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My Commissioned Lover episode 5 recap

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Matt threw a can at his uncle and told him to focus on studying on his agent exam. Matt told him to not come in the office unless he’s wearing a suit. Matt’s uncle sings No Regret theme song and sighed that he loves singing. Matt’s uncle got stuck in an elevator.

Samantha yelled at her subordinates for not being able to sell flats. Samantha told Kirby she will grab Kenny tightly next time. The nurse gave Samantha the business card that Kenny visited her. Samantha saw Kenny in the elevator and chased him down the stairs. Kenny went in the taxi. Samantha held Kenny’s id and it flew. She climbed on the tree to pick it up and her leg got stuck on the tree. Kenny saw her and helped her. Kenny told Samantha she is a lousy actress. Ever since he helped the female reporter, many females pretend to trip in front of him. Samantha told Kenny that Chin Chow fought with Luk Ma because they started it and it’s unfair for him to cut her commission. Kenny told Samantha if she can give him ideas then he will deal with her. Kenny gave Samantha his number.

Kenny got mad hearing the nurse saying that Samantha got hurt climbing the tree. Matt told his mother that Samantha open her mound to have Kenny’s attention. Matt’s mother told Matt he is mad at himself. Samantha texted Matt if he got any idea of fighting Ying Hei. Matt turned off his phone. Samantha told Kirby that she only trusts Matt. She doesn’t want to be with him because she’s afraid to lose him later. Matt’s uncle told Matt that Producer Lai asked him to visit a haunted house of his female singer idol Ko Lai Yum.

Matt’s uncle and Matt visited Ko Lai Yum’s house. Matt’s uncle wore gloves and told Matt not to touch anything. Matt pees in the toilt and couldn’t flush it. Matt tore the shower hose and it broke the bath tub. Producer Lai visited Ko Lai Yum’s house. Matt’s uncle asked him to listen to Ko Lai Yum taking a shower. Matt’s uncle dropped an odor. Producer Lai bowed and saw a long tissue with musical notes written on it and a butterfly leaving the room. Producer Lai looked at the batthub being broken. Matt’s uncle said an accident happened which leaves he couldn’t finish her musical lyrics so she turned into a butterfly and left. She flew away, her wish is fulfilled so the bathroom broke. Flashbacks of Matt put the butterfly in the soap box so it flew when Producer Lai opened hte curtain. Kirby brought noodles for Samantha and asked if she knows about the case of Matt’s uncle in the elevator. Matt is always talking about fortune and romance and she doesn’t know what he’s thinking. Samantha smiled and said he knows what Matt is thinking.

Matt’s uncle and Producer Lai announced that Ko Lai Yum’s music has been published. Samantha met with Kenny and told him that Matt will hire his uncle to be the Fengshui’s master. Matt called Samantha and told Samantha to tell Kenny she wants thirty percent instead of ten percent of the flats.

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