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Barrack Karma episode 7 recap

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Samantha showed Ching Ching and Mia a cream she bought for a discount. Ching Ching and Samantha wondered where Tung Tung is. Jazz said he’s with Joel. Jazz anxiously told Joel that Samantha’s son  Tung Tung is missing. Joel searched for Tung Tung in the library. Tung Tung hid behind the bookshelves. He then saw some black feathers and picked them up. Tung Tung saw the book Fairy Tales. Lau Kong held his back and asked him what’s the doing here. Lau Kong held the feather and asked if it could be.

Samantha argue with her husband. Joel checked the flat and worried about Lau Kong. Lau Kong told Joel to watch Tung Tung. Lau Kong read a line of the crow in the novel. Samantha gave Tung Tung a new phone. Tung Tung told Samantha he doesn’t want to play harp. Samantha told him that hard work is rewarded. If she meets her target this week, she’ll win a trip to Caribbean. Tung Tung teaches his father how to set up an app. His father fell asleep.

Selena showed Joel the postcard she sent to herself. She loves receiving postcards but people use whatsapp. Joel told Selena she can send him a postcard. Joel and Selena saw Tung Tung playing Ping Pong. Joel and Selena talk with each other on the rooftop they first time they met Lan Po. Samantha told her husband to work hard so they can pay for their son tuition to a good school. Samantha chose a new suit for her husband and put on his tie for him. Selena read a book for Tung Tung and heard a noise.



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