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Treasure Raiders episode 18 recap

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The constables point a sword at Yang Heung Tai and said they suspect he saved the sect leader. Yang Heung Tai said the sect leader said one of them is a spy. Yang Heung Tai’s father visited Yang Heung Tai in the cellar and told him to hand out the sect leader. Yang Heung Tai said even if he knows where Fung Sei Leong is, he doens’t want her to be involved in this case. The sect leader told Fung Sei Leong someone framed him so he tries to find the spy out of the constables but he got attacked by the man with the black suit. Lord Count Carefree told the man in the black suit that his identity can’t be revealed again and he also has to protect Lin Sing Bik.

The first constable confronted the second constable of leaving to the mountain. The first constable said Yang Heung Tai is right, there is a spy. They fought. The second  constable knocked on the guard and took the keys and unlocked and told Yang Heung Tai that the first constable is the spy. He told him to find the sect leader and tell the official. The first constable got injured and told Fung Sei Leong. The first constable told Fung Sei Leong that Yang Heung Tai has fallen in the second constable’s trap. Yang Heung Tai transfers energy for the second constable. The second constable told Yang Heung Tai he saw the first constable talking to a man in the mountain.

Yang Heung Tai came and told Fung Sei Leong that the second constable told him that the first constable is the spy. Fung Sei Leong said the first constable is the spy and want to lure him to find the sect leader. Fung Sei Leong froze Yang Heung Tai. The sect member told them to wait for the second constable .The first constable punched the sect member. The first constable told Fung Sei Leong she should believe Yang Heung Tai. The sect leader grabbed the first constable and the first constable punched him. Fung Sei Leong unfroze Yang Heung Tai.  Yang Heung Tai fought with the first constable. The first constable punched Yang Heung Tai. The first constable fought with Fung Sei Leong. The third constable came. The first constable threw the sect leader at the third constable and left.

Fung Sei Leong checks up on Yang Heung Tai. Yang Heung Tai told her he is a failure. He always dreamed of having her by him but he had to wait until now. He is really happy but those happy times are so little. Yang Heung Tai told Fung Sei Leong to not cry. Her smile is very pretty. He wants her to live a happy life. Yang Heung Tai told Fung Sei Leong to smile one more time. Fung Sei Leong cries and told him not to die. Yang Heung Tai die. Fung Sei Leong went to the waterfall and thought of Yang Heung Tai. Fung Sei Leong picked up the hairpin.


Sum Bik Kwan saw Lin Sing Bik asked the people to return his drink and sachet. Lin Sing Bik woke up in the elder lady’s house. Lin Sing Bik looked at the sachet. Sum Bik Kwan said it is her deed that he took care of her. She was blind handing out her life to a horrible man. She is a widow who wants to start a new life. Siu Sup Yat Long visited his father’s grave. Fung Sei Leong drinks with Siu Sup Yat Long. Fung Sei Leong told Siu Sup Yat Long she has accepted a big mission, now she understands why he is so cold. She has to spend her life arrest a person who used to be  her friend but now has betrayed her. After this drink, they will go on a separate way. Fayu Yoke froze Fung Sei Leong and said she doesn’t want to do this but it’s for her brother.

Fayu Yoke played the harp. Fayu Yoke asked Siu Sup Yat Long how should she revenge for her brother. She is Lord Count Carefree brother. Fayu Yoke told Siu Sup Yat Long she’s going to use his blood to poor on her brother’s grave. She wants him to know the feeling of losing a closed friend. Fung Sei Leong got poisoned. In two hours, if there’s a man making love with her then she will be fine. Siu Sup Yat Long took off her shirt. Fung Sei Leong told Siu Sup Yat Long to forget about this. She said Fayu Yoke wants to harm his close friends. Fung Sei Leong and Siu Sup Yat Long went searching for Sum Bik Kwan. Fayu Yoke told them they should thank her for them to be together. Siu Sup Yat Long got affected by the poison. Fayu Yoke told them she will find them in the twenty third of august.


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