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Fist Fight episode 12 recap

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Cheung Fei Fan told his bodyguard he can’t find any info about Ha Tin Hang and wondered if he went to jail. Cheung Fei Fan said Ho Tit Nam and Ha Tin Hang suddenly are become close friends and become CPO. Ha Tin Hang boxes. Chan Ling asked Ha Tin Hang if she failed to teach her students boxing. Ha Tin Hang asked Chan Ling when did her mother died. Chan Ling said in primary school and she’s the only daughter. A man came and looked for Tai On Shun. He fought with Chan Ling. Ha Tin Hang fought with him. He asked Ha Tin Hang if he’s a coach. The man showed a picture of his team and said he’s Law Ying Kei. Chan Ling looked at the portrait and said he’s the owner of the gym. Ying Kei told the students to pay the fee. Ha Tin Hang paid. Ying Kei asked Ha Tin Hang how can he practice when he’s hungry. He told him to grab a bite. Ying Kei ate with them and asked them if they have never seen a prisoner before. Ying Kei said he went in jail for ten years. Ho Tit Nam will pay back. Ying Kei told Ha Tin Hang to tell Ho Tit Nam to see him.

Cheung Fei Fan encouraged Ho Tit Nam to take part in the boxing game. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan Ho Tit Nam isn’t ready for it with his condition. Ma Si Ting is willing to take part. Cheung Fei Fan told her she loves money that much. Cheung Fei Fan decided to pick Stone to take part. Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam that his sifu went to look for him. Ha Tin Hang thinks Ying Kei wants revenge. Ha Tin Hang asked Ho Tit Nam what happened after he lost the match and if Ying Kei went to jail because of him. Chang Man Kei introduced his nephew Chiu to the board for the post of Secretary of Innovation and Technology.

Wan Sing Hang have faith in Cheung Fei Fan he can be the secretary of Innovation and Technology. Cheung Fei Fan wondered who will back him up. Wan Sing Hang promises they will be powerful characters. Cheung Fei Fan said if Chiu becomes the secretary then Chang Man Kei will extend his power to collaborate with dirty officials. Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang to not worry, he won’t let Chiu become the secretary. The reporters asked Cheung Fei Fan who does he think is the best candidate to take the post of Secretary of Innovation and Technology. Cheung Fei Fei Fan doesn’t think anyone is qualified as him. Chang Man Kei watches the news and got mad. Chiu showed Chang Man Kei about the media for bribing a project and framed him for buying a prostitute. Wan Sing Hang told his group he thinks Cheung Fei Fan is smart. He doesn’t want Chang Man Kei to get what he wants and he doesn’t want to be manipulated by him.

Cheung Fei Fan’s sister Yiu got kidnapped. The kidnapper called Cheung Fei Fan’s father and wants two million dollars. Cheung Fei Fan caught his father’s friend calling the kidnappper. Yiu asked Uncle Cha if it’s really him, she can recognize his ringtone. Uncle Cha told her they wanted to kidnap her for the money but now she didn’t have hte money. Uncle Cha got injured and told Cheung Fei Fan’s father that someone knocked on his head and kidnapped Yiu. Cheung Fei Fan drove and saw Yiu in the van. Ma Si Ting gave Cheung Fei Fan a coin and would like to trade for his sister abck. Cheung Fei Fan would trade for anything, he just wants his sister to be fine. Ha Tin Hang asked Cheung Fei Fan if he could think he has made enemies with besides Chang Man Kei. He needs to know who he has offended before he sends someone to watch him. Cheung Fei Fan told Ha Tin Hang he got so many enemies, he never knows if he will get hit by a bullet for him. Ha Tin Hang told Cheung Fei Fan to not use others he doesn’t trust. Cheung Fei Fan said he only checked up on him it doesn’t mean he won’t use him.

Cheung Fei Fan’s father begs Brother King Kong at the bar to help him find Yiu. King Kong forced him to drink a glass of wine with drugs. A brother followed Cheung Fei Fan’s brother and told him he can ask one of the brothers to help him but he needs three million dollar. Wan Sing Hang showed Cheung Fei Fan two who are his enemies, Black Luck Man who went to jail for drug trafficking because of him, and Chopstick Tak a powerful man from Taiwan who the bank demanded repayment. They may work with Chang Man Kei. Brother Chu told Cheung Fei Fan that his father is bringing three million dollars. The brother pulled the bag of three million dollars from Cheung Fei Fan’s father. Ho Tit Nam and Cheung Fei Fan fought with the gang. The brother put a knife toward Cheung Fei Fan’s father. Cheung Fei Fan’s father punched him and put back his money in the bag.

Cheung Fei Fan and his father played at the arcade. Cheung Fei Fan said he told he was the smartest though all his classmates laughed at him. Then he opened a video game center and he learned from him to fix machines and become a web master. No matter how people laugh at him, he is still the coolest dad to him. Cheung Fei Fan told his father the triad were untrustworthy so he left. Don’t engage with them again. He will find a way to rescue his sister.

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