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Dragon Love episode 6 recap

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The dragon absorbed the power and left. Chow Ou Tin yelled. Dai Pang called his men useless and asked Chow Ou Tin why did he let the dragon escape. Dai Pang asked Chow Ou Tin how powerful is his sword. Chow Ou Tin suggests Dai Pang to guard Yip Hei’s house then the dragon will appear. Chow Ou Tin made his sword stronger.

Yip Chui took care of Sun Yuet and told Yip Chu that the dragon is their savior. Yip Hei wants to take Sun Yuet’s clothes off to check her pulse. Yip Chu told Yip Hei to leave and let Yip Chui taking care of Sun Yuet. Yip Chui said she can’t since she’s a girl. Yip Chu said it is why he and Yip Hei can’t touch Sun Yuet. Yip Hei’s mother looked at Sun Yuet asked Yip Chu if Sun Yuet is a girl disguised as a male. Yip Chu apologized and said Sun Yuet is a maid who ran away from her house. Sun Yuet wakes up and worries that Yip Hei is mad at her for disguising as a male. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to go away. Yip Chu told Yip Hei that Sun Yuet did many things because she likes him. Yip Hei said love can’t be forced. They have to have fate. Yip Chu brought medicine to Sun Yuet and said Yip Hei made it for her. Sun Yuet reads the poem and said Yip Hei is also romantic.

As Yip Hei’s mother picked up the pears, it flew. The dragon greeted Yip Hei’s mother. Yip Chui looked at Sun Yuet’s pendant and asked her how is the princess. Sun Yuet said most of the officials in the palace are in their seventies and eighties. No one to play with her. She prefer hanging out in the town. Dai Pang sits and wait to kidnap and Yip. Dai Pang and his guards surrounded Sun Yuet and Yip Chui. Yip Chui asked Dai Pang if he knows who he is. She showed him Sun Yuet’s pendant and said she’s the princess. Dai Pang laughed and said if she’s the princess then he is the king. Yip Chui asked him why didn’t he bowed. She told him about the courts. Dai Pang bowed in front of Yip Chui. The dragon sighed about Yip Hei’s father’s dead. Yip Hei’s mother refuses to be in laws with the dragon. The dragon admits his fight with Chow Ou Tin has affected innocent people but he has changed. Someday she will believe he has become for the good. Yip Chui and Sun Yuet came with Dai Pang and his guards. Yip Chui thanked Yip Hei and his family for taking care of her and Dai Pang won’t bother with the capture of the dragon. Yip Chui enjoyed her golds and fabric and sword. Yip Chui wonders if she can be a real princess. Yip Chu asked her if she really wants to marry Dai Pang. She just wants gold.

Yip Chui ordered Dai Pang to catch her a fish. Dai Pang looked at the fist in the river and finds it hard to catch. Yip Chui pushed Dai Pang in the sea. She told Dai Pang to hit the bee hive. The dragon dressed up a as a poor man. The dragon told Yip Hei he is sick. Yip Hei took him to his clinic and treated his feet. Yip Hei massaged his head and back. The dragon said he’s hungry. Yip Hei offer to treat him. Yip Hei said he didn’t have a chance to take care of his father since he died. He now be nice to elders. The dragon saw Yip Hei’s mother and said he was Yip Hei’s father’s best friend. The dragon treated Yip Hei to dinner and talked about chess game. The dragon feels so blessed that Yip Hei served him tea. Yip Hei’s mother told the dragon that Yip Hei has a lover and will get married. The dragon told Yip Hei’s mother that his daughter is pretty and matches with Yip Hei. Siu Yu’s mother worries for the dragon and went to search for him.

Yip Hei’s mother saw Siu Yu on the street and took her to meet Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother told Siu Yu to stay for dinner. She will cook her favorite soup. Sun Yuet showed Yip Chu the two butterflies embroidery she made for Yip Hei. Yip Chu said if she didn’t say there were butterflies, he would have thought they were witches. Sun Yuet hit him multiple times. Yip Chu looked at the her hands being scratched. She said she got cut by needles. It is her first time sewing. Yip Chu asked her why she is so naive. Sun Yuet said as long as Yip Hei likes it, then she is happy. Sun Yuet saw the letter and reads it and found the ink haven’t dried yet. Yip Chu said he told Yip Hei to give him his letter.

Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu that she will tell Yip Hei to apologize to Siu Yu, they love each other. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that Yip Hei doesn’t like her, and those letters were fake. Sun Yuet slapped Yip Chu and called him a jerk. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu he knew that Yip Hei has a lover but he continues to let her fall deep. Sun Yuet whined if Yip Chu had free time, he should go to the woods to catch crickets but why must he try to make her happy. She feels so hurt. Yip Chu told her he also feels hurt. He has lied because he loves her. Sun Yuet said he changed the subject to put her down more. Yip Chu said he always loved her. Sun Yuet said she forbids him telling her he loves her. Yip Chu searches for Sun Yuet. He picked up a shoe and threw it down the hill.

Yip Chu went home and saw Sun Yuet eating dinner with his family. Sun Yuet told him there’s a guest. Yip Hei’s mother said Siu Yiu is almost a family member. She gave her a jade bracelet. Sun Yuet helped Siu Yu in the kitchen. She asked her how long have she known Yip Hei. Siu Yu said six months. Sun Yuet held two pairs of chopsticks and said they are equal. Sun Yuet asked Siu Yu if Yip Hei has healed her and traveled with her. Sun Yuet add more chopsticks. Thee pairs for her and four pairs for Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu that she used to be mad at him but she thought he just wanted to help her. They can be friends again. Yip Chu said there are many pretty girls out there. He worries she will get hurt for Yip Hei. Sun Yuet said she wants to win over Siu Yu. She will win Yip Hei from Siu Yu.

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