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Barrack Karma episode 8 recap

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Tung Tung gets ready for the school admission test. Samantha looked at her bracelet and said she came back for her son and needs to forget her husband. On the way, A bus bumped into Tung Tung’s father. He drove the other way and crashed into another bus. A parent at the school criticized Samantha for selling her fake cream. Tung Tung’s father arrived late. The judges asked Tung Tung’s father if he’s always late. Tung Tung’s father yelled. During the rehearsal, Tung Tung stayed quiet. Samantha walked impulsively and asked Tung Tung why was he so mute during the rehearsal. Tung Tung’s father yelled at Samantha she only wanted Tung Tung to join the school for her. Tung Tung’s father yelled he’s useless. He pushed Tung Tung to Samantha. Tung Tung cried and chased his father. Tung Tung played ping pong. Lan Po meow. The crow came close to Tung Tung. Samantha came home and searched for Tung Tung. Samantha asked his father why he’s so drunk and didn’t know their son is missing. The school called that he has never shown up.

Samantha asked Master Kai and Mia if they’ve seen Tung Tung.  Master Kai remembered seeing him. The crow erased their memories. Mia told Samantha they divorced already and didn’t have a son. Joel, Selena, Samantha and her husband watches the cctv and saw Tung Tung playing Ping Pong and disappear. They saw the crow.

Tung Tung’s name couldn’t be found on the file.  Lau Kong gave an analogy to Joel about a book missing in the book shelves and can be replaced with another book and no one will notice. Joel wondered if no one remembers Tung Tung, how come Selena can.  Joel told Lau Kong that Selena has been back a day a go and they watched the meteor shower together. Lau Kong wonder why he didn’t see Selena.

Samantha looked at photos in her phones and found photos of Tung Tung missing. Tung Tung’s father saw words from Tung Tung disappeared in his note. Samantha and her husband played  ping pong to lure the crow. They vanished in a dream. Tung Tung’s father held Samantha’s hand. Samantha told him he’s honest and loyal to her. She apologized for being bossy. They saw kids playing ping pong. They found Tung Tung. The crow blew the black feather and took them to the scene of the lady arguing with Samantha. They saw  the lady’s son told Tung Tung that his father is an alumni and donated a million dollar to the school. Tung Tung’s dad drinks and told Tung Tung to leave. The crow gave Tung Tung the fairy tale book. Samantha cried and said she forced Tung Tung to join a race he will never win. Tung Tung doesn’t want to be a grown up, he wants to be a kid. He disappeared with the crow. Samantha cried and told Tung Tug to go back home with her. Samantha begged the crow to let Tung Tung stay with her. Tung Tung doesn’t want to grow up. Tung Tung’s eyes turned black and can’t remember his parents. The crow kisses Samantha on the forehead. Tung Tung’s father remembered Tung Tung told him his password. Tung Tung’s father looked at Tung Tung’s toy and would like him to know he will always remember him.

Selena sighed to Joel that the black crow takes away lonely kids. She has spent some time with Tung Tung and knows he is lonely. Joel gave Selena, Lan Po. Joel told Selena he wants her to know whatever it is, he will always be there for her and won’t let go. Joel kisses Selena on the forehead. Joel and Selena slept together. Coco, Selena’s past fell asleep and woke up and said she had a strange dream.


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