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Dragon Love episode 5 recap

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Yip Chu bought some blushes for Sun Yuet. Sun Yuet told him she put on a blush today and if he likes it. If he likes it, then Yip Hei will like it. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu she likes Yip Hei. She stayed here to help Yip Hei. She thanked Yip Chu for helping her. Yip Hei invited Yip Chu to play ball with him. Yip Chu dropped his blush. Yip Hei picked it up and asked who he bought it for. Yip Hei told Yip Chu to tell Sun Yuet he’s busy and can’t meet with her. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet Yip Hei is busy treating patients so he won’t come.

Siu Yu saw Yip Hei and ran. Yip Hei chases Siu Yu. Siu Yu’s brother uses his power to make the tree branches fall two times. Yip Hei ran then trip then ran. then trip. Siu Yu checked up on Yip Hei. Yip Hei said as long as he meet her, he is willing to fall ten times. He apologizes for missing the meeting at the lantern festival. Siu Yu told Yip Hei that her brother is right that Humans and Dragons live in different world and they shouldn’t see each other again. She told him to not meet he in the woods, she won’t come. Yip Hei told her he waited for her in the woods to have memories of the goddess of flower. Siu Yu asked Yip Hei if he can accept her body. Yip Hei told her he only knows he loves her. Yip Hei swears to god he only love Siu Yu. Siu Yu picked up a leaf and told Yip Hei to whistle on this leaf when he wants to see her.

Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to do her eyelashes for her. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu the first day she met him she fell for him. Yip Chu blushes. Sun Yuet said she wants to tell Yip Hei this. Since Yip Chu blushes, it means she has succeed. Sun Yuet said it’s her first time loving someone. She asked him if he ever felt his heart beeping. Yip Chu told her to let him set her meeting with Yip Hei.

Sun Yuet pretends to drop the handkerchief. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to pick up for her. Sun Yuet drinks with Yip Hei. Sun Yuet wrote a poem but Yip Chu wouldn’t understand. Sun Yuet appreciates Yip Chu of being a good friend. Yip Chu worries Sun Yuet will scare Yip Hei since she is blunt while Yip Hei is shy. Sun Yuet gave Yip Chu her letter to give to Yip Hei. Yip Hei reads the poem and told Yip Chu that Sun Yuet has misunderstood his feelings. Sun Yuet is a good girl but isn’t a good match for him. Yip Chu asked an elder man to write a letter for him. Yip Chu gave Sun Yuet a love poem. Sun Yuet reads it and feel thrilled. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu she knows Yip Hei wants to use love letter to confess his love. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet to write love letters from now on. During dinner, Sun Yuet recites the love letter to Yip Hei and told him to translate it. Yip Chu sneezed.

Yip Chui took Sun Yuet to pray for her love in front of the rock. If she closes her eyes and make a wish and turn around three times then she will see her lover. Yip Chui saw Liu Dai Pang on his way. Dai Pang and Chow Ou Tin came to Yip Chu’s place to tear down the dragon rock. Yip Chu fought with Dai Pang’s men. Chow Ou Tin looked at Yip Chu in the eyes and left. Sun Yuet gave Yip Chu a sword. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to use the sword to fight with Dai Pang. She dropped the jade. Yip Chu looked at the jade and said it isn’t a normal jade and who is she. Sun Yuet said she is the princess’s maid. She left the palace because she is scared of Dai Pang flirting with girls. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu to leave this place. She told him his parents got murdered by the dragon.

Chow Ou Tin told Dai Pang that besides him, Yip chu has the potential to hunt for dragons. Chow Ou Tin came and wanted Yip Chu to help him capture the dragon. Siu Yu’s mother watches the dragon cheer up a kid. The dragon is exited to marry Siu Yu off to Yip Hei. Yip Hei and his family packed their stuff and left. Siu Yu and her brothers reunite with the dragon. Chow Ou Tin fought with Yip Chu and about to kill Yip Hei’s mother. The dragon appears. Chow Ou Tin chased it.

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