Against the Blade of Honour episode 4 recap

Ding Pang told the villagers it isn’t Ching Ching fault. Ching Ching begs her father to spare Ding Pang. The villager punched Ding Pang. The villager threw a rock at Ding Pang. Ding Pang took out the saber from the rock and chopped the rock. Ching Ching’s father wonder why the villlagers couldn’t pull out the sword but Ding Pang can. Ching Ching held teh paper crane and put it on Ding Pang while he faints. Ding Pang wakes up and told Ching Ching he can’t affect her anymore. Ching Ching said during the full moon, her father will let ten best fighters to try to pull the sword but no one can’t. He can pull it so her father will forgive him. Ding Pang gave Ching Ching a paper crane. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang that the life in the village, they farm.

While Ding Pang is on the canoe, Ching Ching played the harp on the rock. Ding Pang came and told Ching Ching she’s right, as long as they are happy in the island then they can stay there. Ding Pang said for the past seven years, he only practiced swordfights and focus and he doesn’t have any friends. Ever since meeting the villagers, he knows what is happiness.

The villager drinks and told Ding Pang he’s not one of them. The villager told Ding Pang to fight him. The villager threw the table at Ding Pang. A girl held the villager’s leg and told him not to hit Ding Pang. Ching Ching told Ding Pang to leave. Ding Pang wants to stay in the village to live a peaceful life. He has harmed many people for the past few years. He wanted everyone to know him but everytime he defeats a hero, he isn’t happy. After being beaten by the villager, he found out he can be a normal person.

Ching Ching held the paper crane and wishes Ding Pang living as a normal person and being happy on the island. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung his swordfight is getting better. Chun Ho Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung he’s been practicing really hard after the Ding Pang, incident, is it because he’s scared. His next opponent has never lose. Chun Ho Ching said she has a way. She knows he always go to the brothel. Lau Yeuk Chung slapped her.  Chun Ho Ching said if she doesn’t do this, would he win. Lau Yeuk Chung had a duel with the Tibetan monk. Chun Ho Ching looked at the flowers. She told Lau Yeuk Cheung that he already has the manuel, it doesn’t matter who she thinks of. There are two types of people,  the firs person dissapointed her, and the second person she has disappointed. Lau Yeuk Cheung told Chun Ho Ching he has defeated the Tibetan monk using his own moves. He doesn’t believe he isn’t as good as a dead person. Lau Yeuk Chung chopped the tree. He told her he will tell someone to burn this tree tomorrow. Chun Ho Ching said her heart is still there. Flashbacks of Lau Yeuk Chung fought with a sect leader. Chun Ho Ching saw him. Chun Ho Ching showed Lau Yeuk Cheung the manuel and asked him what can’t a man resist. Chun Ho Ching held the cockroaches. Ding Pang made a cockroaches out of leaves for Ching Ching.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 3 recap

Ching Ching’s father brought the teacher and asked him what is the rule 18 of the island and what did he say yesterday. The teacher said he mentioned about a festival. Ching Ching’s father told him he just harms the villager. He punished him by praying on the shore for ten days. Ching Ching asked his father that the teacher is seventy years old and why did he punish him. Ching Ching’s father said everyone have to follow the rules and he is working hard to manage the island.

Ching Ching told the teacher she is interested in learning about the island. The teacher told Ching Ching the more she knows, the more she will think about it. Ching Ching took the kids around the island. Ching Ching searched for a kid who got lost. The villagers wonder if the kid got eaten by the wolves. Ding Pang helped the kid. The kid got out of the cave and told Ching Ching that a guy saved him. Ding Pang ran in the cave. The villagers was about to burn the cave. Ching Ching came in the cave. Ching Ching told Ding Pang she would like to know how he found this island. Ding Pang walked out of the cave. The villager knocked him. Ching Ching’s father gave the villagers a wood and asked them to write their decision on it. They are afraid of releasing Ding Pang since the people may discover their island. Ching Ching told her father they can’t just kill a person without thinking carefully. She believes they can teach him to be a good person.

In the cage, Ding Pang told Ching Ching she has betrayed him. Ching Ching said she has never seen someone  full of vengeance in the island. Ching Ching encouraged Ding Pang to eat. Ching Ching folds paper cranes. The wind flew the paper cranes. Ding Pang told Ching Ching to leave. Ding Pang couldn’t believe when he is most upset, she appears.

Chung Ho Ching watches Lau Yeuk Chung winning a duel with a sect leader. Chun Ho Ching watches the tree and thought of Ding Pang and cried. Lau Yeuk Chung slapped Chun Ho Ching and told her that she has never forgotten Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching said those time were the happiest moment. She told Lau Yeuk Chung to remember who have helped him defeated Ding Pang. He may have the name but he is not as good as Ding Pang. She has never forgotten Ding Pang.

Ching Ching unlocked Ding Pang and told him the festival is beginning and it is a good time for him to leave. Ching Ching’s father told the villagers to try to  pulled the saber from the rock. Ching Ching told  Ding Pang she sees he is full of vengeance. If they don’t solve this, then he will be angry. The villager asked Ching Ching she will be punished for breaking the rule. Why did she do this, does she feels it is worth it. Ching Ching told him if he has a hard time, then she will take all the blame and explain to her father. Ding Pang looked at the paper cranes. Ching Ching bowed in front of her father that she has released the prisoner. Ching Ching’s father ordered Ching Ching to be released from the mountain. Ding Pang appears.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 2 recap

Ding Pang showed Chun Ho Ching the road his father always take him. One day he showed his friends his father waving the flag. Some robbers stole his cart of gold. Ding Pang’s friend told Ding Pang that his father is a coward. Ding Pang ate rice without lettuces. Then he didn’t speak to his father. His father showed him a manuel he found. That’s the first time he learned martial arts. He and his father practiced martial arts. His father got a headache. Ding Pang’s father ached his body and wants to complete the martial arts. Ding Pang tore the manuel script. Ding Pang’s picked up the martial art script and left. One night, in the snow his father passed away and didn’t tell Ding Pang where did he went in the past six months. He gave him the manuel script. He hopes Ding Pang could finish practicing the martial arts to succeed him. Ding Pang’s father passed away. This script has made Ding Pang’s name well known. Ding Pang gave the script to Chun Ho Ching and said this script used to be important to him but now nothing is more important than her. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang to not be too nice to her. Chun Ho Ching worries Ding Pang will lose the duel. Ding Pang gave Chun Ho Ching a leaf cockroaches. Ding Pang read a farewell letter from Chun Cho Ching and believes he will win the duel.

Ding Pang came up to Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung defeated Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Cheung asked Ding Pang where did he learnt his martial arts. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ding Pang he’s afraid the martial art he used is the one he has created. Ding Pang told Lau Yeuk Cheung to not insult him, his father taught him the martial arts. Lau Yeuk Cheung told Ding Pang he has stolen his martial arts. Lau Yeuk Cheung asked him to take out his martial art script. Lau Yeuk Chung took Ding Pang to his wall encrypted with his martial art moves he created. Lau Yeuk Chung said someone sneaked in his mansion and stole his martial art but his wife saw it. Ding Pang said he has practiced this martial arts for ten years. Chun Ho Ching came and accused Ding Pang of using his sword and threaten her. Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching he has tricked her. Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching she has betrayed him. Ding Pang fought with Lau Yeuk Chung. Ding Pang read the poem to Chun Ho Ching. Chun Ho Ching let go and left. Lau Yeuk Chung fought with Ding Pang. Ding Pang got injured and looked at the moves on the wall and left. Ding Pang fought with the sect. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ding Pang he hasn’t learned his lesson. He stole his manuel. The sects chased Ding Pang by the hill. Ding Pang called them hypocrites and they forced him to dead. Ding Pang jumped down the sea.

Chun Ho Ching asked Lau Yeuk Chung how’s Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Chung said Ding Pang rather die in the sea than under him. Chun Ho Ching said Ding Pang shouldn’t have come to the mansion. Lau Yeuk Chung hugged Chun Ho Ching and promised he won’t force her to do what she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

Ching Ching, a girl in the island asked his master about a festival without lanterns. Ching Ching and her maid created a lantern. Ching Ching’s father saw the lantern and asked Ching Ching how did she know about the lantern. Ching Ching said her teacher taught her.


Against the Blade of Honour episode 1 recap

No one has ever escaped this disaster because no one has ever escaped this sword. The sword is like seeing the moon, sometimes a hero has the sword but can’t be the sword master.

The guard gave Ding Pang three thousand golds and deals with him to not visit his sect. Ding Pang told him his sect is one of his opponent. He doesn’t need money. Ding Pang threw the golds and killed the sect members. The sect leader slapped the sect member for dealing with Ding Pang behind his back. The sect members begged the sect leader not to have a duel with Ding Pang. Ding Pang flew and told the sect leader he doesn’t want to have a duel with someone who will embarrasses him. Ding Pang fought with the sect leader and scratched his face with his sword. Lau Yeuk Cheung’s sect member showed Lau Yeuk Cheung the four moves that Ding Pang used against the sect leader. Lau Yeuk Cheung doesn’t believe the moves were that simple. The sect member said when Ding Pang jumped then he blinks then points a sword at the sect leader.

Ding Pang ordered six bowls of noodles and told the server he has something important coming up next morning so he has to eat very full. The people in the brothel bids for the beautiful lady Chun Ho Ching. Ding Pang ate noodles. Chun Ho Ching leaned in front of Ding Pang and begged him save her. A master flirted with Chun Ho Ching and took off her clothes. Chun Ho Ching threw a plate on the master’s head and begged Ding Pang to save her. Ding Pang watches  the master raping Chun Ho Ching. Ding Pang threw the table at the master and punched him. He held his sword. Ding Pang fought with the masters and held Chun Ho Ching’s hand. Ding Pang told her she is safe now and should leave. Chun Ho Ching said she doesn’t know where to go and only wants to follow him. Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching to stay in the house and after the duel he will meet with her.

Ding Pang came to  Lau Yeuk Cheung’s mansion. Lau Yeuk Cheung apologized he can’t have a dule with him since his father died  in the past three days from illness. Lau Yeuk Cheung wants to postpone the duel to one month. Ding Pang went in the temple and saw Chun Ho Ching. Chun Ho Ching asked Ding Pang to let her be with him for one month. Ding Pang sat and told his name. Chun Ho Ching introduced herself. Chun  Ho Ching stares at Ding Pang and wonders why he’s so cold to her but she believes he is a gentleman.  She believes these thirty days will be her most important days in her life. Chun Cho Ching watches Ding Pang practicing swordfights. Chun Ho Ching serves meal for Ding Pang. Fifteen days has passed, Chun Ho Ching counts the pebbles. Chun Ho Ching waits for Ding Pang. Ding Pang tod Chun Ho Ching he won’t come back after the duel, and she shouldn’t wait for him.

Chun Ho Ching wonders if she should wait. He will have a duel in two days. Chun Ho Ching wonders why Ding Pang has changed his sword fight moves. Is it because of her. She hopes he will wear the clothing she has sewed for him in the duel. A guard wants to have a duel with Ding Pang. The guard wants to revenge for the sect leader. The sect member got injured. Ding Pang refuses to take out his sword. The guard asked Ding Pang what would he do if the woman he loves die. Ding Pang looked at the burnt mansion, The guard told Ding Pang he won’t let him save Chun Ho Ching unless he kills him. Ding Pang uses his sword on the guard.

Chun Ho Ching cried in the woods and told Ding Pang she thought he has left. Chun Ho Ching apologized she couldn’t take out anything but the outfit she sewed for him. Ding Pang told Chun Ho Ching he regrets saving her from the brothel. Besides his father, she is the one who treats him well. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang that her parents been killed in the brothel and she was forced staying in the brothel. Ding Pang promises her he will give her a good life. Ding Pang said winning the duel is his father’s wishes. Chun Ho Ching hugged Ding Pang and begs him not to go to the duel. Ding Pang told  Chun Ho Ching she is the first person who cares for his life and the first woman who hugged him. He doesn’t understand why they don’t know each other for long but it seems like they knew each other for a long time. Chun Ho Ching asked him if he can’t leave everything behind for her. Chun Ho Ching gave Ding Pang the jade from her mother. Ding Pang gave Chun Ho Ching his martial art moves.

Treasure Raiders episode 20 recap (Finale)

Fayu Yoke told Sum Bik Kwan that everyone has a choice and a path. Some sect members fought with Sum Bik Kwan. Siu Sup Yat Long killed them. The four sects surrounded Siu Sup Yat Long and Sum Bik Kwan in the restaurant. Sum Bik Kwan introduced Siu Sup Yat Long. Siu Sup Yat Long uses his saber against the four sects. Fayu Yoke threw the boot. Fayu Yoke told the elder sect leader she plans to go back to Mongol. She won’t interfere with the feud between sects. The elder sect leader played chess with the other elder sect leader. Fayu Yoke asked him why did he lied that the other elder leader is dead. The elder sect leader took Fayu Yoke to Fung Sei Leong. The two elder sect leaders said they were afraid Fayu Yoke will collaborate with Lord Count Carefree to defeat them  so they lied that Fung Sei Leong is dead. They want Siu Sup Yat Long has confidence of fighting against Lord Count Carefree if he knows Fung Sei Leong was killed. Fayu Yoke told Fung Sei Leong, it is easy to use her, she is a pawn to help her brother accomplish his mission. Lin Sing Bik betrayed her. Fung Sei Leong told Fayu Yoke she can stop her brother. Fayu Yoke bids farewell to Fung Sei Leong.’

Lin sing Bik went in the cave of treasure. Lin Sing Bik told Lord Count Carefree he has put a spy who disguised as his servant to investigate his identity. Lin Sing Bik fought with Lord Count Carefree. Lord Count Carefree injured Lin Sing Bik. Lord Count Carefree appreciates his intellligence and arrogance. Lord Count Carefree was about to kill Lin Sing Bik. Siu Sup Yat Long fought with Lin Sing Bik. Lord Count Carefree told Siu Sup Yat Long he is old schooled for not daring to be with the one he loves. Siu Sup Yat Long and Sum Bik Kwan fell down toward the door and it closed the backdoor. Lord Count Carefree told Siu Sup Yat Long to come out or he will hurt Lin Sing Bik. Lin Sing Bik punched his head and told Lord Count Carefree to not dare to use him, he told  Siu Sup Yat Long to take care of Sum Bik Kwan.

Siu Sup Yat Long and Sum Bik Kwan saw a lady in the tomb. Siu Sup Yat Long believes there’s no escape. Sum Bik Kwan told Siu Sup Yat Long to check the lady’s body to see if there’s any way to escape. Sum Bik Kwan told Siu Sup Yat Long if they die here, then they are more fortunate than Chor Lau Heung. Siu Sup Yat Long held Sum Bik Kwan’s hands. Lord Count Carefree uses the deer saber and chopped the door. Lord Count Carefree opened the box in the lady’s tomb. He took out the fan and read the love poem and criticized it.  The cave trembled.  Lord Count Carefree threw a knife at Sum Bik Kwan. He held onto the door. Siu Sup Yat Long pushed the deer saber in Lord Count Carefree and he dies. Siu Sup Yat Long and Sum Bik Kwan ran. Siu Sup Yat Long got affected by the poison and told Sum Bik Kwan to leave. Sum Bik Kwan held on to the cave and yelled for Siu Sup Yat Long.

Sum Bik Kwan threw papers and played music for Siu Sup Yat Long. Fung Sei Leong told Sum Bik Kwan she believes Siu Sup Yat Long will find her. Fung Sei Leong and Sum Bik Kwan waits for Siu Sup Yat Long at the restaurant. Fung Sei Leong joked she wonders what play is Siu Sup Yat Long doing. A servant requested Fung Sei Leong to pay her bills early because he wants to celebrate tonight.Fung Sei Long yelled at him that the person she wanted to see haven’t come yet. A girl arrived in the restaurant. Chor Lau Heung’s granddaughter told Fung Sei Leong and Sum Bik Kwan that her grandma got poisoned by her enemy and didn’t tell Chor Lau Heung, her grandfather afraid he will suicide so she lied that she got the medicine. Chor Lau Heung waited for sixteen years an found her body in the ice mountain. Die for their loved  one is easy but living for their loved one is hard. Chor Lau Heung worked hard to live and told his grandchildren to live a peaceful life. without revealing their identities. Chor Lau Heung’s granddaughter said they don’t need the treasures. They understand that the treasures will cause them to end up like their grandfather and daughter. She told them if they ever see a Siu, their reunion of sixty years has ended. She told Sum Bik Kwan she telling her about it it’s like telling Siu Sup Yat Long. Sum Bik Kwan plans to go live in Mongol. Fung Sei Leong wants to travel.

Sum Bik Kwan sewed clothes and heard the music and followed and saw Siu Sup Yat Long by the waterfall. The sect member becomes a bodyguard and caught a thief. Fung Sei Leong hangs out with the sect member on the roof.