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Treasure Raiders episode 17 recap

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Siu Sup Yat Long sighed that the most unfortunate person is his brother. Fung Sei Leong said if Lin Sing Bik forgot his past and start his new life as a gentleman with Sum Bik Kwan then nothing will happen.  Fung Sei Leong told Siu Sup Yat Long that even if he forgives Lin Sing Bik, Lin Sing Bik may not forgive him. The little master told Lin Sing Bik that it is his karma for having his closest person betraying him. Lin Sing Bik took out the little master’s mask. The little master asked if this is his big revenge he gift to her. Lin Sing Bik asked the little master if she thinks he is heartbroken. She is not the woman who he will get heartbroken so if he can kill her the first time, he can do it again. Fayu Yoke stopped Lin Sing Bik using her fabric. She told him he is the mastermind. Lin Sing Bik laughed at Fayu Yoke not only don’t love men but chose an ugly woman. Fayu Yoke slapped Lin Sing Bik. Some sects knocked on the door. The little master said they have told the four sects that he is the leader of the organization.  He lost everything which is his second karma.

Sum Bik Kwan’s maid woke up and told Sum Bik Kwan to leave. She told her to take care and passed away. Sum Bik Kwan gave silvers to the pawn store owner to set up the funeral and she requested to lend a horse chariot to go to Mongol. Sum Bik Kwan heard three men told the store owner to lend a horse chariot to go to find Lin Sing Bik. Fung Sei Leong came to the mansion and saw sect members dead. She told the constables that Lin Sing Bik isn’t the leader of the organization. Lord Count Carefree wants to get rid of Lin Sing Bik and frame him.

Lord Count Carefree knows Fayu Yoke isn’t happy. Fayu Yoke asked Lord Count Carefree if he thinks it’s worth to do bad deeds. Lord Count Carefree wants to use the organization power to succeed his plan. The little master looked in the mirror and puts the mirror down. Lord Count Carefree said beauty is only for the outside, what’s important is the brain. Lord Count Carefree told the little master that he would want Lin Sing Bik to be dead but he is still useful.

The sect member wants to leave the sect and wander. Yang Heung Tai treated the prostitutes in the brothel. The sect member stood up and said Fung Sei Leong wants to see him. The sect member dragged Yang Heung Tai. Yang Heung Tai stopped the wedding sedan chair and asked the bride she has to think carefully if she wants to get married. Fung Sei Leong saw Yang Heung Tai and said she leaves early may be a good thing, if she leaves after she get married his father may be angry. Fung Sei Leong compliment Yang Heung Tai of being a gentleman for still talking to her. She called him brother. There are many good girls out there. Yang Heung Tai asked Fung Sei Leong if she has ever loved him. Fung Sei Leong said she also wants to ask Siu Sup Yat Long this. Though she understand his situation, she won’t hurt herself. Why not live a life to not make others worry.

Lin Sing wore a hat and heard the three sect members said a sect has caught Sum Bik Kwan and witnessing her. Lin Sing Bik killed the three sect members during the night and got shot on his knee. Lin Sing Bik asked a villager for water. He held the bottle of water and saw a knife and he threw the bottle of water which was poisoned down, and fought with the sect. He ate some buns in the cemetery and saw Siu Sup Yat Long. Lin Sing Bik told Siu Sup Yat Long he’s afraid there’s poison in the bun, he should kill him. Siu Sup Yat Long told Lin Sing Bik their father didn’t have a choice. Siu Sup Yat Long told Lin Sing Bik he had a choice of living as a gentleman. Lin Sing Bik told Siu Sup Yat Long he doesn’t have a choice, just kill him. Siu Sup Yat Long told Lin Sing Bik he chose his path. Siu Sup Yat Long sat with a fortune teller and said someone is waiting for him in Mongol by the water.

Sum Bik Kwan sewed a blanket for an elder lady. Fung Sei Leong recognizes the blanket as the same one that Sum Bik Kwan sewed for her. Fung Sei Leong met with Sum Bik Kwan. Fung Sei Leong told Sum Bik Kwan that Lin Sing Bik is Siu Sup Yat Long’s brother. Fung Sei Leong dresses in a black suit and froze Sum Bik Kwan.  Siu Sup Yat Long showed up. Sum Bik Kwan told Siu Sup Yat Long he doesn’t have to do anything for her, she doesn’t want to see him again. Fung Sei Leong drink wine and cheers with a man who is lovesick. Siu Sup Yat Long told Sum Bik Kwan he just want to lookout for her. Fung Sei Leong threw the handkerchief. Sum Bik Kwan told Siu Sup Yat Long to stay away from her as far as possible. She doesn’t need him to protect her.

A man in a black suit killed the sect member. The sect member told the sect leader to leave. Yang Heung Tai drinks tea with the sect member and told him to step in front of the wall then two steps closer  and two steps back from the wall and now he knows what Fung Sei Leong has told him. The sect leader came and fainted and told Yang Heung Tai he discovered one of the bodyguards work for the organization.


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