festival. He thought about it that he would like to be with her. Yip Hei saw the flowers bloomed and said he will wait for her at the lantern festival everyday.

Sun Yuet draws Yip Hei. Yip Chu brought Sun Yuet some cushions and accidentally pushed Sun Yuet’s painting. Sun Yuet held her hair up and told Yip Chu to leave. Yip Chu let Sun Yuet lean her arm on him and said he know he is useless but Yip Hei will twisted her arm back for her. Yip Chu touched Sun Yuet’s face while she is asleep and said they are buddies. Yip Hei massaged Sun Yuet. Sun Yuet thanked Yip Chu for lending her his arm. Sun Yuet wants to be Yip Chu’s buddy. Yip Chu said they can’t and he left. Sun Yuet sworn to got to be buddies. Yip Chu said he doesn’t want to be buddy with a girl. Sun Yuet asked Yip Chu when did he know. Sun Yuet hurt her arm and told him he is a jerk. Yip Chu said though he is uneducated, he is understanding. He understands she must have some anxiety for pretending to be a male. Sun Yuet told him if he tells about this, she will chop him.

In the palace court, the majesty told Dai Pang to postpone the weeding. The princess has left the palace. Dai Pang assure he will bring the princess home. Dai Pang’s servant told Dai Pang there was a rumor that he haven’t made any achievement so the princess left. Dai Pang wants to kill the dragon to impress the princess and the majesty will give him half of his land. Chow Ou Tin stood in front of Dai Pang. The servants tried to fight him but got pushed. Dai Pang tries to control his horse. Dai Pang gave Chow Ow Tin a trial of getting a coin in the fire. Chow Ow Tin grabbed the dirt and said there is no coin. If he is trying to play him, he is disappointed. Chow Ow Tin pushed the cauldron toward Dai Pang and broke it. He said the dragon killed his family, he must revenge. Dai Pang let Chow Ou Tin to help him hunt for the dragon.

Siu Yu watches Yip Hei reciting a poem. Siu Yu told her brother that Yip Hei already seen her dragon self and she knows he couldn’t accept her. Siu Yu’s brother said it looks like Yip Hei is in love and regretful. If she doesn’t come out, he will wait for her until he is eighty years old. Siu Yu said they are not fated to be together. If Yip Hei is with her, she doesn’t know if he will be hurt again. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu why won’t she sees him? Sun Yuet told Yip Hei that her cousin wants to meet him tonight. Yip Hei picked up a handkerchief with flowers and read to meet Siu Yu tonight.

Dragon Love episode 3 recap

Siu Yu gave Yip Hei a bowl of medicine. Yip Hei’s mother spoke in front of the dragon statue to see her and and punish her. Siu Yu came out. Yip Hei’s mother told her she’s worried the dragon will return. Siu Yu told her that if the dragon wanted to hurt her, he doesn’t need to wait until now. If he really hurt Yip Hei, he would have been hurt much harder. Siu Yu brought congee for Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother brought congee for Yip Hei. Siu Yu and Yip Hei’s mother gave each other some herb. Siu Yu picked up a lantern and enjoyed it. Yip Hei teaches Siu Yu to make a lantern. Yip Hei and Siu Yu hang the lanterns. The lantern lights are out. As Yip Hei about to light the lanterns, he stares at Siu Yu and kisses her. Siu Yu breathe the pearl back. The wind blew Siu Yu. Yip Hei held Siu Yu. Yip Hei saw two dragons.

The two brothers asked Siu Yu if she has the pearl. Siu Yu said no. The two brothers asked Siu Yu if she likes Yip Hei. The two brothers watches Yip Hei searching for Siu Yu. Yip Hei hugs Siu Yu and said he thought he wouldn’t see her again. Siu Yu told him she has to leave. Yip Hei told her he will ask her parents to let him marry her. Siu Yu told Yip Hei they are different and can’t be together. There are many good girls. They are not fated to be together. Siu Yu asked him if she isn’t Siu Yu would he loves her. Yip Hei promises he won’t leave her. Siu Yu worries it’s hard to break the rules. A thunder broke. Yip Hei held her and said to not worries, he won’t leave her. It’s raining. Siu Yu turned into a dragon and flew. Yip Hei freaks out. Siu Yu apologizes she didn’t mean to lie to him. Siu Yu told him if she wants to see her again, she will meet him in the lantern festival. Yip Hei heard Yip Chui told Yip Chu about red bean buns can’t be compared to other buns. Yip Hei’s mother gave Yip Hei a pair of pendant she sew to give it to Siu Yu.

Sun Yuet told her maid she refused to return to the palace to marry that captain. Yip Chui held the lantern and reads Yip Hei’s sad love poem. Yip Chui wears a lion dance outfit and scared Sun Yuet. Yip Chu follows Sun Yuet and asked her about lion dance. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet that his brother Yip Hei is good at healing and she can go to him. Sun Yuet wants to go with Yip Chu and Yip Hei for a drink. Sun Yuet asked Yip Hei about his master and complimented him he’s good for being self taught. Sun Yuet tasted the food. Yip Chu said it is made of worm. She threw up then swallow. Sun Yuet drinks. Yip Chu touched her face and said it’s smooth. If she was a woman, he would marry her. Sun Yuet’s hair fell down and told Yip Chu she has to drink.

Sun Yuet bought the whole blushes at a stall and greeted Yip Chu. Yip Chu told his student to wear their clothes while practicing martial arts. Liu Dai Pang releases his dog to bite others. He threw money. Dai Pang ordered his dog to bite Yip Chu. Yip Chu hit it with a stick. Dai Pang threw money at him. Yip Chu threw it. Dai Pang gave a bag of money for people to catch a tiger for him. The tigers attacked the people. Dai Pang got freaked out by the tiger. Yip Chu fought the tiger. The people cheers for Yip Chu for catching the tiger. Sun Yuet asked Dai Pang for money. Sun Yuet snatched the bag of money. Yip Chu gave Sun Yuet a sac.

Yip Hei’s mother looked at the lantern and asked Yip Hei why did he draw a dragon and if he has talked to it. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei about his father. Dai Pang looked at Yip Chui from the back and flirted wit her. Yip Chui turned around. Dai Pang freaked out. Yip Chui criticized Dai Pang of being a jerk. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei that his father died from saving him. Yip Hei’s mother asked Yip Hei to promise her not to go to the lantern festival. Dai Pang touched Siu Yu. Siu Yu pushed him and created snow. Siu Yu waits for Yip Hei and reads the poem on the lantern.

End of the Year Wuxia and hk Series recaps for 2018 !

Here are some of the old wuxia series I’m proud of recapping and watching this year. Yeah I really enjoyed all of those wuxia series.

Legendary Siblings 1

Crimson Sabre

In the Realm of Fancy

Dragon Love

For new tvb series, I’ve only recapped and watched

Apple Colada

Fist Fight

Other tvb series I’ve watched is Old Time Buddy

Old Time Buddy

I’m currently doing recaps for Fist Fight and Dragon Love!