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Treasure Raiders episode 15 recap

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The people asked Siu Sup Yat Long for buns. Lin Sing Bik plans to use those cockorache to stop the safeguards then they can steal golds from the government.. The little master warned Lin Sing Bik to not stay too long with Sum Bik Kwan. Lin Sing Bik gave Sum Bik Kwan’s baby a name wanting to unite them to gether.  Fung Sei Leong is confident Sum Bik Kwan has forgotten Lin Sing Bik and only has Siu Sup Yat Long in hear heart. Yang Heung Tai felt unfair Fung Sei Leong still love Siu Sup Yat Long even though he is dead. Fung Sei Leong met up with the sect member and he told her that the sect leader has been arrested by the constables. Fung Sei Leong told the sect leader she trusts he didn’t rob those golds.

Yang Heung Tai visits his father. His father told him he hangs out with random girls. Yang Heung Tai defends Fung Sei Leong. His father told him he found a girl for him. Sum Bik Kwan told Fung Sei Leong that Yang Heung Tai really love her. Lin Sing Bik drinks wine. The little master told Lin Sing Bik she has put poison in his drink. Lin Sing Bik said if he has to die, he will die happily. Lin Sing Bik grabbed the wine. The little master drink the bottle of wine and told Lin Sing Bik she doesn’t dare to let him die.

Lin Sing Bik’s maids told Lin Sing Bik that Sum Bik Kwan is missing. The little master puts Sum Bik Kwan in a cold bathtub and forced her to tell about the treasure. Sum Bik Kwan told the little master if she let her give birth to her baby, then she will tell her where is the treasure. The little master said if it is Lin Sing Bik’s baby then she can’t let her give birth. Sum Bik Kwan fainted. The little masters told her maid to put more ice in the bathtub. Lin Sing Bik came. He told Sum Bik Kwan that the doctor said her baby is dead.

Lin Sing Bik killed the maids and asked the little master why did she do that. The little master said she doesn’t like to share a toy. Lin Sing Bik told her one of them has to die. The little master asked him if he has ever love her. Lin Sing Bik said if he wants her to die without closing her eyes then he will say no. The little master cried and said she couldn’t believe she was a pawn. The little master threw the bomb and said she won’t let other girls have him. The boat exploded. Lin Sing Bik jumped in the sea. The little master’s half face got burnt and she fainted on the shore.


Fung Sei Leong and the sect member saw a flyer of the sect leader. Fung Sei Leong met with the first constable and said she is engaged. The sect member and Yang Heung Tai fought with the constables. Yang Heung Tai took the sect leader out. Fung Sei Leong and the sect member gave a drink to the sect leader. The sect leader told Fung Sei Leong that the person who saved him is a good person who risk his life for her. Fung Sei Leong puts the bandage for Yang Heung Tai. Yang Heung Tai said he saved the sect leader because he trusts him. Yang Heung Tai said after this, he knows she’s the one. Fung Sei Leong told Yang Heung Tai she worries they can’t handle being together. Yang Heung Tai happily touched Fung Sei leong’s hand.

Sum Bik Kwan wants to stay in this house alone. Lin Sing Bik said he puts a grave for their baby. Yang Heung Tai gave a red envelope to Lin Sing Bik and said he’s engaged. Sum Bik Kwan gave a red embroidery she sewed for Fung Sei Leong. Fa Yu Yoke came and said she heard the most naive is Yang Heung Tai. She wanted  Fung Sei Leong to come with her now to see Siu Sup Yat Long.

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