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Against the Blade of Honour episode 11 recap

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Ding Pang locked Mo Ming in the cellar. He recited the poem and told Mo Ming he met a girl who was heartbroken. Mo Ming yelled to release him. Ding Pang told Mo Ming to tell him about his relationship with  Siu Yuk. Mo Ming said every night he watches Siu Yuk drinking in the brothel. On the thirteenth, he didn’t see her gain  and didn’t know her identity. He is worried of not seeing her again. He saw her again carving words on the sand. He has a feeling she is not happy. The only thing he can do is write letters for her. She read the letter. He recited the poem and left. Every night after the duel he writes a letter for Siu Yuk. Those were the happiest moment in his life. Mo Ming helped Siu Yuk up in the rain. Siu Yuk told Mo Ming she doesn’t need anyone to help her. She slapped Mo Ming. She said  she got kicked out of the house by her father seven years ago. She’s been living alone without a home. How can she be happy? She is supposed to live a happy life. She is Tse Hiu Fung’s daughter. She has never went to school. She wandered around. She was supposed to cherish him but now the person she despice the most is him. She loves going to school but didn’t have a chance. So she stood outside and eavesdrop. Siu Yuk recited a poem. This poem is from someone who has recited to her. Mo Ming asked her what can he do for her. She told him to have a duel with her father. Mo Ming has a duel with Tse Hiu Fung and got injured. He wants to improve his martial arts so he wants to have a duel with Ding Pang. Ding Pang told Mo Ming he doesn’t have the patience to wait for him for five years. He has to accomplish his mission in the shortest amount of time. Mo Ming laughed and asked Ding Pang if he thinks he will lead him to the mansion. The mansion always change places so we don’t know where it is located. Mo Ming said he won’t tell him the secret of the mansion.

Ding Pang told Ching Ching he plans to lock Mo Ming for a year and take his identity. Ding Pang performed the martial arts and recited the poem. Ding Pang told Mo Ming to write a poem for him to give it to Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk he is giving this poem to her. Ding Pang told her she shouldn’t stay here alone. Ding Pang asked  Siu Yuk where’s the mansion.

Ching Ching brought food for Mo Ming. Ching Ching recited the poem. She told him she knows feels deeply for the poem. She told him she cooked sixteen meals for him in the past sixteen days and he haven’t eaten one. Now she doesn’t know what to cook for him besides congee. He torture himself will make her feels hurt. Mo Ming ate the bowl of congee. Mo Ming bowed and begged Ching Ching to release him for an hour. Today is the day of eighteen of his ancestors funeral. Mo Ming returned within an hour. Ching Ching told Mo Ming he kept his promise. He could have left but he didn’t. Mo Ming said he has to keep his promise so she won’t be disappointed. Mo Ming said he went to his home. His father is an official. An incident happens which changed his fate. Mo Ming helped a soldier. The soldier asked him if he wants him to teach him martial arts. The soldier knocked his head on the wall.



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