My Commissioned Lover episode 2 recap

Samantha dropped her ring. Matt picked it up in the groundwater. Samantha closed her nose and don’t’ want to touch it. Matt’s mother criticized her of playing Matt. Samantha denied of going to bed nor kissed him. Matt’s mother criticized Samantha for using Matt to open her company. She pushed Samantha in the sea. Matt’s mother jumped in the sea and told him to see who he will save first. Six wing dried his hair and it go stuck in the hair dryer. Matt’s mother made breakfast and sneezed. Six Wing asked her why did she jumped in the sea, she and Samantha can swim but Matt can’t.

An elder woman called Six Wing handsome and that he forgot to zip his pants. Matt helped him in the bathroom. Six Wing feels bad he isn’t as good as Matt. Matt told Six Wing he is a senior accountant and don’t live in the shadow of his girlfriend. Flashbacks of Six Wing held a bouquet of flowers and followed a woman and took out a tissue from her back. She told him when she met him she was a receptionist and now she is a manager. He took three years to retake his exam. Six Wing kneeled in front of Betty to come back to him. A lady complained to Six Wing he got the wrong reimbursement. Matt told Samantha Six Wing is confused because she set her up, he saw her putting the claim form in his file while he was in the bathroom. At the restaurant, Matt told Samantha she must back his brother up. Matt asked Samantha if it’s fair for her to judge Six Wing as a sales person instead of accounting clerk. Six Wing heard their conversation.

In the present, Six Wing thanked Matt for helping him. Matt told him to get some new clothes and hair do. The janitor complained the bathroom is so dirty. Six Wing apologized. Matt told the janitor if the bathroom isn’t dirty then she doesn’t need to work here. Matt asked Six Wing if he did something wrong. If he did it then don’t apologize. If he’s right then no one can can blame him.

Samantha criticized Auntie Cat of making a bunch of Ginseng copies in her office. Auntie Cat said those are for the company. Auntie Cat gave Matt her suggestion of giving ten thousand dollars Gingseng coupon. Kirby came in and suggest they give out cash instead of coupons. Matt coughed and Samantha dragged him to stay and deal with it. Matt told Chiu Yan to use cash for the contest. Auntie Cat told Matt to pay for his uncle’s birthday present to his aunt. Matt’s uncle recorded music. One of the three sons pees in his pants.

Flashbacks of Matt gambled the company’s money. Loan shark threw red paint at Auntie Cat for Matt’s uncle not paying his debt. Auntie Cat gave a two thousand dollar cheque to Matt. In the present, Matt’s uncle held a jacket and said Gordon gave it to him to motivate him. Samantha took Matt’s uncle jacket. The three sons confronted her. Samantha told them if they tell Matt’s uncle then she will tell him that they went to her office to steal carbon paper. Six Wing saw Kirby and held her butt as she stacks the adult diaper in the cafe.

In the elevator, a man pinched Samantha’s butt. Six Wing said he didn’t do it. Samantha told him she knows he didn’t mean it. Six Wing thought of what Matt told him to have more courage. Six Wing confidently said he didn’t do it and request to check the cctv. Samantha and Kirby demand Six Wing to apologize. Six Wing got scared and apologized. Six Wing grabbed the roast pork and dropped and slapped his hand for being bad. Six Wing’s mother knows Six Wing didn’t do it. Six Wing said there’s Master Cho and he who stood behind Samantha. Master Cho is rich and can get girls easily but he’s different. He’s thirty and don’t have a girlfriend. Auntie Cat said Samantha will do anything for money. One of the agents sold a flat to an old woman with a cheap price. People protest outside of Matt’s agency.

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