HK-Korean Drama Expression

My Commissioned Lover episode 1 recap

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Matt showed the watches and told his employees whoever close two deals will get these two watches. Some of the employees hesitate to wear those watches. Matt said it means they are useless and can’t complain. The employees then wear the watches. Matt said those watches means he has faith in them being the fastest selling agents. Flashbacks of Matt being chased by her mother for doing bad in school. Samantha showed a client around the house. The client molest her. The client told her he knows she is using the excuse so he can buy the flat. Samantha opened the closet and told Matt he saw the client molest her and he will fight for her right. Samantha kisses Matt. Matt told Samantha he will massage her. Samantha pinched Matt’s arm. Matt said he will call the police. The client asked Samantha what does she wants. The client left. Samantha got happy. Samantha told Matt that the client was good at running away and she knows what he is trying to do. She’s not telling anyone about it. Matt thought his mother tried to teach him but now Samantha enlighten him. Matt has a goal of buying houses for girls.

Matt dresses up and greet Samantha in his van. Samantha asked Matt to beat up a contractor Mr.Hate for doing a bad job. Matt asked Samantha for a kiss. Samantha did it. Brother Hate argued with Matt about stealing his job. Matt greet Ben Sir who moved on his new flat. Brother Hate greets him and leave. Matt’s mom told Matt that she asked her to help her get the flat back but he helps Samantha. Samantha told Matt if he is her partner, they can make profit faster. Matt daydream of Samantha dip soup for him. Samantha gave flat a sleeping bag. She rent a flat and told him to renovate it. Matt opened his shirt while renovating. Samantha saw the tattoo kimchi from his back. She called him apologizing she can’t make it. Matt shakes his hands while eating. Samantha dip soup for him. Samantha’s boyfriend Jee came and asked her what she’s doing. He gave Matt his finance ID card. Jee told her he doesn’t believe her. Matt thinks is so dramatic so he must be acting. He thinks Samantha saw his tattoo.

In the present, Kirby told Samantha she must thank Matt for helping them closing so many deals. Samantha said she got so much to settle with him.

Flashbacks of Samantha yelled at Matt for using cement to paint. Matt told Samantha they will only talk about money so her boyfriend won’t misunderstand. Kirby and Samantha talked with each other how she used Matt. They saw Matt beat up his twin brother Six Wing. Six Wing said his girlfriend Betty wants to dump her due to him failing his accounting test. Matt held him in front of his van and told him to look in the mirror, if he were a girl he would have dumped him. Six Wing told Matt he is dumb too for falling for a girl who loves to feel pretty. Matt said if a girl don’t crave for beauty then she is ugly. Matt told Six Wing when he becomes an accountant, Betty will crave for him.

Samantha dressed in a costume and distribute flyers for her company. Matt laughed and took pictures. Samanthat dropped her flyers. Her bossed yelled at her. Samantha said she is an agent, not a mascot. She took her costumes and said she quits. Matt took Samantha to his mother’s office and would like her to be his shareholder. Samantha asked Matt to delete those photos he took. Matt refuses.

In the present, Samantha got mad at Matt for giving out those watches. Samantha said when they stop giving them stuff, then they will say they are cutting the costs. Samantha told Matt to control his team nad they shouldn’t fight when they get criticized.

The next morning, Matt went to the office and his subordinates pretends to work. Matt told them he is wearing high heels to make it loose for Samantha. Samantha hit Matt and told him to give back her shoes. Matt bumped into his mother.

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