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Fist Fight episode 21 recap

Cheung Fei Fan noticed the doment size doesn’t fit the box. Ha Tin Hang asked Stephen if he can find the document for him. Ha Tin Hang suspect someeone from Special Branch did it.

Ma Si Ting told Ching Ching to recall what she liked with her father. Si Ting said she sued to want to live in a castle because her father called her a princess. Ching Ching remembered her father told her he will buy her a houseboat. Ching Ching looked for the boat Princess Mary. A guy said an uncle bought a boat his father’s boat for his daugher for a gift. His father died so he didn’t want to waste money so he moved the boat. THe uncle went to Hongkong for something urgent so the boat was never assigned to him. He never returned so he refurbished the boat and took the name. Ching Ching told him she will repay for the boat and for maintaining the boat. Ching Ching came and asked Ha Tin Hang back then her father bought her a houseboat and how could he kidnap him. Ha Tin Hang said her father is involved in everything.

Cheung Fei Fan and his crew looked for Si Ting. Cheung Fei Fan met Si Ting on the hill. Si Ting said she is looking for the ring her dad gave her mom. Cheung Fei Fan told Si Ting she was looking for Ching Ching Ching’s houseboat. Si Ting said she she couldn’t find the houseboat so she came to search for the ring. Cheung Fei Fan asked her what’s going on. Si Ting said she sometimes don’t know what’s she’s doing. Cheung Fei Fan told her he cares for her and he asked her if she has her grandmother’s dementia. She nodded. Cheung Fei Fan said it’s okay it’s not a big deal. Si Ting said she doesn’t want to be like her grandma and forget everything. Cheung Fei Fan said he will be there for her. She doesn’t need to worry. Cheung Fei Fan gave her the coin of god of search. Si Ting prays. Cheung Fei Fan told her to remember she must trade the most valuable thing. Si Ting said she doesn’t know what to trade yet.

Stephen gave Ha Tin Hang the document. Some men chased Ha Tin Hang. Ha Tin Hang threw the document to Cheung Fei Fan. Some men beat up Cheung Fei Fan and stole the document. Cheung Fei Fan thinks there’s a mole and wants to find out where’s the matchbox came from. Cheung Fei Fan took the match box for a test and found info that the person made three phone calls to a person in Hongkong. He called him and Chang Man Kei picked up the call.

Ching Ching and Ho Tit Nam read the note from her father and listened to the cassette and it stops and her father told him if he doesn’t know if he can make it alive.Ching Ching showed Cheung Fei Fan and his crew the cassette of her father said Ko Chin Cheong told him he is in danger. Chang Man Kei stole the money. Then Chin Cheong and his wife died. Ching Ching said Chang Man Kei hired three killers to kill the three bothers parents. Cheung Fei Fan went back to train station and grabbed his document and met Ha Tin Hang. Cheung Fei Fan asked Ha Tin Hang about exchanging info with M9. Cheung Fei Fan read the document and saw a photo of Wan Sing Hang with the the special branch and he recognized the wine manager.

The wine manager pointed a gun on Ching Ching’s head. M9 shot the wine manager Stephen told Ho Tit Nam M9 will take over. Wan Sing Hang’s butler knocked down Ching Ching. Cheung Fei Fan asked Stephen if he used Ha Tin Hang to find info for him. M9 came. Ching Ching woke up and told Cheung Fei Fan Ha Tin Hang’s boss and the wine manager didn’t want to get arrested so they killed themselves. Flashbacks of The wine Manager and Wan Sing Hang’s butler conversation about Chang Man Kei sent them to kill Ko Ching Cheong for one million dollars and then Ching Ching’s father Kar Hon Sang. Ha Tin Hang apologized to Ching Ching for mistaken his father as the killer.

Cheung Fei Fan sighed and asked Si Ting if he should trust Ha Tin Hang. Si TIng thinks he should trust him. She has dementia and she started to doubt everyone but now she realizes she doesn’t trust herself. Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan as long as she sees him and and her grandma everyday, she doesn’t mind what she will lose. Cheung Fei Fan hugged Si Ting and closed his hands. Ha Tin Hang released his father. Ching Ching hugged Ho Tit Nam on the boat and don’t mind where he goes as long as she goes with him. Ching Ching wished her mom was here so she will know her dad didn’t desert her.

Wan Sing Hang visited his butler and the winery manager’s grave. Flashbacks of Wan Sing Hang’s butler messed with the tape to put blame on Chang Man Kei. Cheung Fei Fan told Wan Sing Hang that there are decent gentlemen like him but there could be demons inside. Wan Sin Hang said knowing the result is not important, what is important is if the result will be beneficial. Cheung Fei Fan asked him if he should let someone else take the fall for him. Wan Sin Hang told him he should look up to god since he has more justice than a man.

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Ghetto Fabulous Lady episode 10 recap

Nan Qian told Judy that Superintendent White didn’t know his way so she served him. Judy told Nan Qian she suspects that the person who killed Ding Yuet and Little Mulan is William. Superintendent White and his officers came and found the body of Miss Ying Nam. Jau Ci promises Miss Ngai he will do his best to protect her. Jau Ci gave her flowers and asked her to accept him. Miss Ngai held the flowers and said flowers are perfect but men can never be perfect. Flowers have passed it’s day and he better not think too much. Judy told Yat Fu that William has enough time to cut Miss Ying Nam’s throat and get back to the pier.

Dak Jing and his officers distract the cops and let Yat Fu and the reporters in William’s mansion. Judy came and confronted William of being the ripper and killing Miss Ying Nam. Yat Fu told William to take out his watch. Hiu Yiu confirmed that was the sound she heard. Superintendent White took out his watch and said his watch is not as expensive as William but does make similar sound. Superintendent White showed the glasses of Philip he found. Hiu Yiu said Philip is dead. William and Master Kiu reopened the tomb to check Philip’s body. William told Judy that when they were in university in England, Philip’s right arm got injured by playing basketball. The body examination didn’t show injured arm. Master Kiu told William that the body was burnt and he also thought it was Philip so it is normal for Judy to mistaken. William told the reporters that the body isn’t Philip and he believes Philip is the ripper. Judy thinks the cops searched her house and William found the glasses and left there after killing the victim.

Judy asked Mui Dai how did she got the money to pawn her jewelries. Judy told Mui Dai she sold info to Superintendent White. Mui Dai said she did it for her family. Yat Fu told Mui Dai that Judy sent her mother six thousand dollars with chinese cakes. Mui Dai asked Judy why she never showed up or asked how she is. Yat Fu said Judy’s mother thinks westerners are bad guys. Mui Dai said her mother also thinks Judy didn’t marry a human or a a ghost and it is a shame for her family. Judy thought of Philip. Judy asked Yat Fu for his opinion of Philip as the ripper. Yat Fu said his opinions doesn’t matter. In every case, their mindset and judgement changes. No one will know the truth until the end. He just wants to stay by her side to find the truth. Judy cried and said she is a failure as a sister. The tenants eat dogmeat together.

Hiu Yiu takes care of Miss Ngai. She told her since she drew a painting of her mother, she should take care of her. Miss Ngai told Hiu Yiu she heard that when they suffer, they remember it. It is a bless to be like her and forget it. Jau Ci brought food for Momo the dog. Hiu Yiu took a walk with Jau Ci and sighed sometimes it’s better to be a dog since they don’t have to be calculating. Humans are calculating, you don’t know whether they are real or fake. Hiu Yiu is not sure if it is Philip who killed her mother and if Judy is hiding something. Mui Dai has a dream of Yat Fu saved her from a ghost.

Judy found paper posts arresting Philip. She saw Nan Qian walked by with bruises on her face. The people at the stalls threw food at Judy for allying with westerners. Master Kiu came and said they are laborers for westerners. Judy is a victim and they shouldn’t fight other chinese. Dak Jing told Judy that Master Kiu has been invited to supervise the execution. Yat Fu worries about Chan’s execution.

Yat Fu saw Chan Fuk’s mother bringing food for Chan. Yat Fu and the stall owners brought Chan Fuk’s mother and his son to the execution scene. Superintendent White’s cops beat them up. Judy came and said everyone’s life is valuable and all men are created equal. The stalls owner said Superintendent White didn’t have a choice being born mixed western but Judy married a foreigner and she’s a traitor. Judy told William, he’s a British and she thought he would help the Hongkong but why does he take their land. William told her that her husband Philip is a ripper. Judy told William in his eyes Chan Fuk is trash but in the eyes of Chan Fuk’s mother and son he is a son brought to life and a father. Judy asked William to let their family see each other. William delay the execution for fifteen minutes. Chan Fuk apologized to his mother that he should have never touched opiums. Superintendent White bumped into Judy. Yat Fu said he thinks that the person who they bumped in the Mongkok Village isn’t William.

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Pros and Cons of Asian Drama Blogging!

Pros of Drama Blogging:

1. Networking with other likedminded fans and bloggers.

2. Autonomy: Running your own blog and having your own space.

3. Sharing your knowledge.

4. Surrounded by other asians.

Cons of Drama Blogging:

1. Hard work sometimes doesn’t pay off. Blogging takes a long time and sometime it’s not enough.

2. Annoying Trolls.

3. It’s easy to give up when there are many blogs out there.

Those are my opinions. What do you think would be the pros and cons of drama blogging?

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Fist Fight episode 20 recap

Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Ma Si Ting searched in the room for the newspaper of boxer Ko Tsau. Yeung Ching Ching found out Ko Tsau has three sons that have the same birth as Cheung Fei Fan, Ha Tin Hang, and Double. Ha Tin Hang and Ho Tit Nam burnt papers for their father.

Sifu got beaten by two former prisoners. Sifu asked Ho Tit Nam to lend him eighty thousand dollars. Ho Tit Nam watched the news of Sifu killed two people. Sifu doesn’t want to turn himself in and wants to leave Hongkong. Ho Tit Nam told Sifu he will go and withdraw hundred thousand dollars. Ching Ching called Ho Tit Nam asking if he saw the news of Sifu and he should turn himself in. Ho Tit Nam said he is still looking for Sifu. Ching Ching came. Ho Tit Nam and Ching Ching came home and saw Chan Ling being tied up. Chan Ling told them that Master Shun found a speedboat for Sifu to escape. A man stabbed Sifu by the harbor. Sifu told Ho Tit Nam to keep doing boxing. He died.

Ho Tit Nam thought about if Sifu didn’t have fights in prison, he would have been released earlier. Cheung Fei Fan investigated that Wan Sing Hang was the lead of Finance team and there was a fire in Ha Tin Hang’s parents place. They sent Ha Tin Hang and Double to England and Ho Tit Nam to Temple Street. Wan Sing Hang came and explained the members were transferred in different teams and Ko Tsau got charged for auditing. Wan sing Hang wondered who wants to go against the Knight Club. The Knight Club said back then Pong Si Kai in the finance tried to attack them and they weren’t scared.

Cheung Fei Fan and Ma Si Ting sneaked in Kin Lok’s home using the virtual world. A fire occurred and there was a dead body. Cheung Fei Fan said the person set the alarm and staged the scene like a suicide.

Ho Tit Nam’s mom saw Ho Tit Nam researched Chan Po. She told him that Brother Loi used to be called Chan Po. Ho Tit Nam’s mother asked Brother Loi to remember if he was at Kin Lok’s scene.Ho Tit Nam’s mother watches Brother Loi rubs his head and said he’s Chan Po. Brother Loi said he saw the killer. He came to give the passport to the person. A fire occurs. There was a fire alarm. He saw the killer walking out. The cops interrogated him but he couldn’t say he saw the killer because he was carrying a fake passport. The cop took Ha Tin Hang and his brother.

Yeung Ching Ching came and asked Cheung Fei Fan why does has the photo of her father. Ha Tin Hang told Ching Ching to help him find evidence to prove her father's innocence. Ching Ching said she doesn't need to investigate and her father isn't he killer. Cheung Fei Fan looked at the document and wondered why the Special Branch is involved in a small case of a couple died.

Ching Ching told Ho Tit Nam she believes her dad not because he is her dad but because he is a good cop. He told her there’s no Superman but there are police who upholds justice. She's proud of him. Ho Tit Nam asked her if her dad said anything before he left. Ching Ching said before her mom passed away, she thought her father had another woman so she told her to use her last name instead. Ching Ching thinks perhaps her dad was in danger and didn’t want her mom to get hurt or perhaps he died long ago. Ching Ching wants to find her dad to prove his innocence. Ho Tit Nam told Ha Tin Hang not to put pressure on Ching Ching anymore. Cheung Fei Fan told them they can find evidence through Special Branch. Ho Tit Nam asked Ching Ching if she will join him going to England to find the special branch. Sitting leaned on her grandma and said Cheung Fei Fan may look mean on the outside but he acts mature on important situation. She asked her if she thinks he is really nice. Cheung Fei Fan reads Si Ting’s notebook.

Ching Ching visited Ha Tin Hang's foster father and showed him a photo of her with her dad and said when he was in hongkong, he always visit her home. Ha Tin Hang's foster father told Ching Ching to help him. Double looked at the chain on the foster father's leg. Ha Tin Hang told him he pretended to be dumb all along. Ching Ching asked Ha Tin Hang if he knows this is imprisonment and he could get him arrested. Ha Tin Hang yelled at him and asked where did he go. Ha Tin Hang's foster father told Ching Ching that that her father left related to stock and finance. He said he bought her a gift. Ha Tin Hang’s foster father said that’s s all he knows and please let him go. Ching Ching told Ha Tin Hang that is all he knows and don’t put pressure on him.