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Treasure Raiders episode 14 recap

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Sum Bik Kwan worries that her child will suffer without a father.  Fung Sei Leong requested to be the child’s foster mother. Fung Sei Leong wants Sum Bik Kwan to give her Siu Sup Yat Long’s handkerchief.

The martial artist told Fayu Yoke to be careful of the little master. Fayu Yoke said though her brother created the organization, she doesn’t want to join it. Fayu Yoke held the painting and saw a knob on the wall. She uses her jade to open it and found the manuel of the organization. The martial artist told Fayu Yoke she can be the leader of the organization. Fayu Yoke told him to close the organization. Fayu Yoke gave the martial artist the manuel. The little master asked the martial artist to hand out the manuel. The little master fought with the martial artist. Lin Sing Bik killed the martial artist and said he’s the new leader. Lin Sing Bik told the little master the manuel belongs to both of them. The little master said she will memorize the manuel then burn it, if he wants the manuel then don’t leave her. The little master showed Lin Sing Bik the cockroaches. She threw needles at the monk. She brought the sect member to watch his wife suffer from illness. Lin Sing Bik told the little master that her plan is successful but they don’t know where the treasure is. The little master said there is still someone who knows. The little master told Lin Sing Bik he only wants him. Lin sing Bik asked the little master if it’s Sum Bik Kwan. The little master said it’s the person who Siu Sup Yat Long love the most. Ling Sin Bik asked the little master if she’s afraid he search for the treasure and reunites with Sum Bik Kwan. Lin Sing Bik said only he can make Sum Bik Kwan to tell.

The sedan chair stopped on the way, and Sum Bik Kwan ache her belly. Sum Bik Kwan’s maid met with Sum Bik Kwan and told her that Lin Sing Bik didn’t burn the two bodies when they found two dead bodies knowing the body didn’t belong to her. Lin Sing Bik told Sum Bik Kwan he didn’t have the courage to protect her. He wants to do something for her. Sum Bik Kwan wants to take care of their son. Sum Bik Kwan told Fung Sei Leong that she and Lin Sing Bik can’t be together anymore. Lin Sing Bik drinks with Yang Heung Tai. Yang Heung Tai gave Fung Sei Leong a hairpin. Fung Sei Leong doesn’t want to accept this valuable hairpin. Yang Heung Tai knows this hairpin isn’t as good as Siu Sup Yat Long. Yang Heung Tai said he won’t go home until he’s married.  Yang Heung Tai threw the hairpin in the lake. Yang Heung Tai doesn’t understand why he isn’t as good as Siu Sup Yat Long who is dead. Fung Sei Leong slapped Yang Heung Tai. Fung Sei Leong heard someone is drowning and checked for Yang Heung Tai.

Lin Sing Bik brought Sum Bik Kwan to her granny’s mansion. The little master pointed a sword toward Sum Bik Kwan and asked her for the treasure.  The little master told Sum Bik Kwan she will kill her baby. Lin Sing Bik fought with the little master and injured his arm. Sum Bik Kwan told Lin Sing Bik besides Siu Sup Yat Long no one knows the secret of the treasure. She lied to the little master because she wants to kill her. Lin Sing Bik told the little master if he ask Sum Bik Kwan about the treasure now, she will suspect. Lin Sing Bik told the little master after Sum Bik Kwan reveal the treasure, then she will let her handle her. Lin Sing Bik asked the little master about Fayu Yoke. Lin Sing Bik plans to use those cockroaches against the government. Siu Sup Yat Long left the village and found some cockroaches on some soldiers and the elder couple dead.

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