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Treasure Raiders episode 16 recap

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Fung Sei Leong asked Fayu Yoke where’s Siu Sup Yat Long. Fung Sei Leong told Fayu Yoke she won’t be happy being with her. Fayu Yoke said being with her is better than being with Yang Heung Tai. Fayu Yoke told Fung Sei Leong she has no choice  and can’t return. Fung Sei Leong said she has believed in the wrong person. Fayu Yoke froze Fung Sei Leong. Yang Heung Tai drinks.  Lin Sing Bik took the wine and said drinking won’t help. Yang Heung Tai can’t believe he isn’t as good as a dead person. Yang Heung Tai thinks Fung Sei Leong agree to marry him out of pity. Lin Sing Bik said they have the same fate. Yang Heung Tai said Fung Sei Leong will not return. Lin Sing Bik said it’s not only Yang Heung Tai who is loyal.  Sum Bik Kwan said there’s too much going on and just wants to do a funeral for her baby. The little master touched her scar on her face. The little master asked Lord Count Carefree why he must save her. Fayu Yoke told Lord Count Carefree to tell the little master to leave, she never knows when she will betray them. Fayu Yoke told Lord Count Carefree they should go back to Mongol and live a peaceful life. Lord Count Carefree said Siu Sup Yat Long and Lin Sing Bik has harmed them and he doesn’t want to give up. Fayu Yoke said she can kill them. Lord Count Carefree suspects Lin Sing Bik identity. He has spies to investigate Lin Sing Bik’s identity to find the treasure. Lin Sing Bik heard the news that his foster father is dead. Lin Sing Bik killed his servant and said one person knowing this secret is enough. The two elders found out Lin Sing Bik is creating some cockroaches.

Fayu Yoke treated Fung Sei Leong dinner and said someone saw Siu Sup Yat Long. Fayu Yoke fought with a couple and wanted to see her badge. Fung Sei Leong met with Siu Sup Yat Long. Fung Sei Leong believes Lord Count Carefree isn’t behind the cockoroaches. Yang Heung Tai drinks and fought with Siu Sup Yat Long. Fung Sei Leong told Siu Sup Yat Long it was her choice of choosing the road of being a wanderer instead of marrying Yang Heung Tai. Fung Sei Leong told Siu Sup Yat Long that Lin Sing Bik is the one who nurture those cockroaches.

The sect member and his wife ran from home. Lin Sing Bik in black suit held the medicine and told the sect member he’s his leader. The sect member’s wife told the sect member to not be manipulated by other people to do harmful deed. The sect member’s wife grabbed Lin Sing Bik’s body and told the sect member to run. The sect member fought with Lin Sing Bik and fell down the hill. The sect member came to Sum Bik Kwan’s mansion and fainted.  The sect member woke up and told Lin Sing Bik he has harmed his wife. The sect member saw a scar on Lin Sing Bik’s hand and pushed the cup of tea and said he is the leader of the organization and created cockroaches. Sum Bik Kwan brought tea and entered and saw Lin Sin Bik killed the sect member. Sum Bik Kwan whined about Lin Sing Bik killed her granny and helped Lord Count Carefree so he divorced her. Lin Sing Bik said he lied to her because he wanted her to return to him. Sum Bik Kwan refuses to forgive him. She told him he can kill her or she will tell this secret. Lin Sing Bik made an announcement Sum Bik Kwan is ill and it is contagious.

Lord Count Carefree told Fayu Yoke that he can testify that Lin Sing Bik is related to Siu Sup Yat Long. Sum Bik Kwan’s maid treated some bottle of wines to the two guards. The two guards drank and found out there’s poison.  The maid got injured and opened the lock and leaned on Sum Bik Kwan. The maid told Sum Bik Kwan to leave. They left the mansion together.

Siu Sup Yat Long and Fung Sei Leong burn Lin Sing Bik’s cockroaches. Lin Sing Bik pointed a sword at Fung Sei Leong. Lin Sing Bik told Siu Sup Yat Long he wanted to keep the secret of the treasure of Chor Lau Heung and is willing to leave his lover, he is no different than him. Fung Sei Leong threw a rock at Lin Sing Bik’s sword. Siu Sup Yat Long fought with Lin Sing Bik. Siu Sup Yat Long pointed a sword at Lin Sing Bik. Lin Sing Bik asked if he doesn’t find it weird that he told Lord Count Carefree about the treasure. He saw his father killed his mother when he was a kid. Because of this treasure, Siu Sup Yat Long saw his six years old falling down the cliff. Lin SIng Bik said this six years old kid is him. THe Lin master adopted him. Lin Sing Bik asked Siu Sup Yat Long why does his family treat him that way. Lin Sing Bik told Siu Sup Yat Long to kill him. Siu Sup Yat Long told Lin Sing Bik to leave.


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