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Dragon Love episode 7 recap

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Yip Chu and Sun Yuet watches Yip Hei and Siu Yu buying a hairpin. Yip Chu said they are already a match, why does she have to be in the middle. Sun Yuet went to the store and bought the same hairpin and earrings which Siu Yu bought. Yip Chu told her even if she tries to be like Siu Yu, she can’t cause Siu Yu is so kind. Yip Chu asked her why doesn’t she spend her time learning the palace rules instead. Sun Yuet told him to tie her feet. Sun Yuet practices palace maid manners. Yip Chu complimented her. Yip Hei plays the harp and recite a poem. Siu Yu and Sun Yuet then continues the poem. Yip Chu performs martial arts when it is his turn. Sun Yuet got mad.

Yip Chu recited a poem alone in his room and fell asleep. Yip Chu reads the poem and hangs himself. Yip Chui went in his room and asked him if he has changed. He must have recited a poem for a girl. Yip Chui watches the dance performance and got bored. She yelled at a maid for giving her fruits with seeds. Dai Pang flirted with two ladies. Dai Pang pretended to be sick when Yip Chui went in his room. She put some patches and inserted a needle on him. Yip Chui warned Chow Ou Tin to not bother Yip Family and don’t attack the dragon. Chow Ou Tin bids farewell to Dai Pang but persists to catch the dragon.

The dragon and Siu Yu’s mother watches the people pray for him. Chow Ou Tin punched the dragon. Yip Hei’s mother helped the dragon leaving the restaurant. Yip Hei’s mother wants to annul the marriage with the dragon. The dragon got angry and scared Yip Hei’s mother. Yip Hei’s mother fainted. The dragon brought Yip Hei’s mother home and told Yip Hei he talked to his mother and she suddenly fainted. Maybe she has a fever. Yip Hei checked her pulse and said she was being shocked. The dragon encouraged Yip Hei to cancel the marriage with his lover because he and his mother already had a birth engagement of his daughter to him. The dragon took Yip Hei to see his daughter. Yip Hei said he can’t see another woman. Siu Yu brought a box of herbs for Yip Hei. She saw the dragon and ran. The dragon chases her. The dragon asked Siu Yu why is she in Yip Hei’s place. Siu Yu told the dragon not to be mad at Yip Hei because she fell for him.

Yip Hei went searching for Siu Yu. The dragon told him he dares to fall for a dragon. He said he has already killed her. The dragon told Yip Hei he doesn’t want his daughter but fell for a dragon. Yip Hei told the dragon to release her, he is willing to do anything for her. Yip Hei is willing do die for Siu Yu. The dragon is about to chop him and then laughed. The dragon told his wife and Siu Yu to come out. Siu Yu reunites with Yip Hei. The dragon told him to call him father in law. Yip Hei’s mother wake up and got scared. The dragon told Yip Hei’s mother he will follow her. Yip Hei told his mother that the dragon won’t forbid he and Siu Yu be together. Yip Hei’s mother thanked the dragon. Chow Ou Tin came and fought with the dragon. Yip Chui came and told Chow Ou Tin he dares to come here to create a mess. Chow Ou Tin said he is the dragon. Yip Chui told Dai Pang to arrest Chow Ou Tin. Siu Yiu picked up the ball and asked Yip Hei how to play. Yip Hei kicked the ball back and forth.

Yip Chu played the harp and hurt his finger. Yip Chui persists to continue for Sun Yuet. Yip Chu told Sun Yuet to play the harp and recite poems with him. Yip Chu helped untie the feet for Sun Yuet and said she doesn’t need to do that. Sun Yuet feels it is worth it for Yip Hei. Sun Yuet told Yip Chu to clean up the manuels and harp. Sun Yuet sighed she’s bored. She played soccer with Yip Chu. Chow Ou Tin came and told Yip Chu and Sun Yuet it will be his last day here. He took out his sword and told Yip Chu it can help him. Sun Yuet tries to touch the sword and she got pushed back. Yip Chu pulled the sword out and injured his arm.

Sun Yuet wrapped the arm for Yip Chu. Sun Yuet held the sword and told Yip Chu that she has seen many swords in the palace. This sword belongs to him. Yip Chu practices using the sword. Chow Ou Tin said he can train him to defeat the dragon. Chow Ou Tin told Yip Chu his wife and two babies got harmed by the dragon. Yip Chu went home and told the dragon he won’t let any demon harming his family. Yip Chu drinks with the dragon. Yip Chu followed the dragon and asked him about his motive. Yip Chu took out his sword and said he refuses to let any demon harm his family.

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