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Fist Fight episode 15 recap

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Ha Tin Hang told Lui Wai Bing he finally found his brother after searching for years but he didn’t get used to it so he switched the report. Maybe he wanted to run away from reality. Ho Tit Nam’s world is so different than him, he doesn’t know what he’s been through. His enemies may be looking for him. He doesn’t want him to get hurt. Lui Wai Bing told Ha Tin Hang she knows it is a tough decision and she told him to think carefully.

Ha Tin Hang watches Ho Tit Nam punching his bag in the boxing gym and he asked him to box with him. Ho Tit Nam boxes with Ha Tin Hang. He told him that it looks like he haven’t wasted the power he gave him in twelve years. Ha Tin Hang told him he didn’t only give him power but his life. Ha Tin Hang helped him up and said if he wants to fight then he will be his best adversary. He should fight the good fight in the ring. He wants to watch him fight not through telepathy.

Stephen Huynh told Ha Tin Hang that Ho Yin Kiu did go to Brunei in 1993 but she died in a car crash by three vehicles. Brother Loi told Chan Ling not to see Ha Tin Hang in the boxing gym anymore. Chan Ling left.

Ma Si Ting gave a guy his bag of phone while he told her he transferred 48,000 dollars. She read the receipt that it is 1,800 dollars. She chases him. Ma Si Ting caught him and he got injured. Cheung Fei Fan held the bag and smiled. He told her she checked her online account and the guy responded to him so he checked his background. He didn’t expected she was so dumb and getting cheated. He told her she can go to work immediately. She told him she won’t go to work until she sells the cell phone or he can buy it for fifty thousand dollars. He made the deal. Cheung Fei Fan gave her a tissue and told her to clean. Cheung Fei Fan told her he wants her to do something important for him. Ma Si Ting visited Chan Ling and asked Ho Tit Nam who will Sifu sent in the boxing gym. Ho Tit Nam drank with Sifu and Senior Brother. Sifu wants Ho Tit Nam to win the fight for him. Ho Tit Nam told Cheung Fei Fan he will participate in Fist Fight.

Ho Tit Nam wakes up and grabbed a drink of water and jogged. Chan Ling jogged with him. Chan Ling told him that she admired a boxer. Her dad used to take her to watched a boxing match, she likes him working hard. But one day he got defeated and stopped doing boxing. But she hoped he wouldn’t give up easily. She hopes to see him boxing again. Chan Ling tapped on his shoulder and said the boxer she is talking about is him.

Cheung Fei Fan gave the sifu his package of money. The sifu made fun of Ho Tit Nam as gullible believing he wanted to reunite with him.

Ho Tit Nam punched the bag and got three hundred fifty pounds which broke the record. Cheung Fei Fan went in his car and saw Ha Tin Hang behind him. Ha Tin Hang asked him if it was his idea for Ho Tit Nam to be in the boxing game. Ha Tin Hang worries someone will play him. Ha Tin Hang told him if he gets hurt in this match, he will get to him.

Ha Tin Hang fixed the glove for Chan Ling. Chan Ling asked Ha Tin Hang a few questions and massaged him. Chan Ling took pictures with Ha Tin Hang while he’s taking a nap.

Chan Ling ordered black coffee for her and tea for him. She showed him a photo of him falling asleep and she’s been working all night so she needs coffee. Chan Ling’s father told Chan Ling to go home and sleep. Ha Tin Hang showed Brother Loi a picture of the cops and asked him if he knows them for interrogating his wife for making a fake passport. Brother Loi told Ha Tin Hang to forget his past and shouldn’t look for his father.

Cheung Fei Fan thinks of ideas of how to get more viewers for his online boxing game. Si Ting go the idea of guessing who will win the match and the person who guesses correctly will have double rewards. Yeung Ching Ching encouraged Ho Tit Nam during the boxing game. Cheung Fei Fan told Ma Si Ting to film Ho Tit Nam at his eyes. Ho Tit Nam fought hard and won the match. Yeung Ching Ching sadly watches Chan Ling hugging Ho Tit Nam. Sifu picked up food for Chan Ling and thanked her for training Ho Tit Nam.

Chan Ling wrapped Ha Tin Hang’s wrist and asked him how does it feels. She picked a wrap for Ho Tit Nam. She told him she will ask him to help him pick something for Ho Tit Nam.

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