HK-Korean Drama Expression

Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 8 recap

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Hiu Yiu wakes up and told Judy she saw the back of her mother’s murderer. He has a black coat and a hat. Hiu Yiu wakes up and asked Miss Ngai who she is. Judy said Hiu Yiu may have lost her memory due to seeing the blood. Maybe she doesn’t want to forget seeing the ripper. Judy looked at her coffee and said we are all like that, we don’t want to remember sad things but we don’t want to forget happy things. Hiu Yiu ate congee and told Judy she must not be cold hearted since she made congee for her. Hiu Yiu looked at the tenants and tried to remember their names. Jau Ci’s mother said Jau Ci haven’t come home. Yat Fu showed the string to Mui Dai and said his workers found it at the factory. Jau Ci may have been caught by Master Lit. Flashbacks of Yat Fu playing the harmonica while Mui Dai is locked during the plague.

Dak Jing looked for Yat Fu to help convince Judy to take him as his student. Mui Dai told him that Judy won’t believe others easily unless that person is close to her. Mui Dai told Dak Jing to do him a favor. She has put powder in the wine and he can steal the keys. Mui Dai got the keys. Master Lit looked at Mui Dai. Mui Dai hugged Master Lit and said she was his worker’s woman. She threw the keys toward the window and made a sign for Dak Jing to pick it up. Dak Jing tried to pick up the keys with the cane and dropped it. Mui Dai seduced him. He was about to rape her. Dak Jing hit him.

Jau Ci and the two workers climbed out from the window. Master Lit whistled. Jau Ci and the workers came back in the warehouse. Dak Jing fought with Master Lit’s men. He got thrown in a barrel of water. Dak Jing kicked him and ran with the workers. Mui Dai hid behind the bag of rice. Mui Dai got caught. Yat Fu fought with the men. Yat Fu pushed the sticks at Master Lit’s men. He and Mui Dai got caught in the net. He held her. Mui Dai dreamed of them running together in the wedding. Mui Dai asked Yat Fu he promised he will return to his hometown to see her. Judy asked Yat Fu if he still has feelings for Mui Dai. She thinks he can be there for her.

Jau Ci showed his shark tooth to Hiu Yiu and said he used it to untie the rope. Jau Ci’s mother yelled at Jau Ci and asked him to show him his tooth. He showed his bare hands. Hiu Yiu tucked the tooth behind Miss Ngai She and Miss Ngai showed their bare hands. Hiu Yiu and Jau Ci looked for the tooth behind Miss Ngai. Miss Ngai showed the tooth on her hand. Hiu Yiu had a dream of the ripper. Judy tapped the spoon to the bowl and Hiu Yiu recognized that sound near the ripper. Yat Fu teaches Hiu Yiu to pour the glass of wine. Miss Ngai dresses up for Hiu Yiu.

At the banquet, Hiu Yiu offends Mr.Johnson picking up his glass of wine. Mr.Potter stood up for her and told him that there’s cigar in the wine. The ladies said Mr.Potter is known for appreciating chinese culture and opera. Judy dressing up as a frenchman and dances with Nancy. While dancing, Nancy told Judy she looked familiar. Judy said they met in Kennedy Rd. Nancy recognized her as Judy. Judy swinged her arm and dances around. Nancy told the guests that Judy is a guy she met in French and is known as Mr.Holmes. Judy commented on Nancy’s watches. The frenchmen took out their watches and told Judy to check them out. Judy hear the ringing sounds of the watches but Hiu Yiu didn’t recognize them. William walked and Hiu Yiu recognized the sound of his watch.

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