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Treasure Raiders episode 19 recap

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The little master brought food for Sum Bik Kwan. Sum Bik Kwan fought with her and pushed her. The little master’s mask fell off and she told Sum Bik Kwan the food doesn’t have poison, but it is her will of to eat it or not. Lord Count Carefree can’t wait to see what happened to Fung Sei Leong, Lin Sing Bik, and Sum Bik Kwan. Siu Sup Yat Long wants to go alone fighting against Fayu Yoke. A master kicked Lin Sing Bik out. A pawn shop owner wants to pawn Lin Sing Bik’s sword. Lin Sing Bik pull it back. A master wants Lin Sing Bik to kill the master’s wife for him. Lin Sing Bik fought with the master and drank wine.  Siu Sup Yat Long helped Lin Sing Bik. Lin Sing Bik killed the master. Siu Sup Yat Long fainted. Lin Sing Bik told Siu Sup Yat Long he didn’t have to save him. His life isn’t related to him.

The third constable and the sect member barged in the brothel. The two elder sect leaders told the first constable their next mission is to borrow his head. Fung Sei Leong talk in front of Yang Heung Tai’s grave and said only he can understand her. The third constables got injured and told Fung Sei Leong he didn’t choose the wrong person to be a constable. He said is came from a poor background and killed the grandson of the master and replaced him. He investigated the news of the government for Lord Count Carefree. The first constable whispered to  Fung Sei Leong that Lord Count Carefree didn’t isn’t dead. Fung Sei Leong fought with the two elder masters and fainted.

Sum Bik Kwan rather die. Sum Bik Kwan asked Fayu Yoke why doesn’t she deal with Siu Sup Yat Long in front of him, why did she use her. The two elder masters brought the head of the first constable to Lord Count Carefree. Lord Count Carefree ordered the two masters to kill Fung Sei Leong without telling Fayu Yoke.

The master’s wife followed Lin Sing Bik and wants revenge Lin Sing Bik killed some guards. Lin Sing Bik held the bun and looked at the master’s wife and gave her a bun. Lin Sing Bik told the master’s wife to raise her son, and her son can revenge for his father eight years later. Lin Sing Bik said the master isn’t a good person and deserve to die. He told her she doesn’t have the strength to revenge.  Lin Sing Bik put the sword down and he told her if she can kill him then do it. The master’s wife tries to pull the sword and left. The next morning, Lin Sing Bik cut down the rope and burry the master’s wife and asked her why she is using death to solve her problem. Why doesn’t she raise her baby. He is heartbroken and he hope her family reunite. Lin Sing Bik made a request to Siu Sup Yat Long when he dies, he would bury him next to his parents. He wants to die. Lin Sing Bik was about to jump off the cliff. Siu Sup Yat Long pushed him. Lin Sing Bik asked him why does he save him. Siu Sup Yat Long told him he needs to carry more burden. Siu Sup Yat Long told him he has to tell him the secret of the treasure. He’s afraid his poison will get worse and he can’t live by then. Lin Sing Bik told him he’s evil wanting him to carry this secret so others can search for him.

The little master told Sum Bik Kwan that Lin Sing Bik sacrificed her for her and she sacrificed Lin Sing Bik for Siu Sup Yat Long. The little master said Siu Sup Yat Long will come here to save Sum Bik Kwan. Fayu Yoke told Lord Count Carefree to give up on the revenge. Fayu Yoke told Lord Count Carefree that he and the little master is a good pair. She begs him not to kill Fung Sei Leong.

Sum Bik Kwan pretends to fall asleep and froze the little master. Fayu Yoke unfroze the little master. The little master said she will catch Sum Bik Kwan. The little master threw needles at Sum Bik Kwan and she threw it back. The little master said even if she kills her, lord Count Carefree won’t forgive her. The little master told her she should know why she sacrificed so much for Lord Count Carefree. Sum Bik Kwan held onto the little master’s neck and told lord count carefree she won’t l let him use her against Siu Sup Yat Long. Lord Count Carefree punched the little master and killed her and told Fayu Yoke to take Sum Bik Kwan home. Lord Count Carefree told Fayu Yoke that the little master is willing to die for him. Lord Count Carefree said doing a big mission, they can’t be gentle.

Fayu Yoke drinks.  Sum bik Kwan told her if she didn’t work for Lord Count Carefree, she wouldn’t suffer so much. If she doesn’t want to die, then leave him.  Fayu Yoke told Siu Sup Yat Long if he can beat her than he can take Sum Bik Kwan. The  elder sect leader told  Fayu Yoke that Fung Sei Leong is dead and his his brother ordered him to kill her. His brother died for him. The elder sect leader asked Fayu Yoke if she really thinks her brother really love her, he is only using her to kill Siu Sup Yat Long.  Fayu Yoke told Siu Sup Yat Long they are both the stupidest person in this world. He believes his brother while she believe her brothers and in the end they lose. The elder sect leader told Sum Bik Kwan that Siu Sup Yat Long isn’t dead. Fayu Yoke told Siu Sup Yat Long he will die if he goes against Lord Count Carefree. If Sum Bik Kwan sees he risks his life,  she won’t want to live. Siu Sup Yat Long requested Fayu Yoke to take care of Sum Bik Kwan. Siu Sup Yat Long knows that Sum Bik Kwan will be understanding. Fung Sei Leong is dead and he doesn’t want history to continue.


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