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Dragon Love episode 9 recap

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Yip Hei told Sun Yuet he doesn’t have the deed to be a prince. If he wanted wealth, he would have study for his licensce to be a palace docotr. Sun Yuet told him if he doesn’t care about wealthy, she will not be a princess and will follow him. Yip Hei said he only likes Siu Yu. Sun Yuet told him she can make medicine and make dumplings and why she isn’t as good as Siu Yu. Yip Hei said they can’t be a couple. Yip Hei asked Sun Yuet there are many princes in the palace but why she doesn’t choose them. Sun Yuet whined that no one in the palace has ever go against her but now he dares reject her. Sun Yuet asked him if he is afraid she will punish him death. Yip Hei apologized. Sun Yuet told him she hates him and she left. The majesty’s guards lead Siu Yu to the majesty. The majesty ordered Siu Yu to leave. He gave her one hundred thousand golds. Siu Yu refuses to take the gold and leave Yip Hei. Siu Yu refuses to believe that Yip Hei loves another woman. She told the majesty thty that they love each other like this butterfly i n this cage. The majesty pushed the cage and the butterfly left. The majesty bid with her if she can find the butterfly in three days, he will retreat the order.

Siu Yu searches for the butterfly. She fainted. Sun Yuet brought her home. Sun Yuet told the majesty that since Yip Hei and Siu Yu love each other why should she interfere. She begs the majesty to release Yip Hei. Sun Yuet said Siu Yu is ill but passed through the sea to find the butterfly and she couldn’t do it. The majesty said he already made a deal. Siu Yu told Sun Yuet she only wants to see Yip Hei. Sun Yuet bowed in front of the majesty. Yip Hei asked Siu Yu why is she so naive. Siu Yu said she must be his wife. The majesty ordered the guards to take them out. Yip Hei said they will be together even if they live or die. Yip Hei kicked the cage. The other butterfly flew it with the butterfly. Sun Yuet told Siu Yu she won. The majesty said perhaps this is god’s will.

Yip Hei gave Siu Yu a bowl of soup. Sun Yuet stands outside and cries. Yip Hei told Siu Yu she wants to visit the dragon in laws. Siu Yu said she heard from her mother that every year after death, they can build a boat to visit the dragon kingdom but she thinks it’s only a myth.

Dai Pang’ servant told Dai Pang that the princess has returned and Yip Chui is a fake princess. Yip Chui held an arrow and told Dai Pang to eat the pear. Dai Pang told his guards to catch Yip Chui. He told her that the majesty has found the princess. Dai Pang pushed a pear in Yip Chui’s moth and held a knife to cut it. Dai Pang received an edict to meet with the majesty. Yip Chui showed the document that he promised to be with her. The majesty grant their marriage. Dai Pang tripped and bumped his head down the table. Dai Pang received a letter that her grandma has passed away. Dai Pang thought of a way of since his grandma has passed away, he can spend three years on the funeral and delay his marriage with Yip Chui.

The majesty pray in front of Yip Hei’s father. Yip Hei’s mother told the majesty that Chow Ou Tin wanted to convince her son Yip Chu to catch the dragon. Sun Yuet kicked a ball at Yip Chu. Sun Yuet dresses up as a male and played ball with Yip Chu. She told him she wanted to keep some memories so she dressed up like a male. These time are hte happiest moment. She is satisfied of losing Yip Hei since Yip Hei makes a good couple with Siu Yu. Yip Chu played the harp and got mad that the string is broken. He carried the harp and searched for Sun Yuet. Yip Chu bought a bag of meat and asked Chow Ou Tin why doesn’t he worry. Yip Chu asked Chow Ou Tin if he found his son, would he stop chasing the dragon. Yip Chu’s mother came and slapped Yip Chu that he is stubborn and should follow Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu followed his mom and dropped his sword jade necklace. Chow Ou Tin picked up his necklace. Yip Chu asked his mother why doesn’t he spare Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu’s mother said she already begged the majesty to forgive Chow Ou Tin but he is stubborn. Yip Chu’s mother asked him why he is so good to him. Yip CHu said Chow Ou Tin is his father. Chow Ou Tin looked at the pair of sword jade.

Yip Hei’s mother accidentally dropped the bowl of water on Siu Yu. She felt nervous and relieved that her feet isn’t wet. Chow Ou Tin visited Yip Chu and showed his jade and told him he can sacrifice for him but he can’t reunite with him. Yip Chu told him if he didn’t persist chasing the dragon, his mother wouldn’t have been dead. Yip Chu told him he should leave.

Chow Ou Tin accused Yip Chu’s mother of getting in his way reuniting with his son. His dagger trembled and he sensed a dragon. Yip Chu’s mother looked at the boiling pot and wondered where’s Siu Yu. Siu Yu hid behind the wall. Yip Chu told Chow Ou Tin to not go since there are guards. Chow Ou Tin smiled that he cares for him. Yip Chu begs Chow Ou Tin to not harm his mother. Chow Ou Tin promises him. Chow Ou Tin wants to see Yip Chui. Yip Chu told him to leave then he will tell Yip Chui to see him.

Yip Hei’s mother put on the tassels on Siu Yu’s head and the pearls fell down. Candle Lights turned off and clouds turn dark when Yip Hei is on his way to Siu Yu. The rice cake got torn. Siu Yu worries she and Yip Hei can’t go against god. Yip Hei told her no matter what, he will be with her. Yip Hei’s mother wakes up during the night thinking that Siu Yu is a dragon. The next morning, Siu Yu’s mother dropped a bucket of water on Siu Yu’s feet. She freaked out and went in to dry it. Yip Hei’s mother eavesdrop on Siu Yu and saw her dragon tail.

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