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Fist Fight episode 24 recap

Cheung Fei fan took Ma Si Ting to Chang Man Kei’s house and said she can have it. Ma Si Ting doesn’t want the house since it gives her bad memories. Ma Si Ting told Cheung Fei Fan to not do dangerous thing again, if he fails to take care of her grandma, she won’t forgive him. Ma Si Ting prayed in God of Search where’s Cheung Fei Fan. Wang Sing Hang welcomes Ha Tin Hang’s boss to the knight club.

During dinner, Ho Tit Nam’s mother told the three brothers their parents also want them to get married and have kids. Double and Ha Tin Hang told Ho Tit Nam to marry Ching Ching. Cheung Fei Fan told Double, he won’t let Wan Sing Hang catch his mistake or he will be his next target. Cheung Fei Fan apologized to Double for nearly getting him killed. Ha Tin Hang’s boss told his boss that he successfully got into the Knight Club.

Ha Tin Hang and Lui Wai Bing think it’s funny that Cheung Fei Fan work harder in the investigation of their parents than Double. Cheung Fei Fan wants the tech guy to search for Soron, the dark web guy. Lui Wai Bing and Stone followed a  guy. Lui Wai Bing fought with him and put a device in his pocket. Lui Wai Bing saw Stone talking to the web guy and he told him he can kill Ha Tin Hang if he needs to.

In the van, Stone told Lui Wai Bing if it was so nice they could go back to Iraq. Lui Wai Bing pointed a knife at him. Lui Wai Bing told him, she put a tracker device on his men, and they all disappeared so she became suspicious Lui Wai Bing asked him what he and Ha Tin Hang did wrong.  Stone told her it was his mission to be near Ha Tin Hang from the beginning. Lui Wai Bing told Stone that she took him and Ha Tin Hang as best friends. He can’t imagine one of them will be missing.  She told him to tell Ha Tin Hang and he will forgive him. Stone told her they won’t have a good ending working against the organization. Stone points a gun at her. Lui Wai Bing said she feels like the luckiest person getting to know her and Ha Tin Hang. Stone told Lui Wai Bing he will leave Hongkong. She and Ha Tin Hang must take care. Lui Wai Bing cried.

The tech guy lead Cheung Fei Fan to the dark web guy. Cheung Fei Fan wore his headphone and went in the virtual world.  Cheung Fei Fan asked the dark web guy about the financial powers of the Knight Club. Cheung Fei Fan shot at two of the Dark Web guy’s man.  Ha Tin Hang drove his car and saw Lui Wai Bing dead in the van. Cheung Fei Fan wonders why did the dark web guy wanted to kill Lui Wai Bing. Soron emailed Cheung Fei Fan he will grand him his wish. Raymond and the dark web guy are happy that Cheung Fei Fan got stuck.

Ha Tin Hang got mad and asked Double if he knows where’s Cheung Fei Fan is or if he killed Lui Wai Bing. Double showed his phone and said he kept on calling Cheung Fei Fan but he wouldn’t pick it up. Stone and Ha Tin Hang threw papers for Lui Wai Bing. The tech guy’s computers got frozen. The dark web guy interrupted and said whoever knows his real identity must die. The tech guy got scared and walked down his flat. The phone of the people rang, and they picked them up. The tech guy got disturbed and walked and a person stabbed him using his knife. Cheung Fei Fan held on to the tech guy and he  said bumblebees can’t fight and he died.

Cheung Fei Fan went in Holyman’s room and picked up his figures. Cheung Fei Fan looked on the back of the box and saw a phone. He left Holyman’s house. Ha Tin Hang saw him and grabbed his neck. Ho Tit Nam came and fought with Ha Tin Hang. Ho Tit Nam told him they don’t know if Cheung Fei Fan killed Lui Wai Bing. Cheung Fei Fan thinks Holyman knows the dark web guy’s secret so he silenced him.

Cheung Fei Fan sneaked in Flyingman and log onto his computer. Ha Tin Hang followed him and fought with him. Cheung Fei Fan told him it was a setup. Ha Tin Hang was about to stab Cheung Fei Fan and they have telepathy. Ha Tin Hang thinks Cheung Fei Fan is his brother and knew it all along. Ma Si Ting told Yeung Ching Ching she must trust and help Cheung Fei Fan. Chan Ling saw Ha Tin Hang punched the punching bag hard. Ha Tin Hang cried and told her that Lui Wai Bing got killed by Cheung Fei Fan but he is his brother. Chan Ling kisses and hugged Ha Tin Hang. Cheung Fei Fan tries to decode Holyman’s disc. Cheung Fei Fan made a live broadcast.



Comment: Lots of stuff happens in this episode, it is probably one of my episodes since it doesn’t have much scenes of the knight club.

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Dragon Love episode 11 recap

Yip Hei confronted Chow Ou Tin for killing Siu Yu. Yip Hei told his mother that Siu Yu only want to be a good wife and why does she treat her badly. Yip Hei’s mother said it is Siu Yu’s fault for being a dragon. Yip Hei said even if Siu Yu is a dragon, he will still be with her. Yip Hei’s mother slapped Yip Hei. She won’t let them be together. The dragon tries to heal Siu Yu. The dragon got mad that Yip Hei’s family has injured Siu Yu. Yip Chu asked Chow Ou Tin if dragon and people can’t be mutual for each other. Chow Ou Tin doesn’t blame Yip Chui even if she makes him blind. Yip Chui brought food for Chow Ou Tin and called him father. Yip Hei thought of Siu Yu and cried while holding his jade.

The next morning, Yip Hei’s mother and siblings search for him. Yip Hei pulled his boat. Yip Hei’s blood dropped in the sea. Siu Yu wakes up and begs the dragon not to harm Yip Hei.  The dragon burns Yip He’s canoe and told him to go under the water to see Siu Yu. Yip Hei looked at his pair of jades and walked underwater. Yip Hei’s mother search for Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother watches him and cries and asked him not to leave her. Yip Hei laid underwater and dropped his pair of jades. Siu Yu picks up the pair of jades and kisses Yip Hei.  On the shore, Siu Yu held on to Yip Hei. The dragon saw Yip Hei deeply in love and told him to get married. Yip Chu and Chow Ou Tin ran in the forest searching for Yip Hei.

Yip Hei’s mother prayed in front of Yip Hei’s father’s tablet and promise if Yip Hei is well she will do anything. Yip Hei ‘s mother agrees with the dragon to let Yip Hei marry his daughter. Chow Ou Tin and Yip Chu ran in circles. Yip Chu uses his sword and got out of the forest.

Yip Hei and Siu Yu went home and kneel and apologized to his mother. Yip Hei’s mother gave them a charm. Yip Hei told his mother after they get married, the feud of twenty years will be settled. Chow Ou Tin and Yip Chu saw dragons greeting Siu Yu’s brothers. The dragons drink with Siu Yu’s father. Siu Yu’s father fought with Chow Ou Tin. Yip Hei begs him not to kill Chow Ou Tin. Siu Yu’s father gave Siu Yu the pearl. Yip Hei and Siu bowed on the wedding ceremony. The thunder stroke. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei that god forbids and they should end. Yip Hei and Siu Yu bowed. The thunder stroke and burnt houses. The thunder stroke on Siu Yu’s mother and brothers. The blocks fell on Yip Hei.  Yip Hei told Siu Yu they will live together for a lifetime. Yip Hei passed away. Siu Yu uses her pearl and breathe in Yip Hei’s mouth. Yip Hei wakes up. Siu Yu told Yip Hei that his mother his right, they can’t be together. He has to forget her. The thunder burnt on Siu Yu.


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Dragon Love episode 10 recap

Yip Hei’s mother confronted Siu Yu of being a dragon. Yip Hei’s mother fainted. She said it is godwill. She begs Siu Yiu of not seeing Yip Hei again. Yip Hei’s mother begged Siu Yu to leave. Yip Chui and Yip Hei brought fabrics home. Yip Chui told her mother she now loves Siu Yu the most. It is raining. Yip Hei’s mother told Siu Yu she knows best when the rain will stop. Yip Hei’s mother asked Siu Yiu she is only an old woman and how she can compete with god. Siu Yiu said perhaps god wanted to give Yip Hei to her. Yip Hei’s mother said she must find the dragon to persuade  him to take her away. Yip Hei’s mother bowed in front of the dragon’s statue. Siu Yu used her power to pushed the hay under her knee. Siu Yu said she worked hard to be a human and why does Yip Hei’s mother always want to break them up. Yip Hei’s mother told her she is really good and wanted to marry her to her son but too bad god didn’t let them be together. Siu Yu said even if she’s a dragon, she also has feelings. She promised she will take good care of Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother said if they get married there would be chaos. Yip Hei’s mother jump down the sea. Siu Yu uses her power to pick her up. Siu Yu  promises Yip Hei she will leave Yip Hei but she requests to stay with Yip Hei for one last time.


Siu Yu made a lot o herbs. She frees the pair of butterfly. Siu Yu make a wish on the flower lights that Yip Hei and his family is well. Yip Hei wakes up and reads the letter form Siu Yu their fate has ended. The butterflies flew around Yip Hei.

Yip Hei’s mother said though Siu Yu is nice but she is different from them. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Hei to not blame her. Yip Hei’s mother said Siu Yu understands and left. Yip Hei told his mother he has never blamed her. Yip Hei drinks with Yip Chui. Yip Hei told Yip Chu that he made some medicine for his mother. He told him to take care of their mother. He will leave town to do check ups. Flashbacks of Yip Hei followed the butterflies and met up with Siu Yu. He hugged Siu Yu and plans to build a boat to go to the dragon kingdom.


Yip Chui looked at the flyer of Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu asked Yip Chui if she misses her father and if he is an assassin like Chow Ou Tin. A person stole Yip Chui’s bag of money. Chow Ou Tin picked up the bag of money and give it to her. He chases Yip Chui. Yip Chui threw incense powder on Chow Ou Tin. Yip Chu brought Yip Chu home and wiped his eyes. Yip Chui said she doesn’t care if Chow Ou Tin goes to hell. Yip Chu slapped Yip Chui. Yip Chu told Yip Chui that Chow Ou Tin is their father. Yip Chui refuses to believe and left.  Chow Ou Tin asked Yip Chu if he can call him father. Yip Chu said he doesn’t want to catch the dragon. Yip Chu agrees to leave with Chow Ou Tin if he stops catching the dragon. Chow Ou Tin promises and will hand over his sword. Yip Hei’s mother is pleased that Chow Ou Tin stopped chasing dragons.

Yip Hei’s mother is happy having Yip Hei by her. Yip Hei feels guilty he couldn’t bring her happiness. Yip Hei rubbed salt water for his mother. Yip Hei’s mother asked why the bottle is so huge. Chow Ou Tin told Yip Hei’s mother he sensed a dragon blood odor with flower on Yip Hei. Yip Hei’s mother read the letter of Yip Hei leaving to the dragon kingdom. Yip Hei bowed in front of his mother. Yip Chu  and Yip Chui tied up Yip Hei. Siu Yu’s brothers wonder if Yip Hei won’t come. Wind blew. The sword glows. Yip Hei’s mother told Yip Chu to protect the sword. Yip Hei yelled and untied himself. Chow Ou Tin fought with the two dragons. Yip Chu chopped them.  Chow Ou Tin chopped Siu Yu.  Siu Yu turned into the dragon. The two brothers took Siu Yu away. Yip Chu stopped Yip Hei.




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Running an asian drama blog!

There’s been this thing that I’ve been thinking of a while. What makes someone wants to run a blog? I thought about it that I first wanted to create my own drama blog ever since I actively reads SPCNET and K for TVB blogs.  I created this blog after chatting with a few tvb fans and some drama bloggers and streaming sites since I have connections. and have a niche. I’m not a fans of forums. I enjoy doing drama recaps and just go onto the following episodes each time.  I’ve been wondering what makes other people wanting to create their own blog and if they ever had a feeling they never wanted to create one or want to quit.  When I first created this drama blog, there’s nothing I wanted to do. I’m Vietnamese so I can’t translate news articles or watch dramas as they come out. I can just do drama recaps. I’m more of a fan of how good the plot it. I’m not onto celebrities lives. I like autonomy and be on my own which is why I run my own blog.

What I’ve learned throughout drama blogging or anyone who want to start a blog is

1. They must be dedicated, It takes a lot of work and time.

2. Find their own niche, like who is your audience, I like asian entertainment. I like to blog asian related topics.

3 Connect with other bloggers with the same hobbies.

4. Know your stuff, be familiar with the topics. Know your skills, what are you good at?

5. Know how to make your site pretty.


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My Commissioned Lover episode 5 recap

Matt threw a can at his uncle and told him to focus on studying on his agent exam. Matt told him to not come in the office unless he’s wearing a suit. Matt’s uncle sings No Regret theme song and sighed that he loves singing. Matt’s uncle got stuck in an elevator.

Samantha yelled at her subordinates for not being able to sell flats. Samantha told Kirby she will grab Kenny tightly next time. The nurse gave Samantha the business card that Kenny visited her. Samantha saw Kenny in the elevator and chased him down the stairs. Kenny went in the taxi. Samantha held Kenny’s id and it flew. She climbed on the tree to pick it up and her leg got stuck on the tree. Kenny saw her and helped her. Kenny told Samantha she is a lousy actress. Ever since he helped the female reporter, many females pretend to trip in front of him. Samantha told Kenny that Chin Chow fought with Luk Ma because they started it and it’s unfair for him to cut her commission. Kenny told Samantha if she can give him ideas then he will deal with her. Kenny gave Samantha his number.

Kenny got mad hearing the nurse saying that Samantha got hurt climbing the tree. Matt told his mother that Samantha open her mound to have Kenny’s attention. Matt’s mother told Matt he is mad at himself. Samantha texted Matt if he got any idea of fighting Ying Hei. Matt turned off his phone. Samantha told Kirby that she only trusts Matt. She doesn’t want to be with him because she’s afraid to lose him later. Matt’s uncle told Matt that Producer Lai asked him to visit a haunted house of his female singer idol Ko Lai Yum.

Matt’s uncle and Matt visited Ko Lai Yum’s house. Matt’s uncle wore gloves and told Matt not to touch anything. Matt pees in the toilt and couldn’t flush it. Matt tore the shower hose and it broke the bath tub. Producer Lai visited Ko Lai Yum’s house. Matt’s uncle asked him to listen to Ko Lai Yum taking a shower. Matt’s uncle dropped an odor. Producer Lai bowed and saw a long tissue with musical notes written on it and a butterfly leaving the room. Producer Lai looked at the batthub being broken. Matt’s uncle said an accident happened which leaves he couldn’t finish her musical lyrics so she turned into a butterfly and left. She flew away, her wish is fulfilled so the bathroom broke. Flashbacks of Matt put the butterfly in the soap box so it flew when Producer Lai opened hte curtain. Kirby brought noodles for Samantha and asked if she knows about the case of Matt’s uncle in the elevator. Matt is always talking about fortune and romance and she doesn’t know what he’s thinking. Samantha smiled and said he knows what Matt is thinking.

Matt’s uncle and Producer Lai announced that Ko Lai Yum’s music has been published. Samantha met with Kenny and told him that Matt will hire his uncle to be the Fengshui’s master. Matt called Samantha and told Samantha to tell Kenny she wants thirty percent instead of ten percent of the flats.