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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 1 recap

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Judy said Jack the ripper killed five prostitutes and his cut were so clean, but the police couldn’t find out why the cut of the first victim is so uneven. They missed an important clue which is the broken glass besides her body. Ripper is very short sighted; he couldn’t see where he slashed. Ripper is interested in women with bare feet and long legs.

Judy dresses up in her red gown in the banquet. Nancy came and also dressed up in the red gown as her. During the party, the lights turned off. Judy noticed Sir Philip’s medial is missing. Judy said the thief wouldn’t steal the medal for money. Master Kiu said it is for Sir Philip to lose fame. Judy said the servant washed dishes and had a tray on his right hand. If he was the thief, Sir Philip’s jacket would have been stained. The possibility is the thief has a glass of champagne. Judy poured wines on Nancy’s gloves and said she should have gotten water proof gloves. Judy said the thief is Sir Philip himself, he stole the medal while the lights were out. His left hand is still wet. Sir Philip put the hat with a medal on Judy and gave her flowers and kissed her. Master Kiu praised Judy of solving cases. During dinner, Master Kiu said Yau Ma Tei school will open school and he would like to invite Judy.

The store owner gave Hiu Yiu a new pair of shoes. Hiu Yiu watches the dragon dance. A boy ran and bumped into the girl who did the lion dance and she bumped into Judy. Jau Ci sold dried fruits to the people. A man gave Judy a large fish. Jau Ci charges Hiu Yiu six cents to carry her in his rickshaw. She found it too expensive. She noticed a hole in his pants and offered to sew it for him. Hiu Yiu listened to Judy’s speech of live to learn. Mui Dai threw flour at the officer and a boy and took a boy and ran in front of the line. Judy criticized her of cutting the line and being a bad example, she gave the boy a manuel and a sac of rice. Mui Dai gave the boy a biscuit. Judy found her paper being thrown away by food stall owners. Kwan Jat Fu sat on the top by the window and looked at Judy.

Hiu Yiu gave Judy a letter and claimed she received her letter was sent to the wrong address. Judy told Hiu Yiu to not send her fake letter for money. The lady criticized Hiu Yiu of not having education and telling lies. A foreign man and a Chinese man criticized Philip of being a liar. Hiu Yiu’s sac got loose and she didn’t have any money for the ferry. Jau Ci offered her a ride on the canoe. Hiu Yiu sighed to Jau Ci she was trying to recall what happened during her childhood. She heard Judy speaks and thought she was educated but wasn’t expected her to be like that. There’s a hole in the canoe. Jau Ci told Hiu Yiu to take off her socks to cover the hole.

Judy received a call from Tai. Philip told Judy they will leave for a few days. Philip told Judy they will stay at the guest house for the night and leave by the ship tomorrow. Judy’s high heel got stuck. Philip walked. A lady gave Judy her shoes. The lady bumped into Philip with her bare feet. Hiu Yiu tripped and her hands filled with blood in the rain water. Hiu Yiu mourned about her mother’s death. She saw Judy and asked her why she is wearing her mother’s shoes. Judy ran in the rick shaw. Kwan Jat Fu turned around and told her she can’t escape. Judy looked at him and recognized him as Ralph Kwan.

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