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Against the Blade of Honour episode 13 recap

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Ding Pang search for Tse Hiu Fung  and denied he died. Ding Pang sat on Tse Hiu Fung’s chair and persist he will find him. Ding Pang hopes to have a duel with Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung’s servant lead Ding Pang to Tse Hiu Fung’s wall which display his martial arts move. Ding Pang practice the martial arts. The servant couldn’t believe someone could achieve up to level seven. Flashbacks of a martial artist want to have a duel with Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung doesn’t want to since he retired. Siu Yuk watches her father having a duel. Siu Yuk cried and doesn’t want her father to lose. Tse Hiu Fung promised Siu Yuk he won’t lose. He asked her if she knows what is most important to him, it is her. He teaches her martial arts. Siu Yuk looked at the wall and sighed if she was important to him then why did he drove her out. Ding Pang practiced martial arts and moved his sword toward Siu Yuk. Tse Hiu Fung wears a black suit and asked him why he could only managed to follow up to seven steps. Paper of the moves fell down from the brothel.  Siu Yuk recognized her father’s handwriting. Ding Pang practiced the martial arts.

Lau Yuek Cheung looked at Mo Ming in the cellar. Ching Ching sighed to Lau Yeuk Chung  that King Mo Ming wants to defeat Ding Pang. She doesn’t know how to resolve his motivation; she only knows to play the harp for him to relax. Lau Yeuk Chung recited a poem. King Mo Ming performs martial arts. Lau  Yeuk Chung chopped the axe and wants to turn Mo Ming into a beast. Mo Ming yelled for Ding Pang in the cellar. Ching Ching played the harp. Mo Ming yelled at Ching Ching to not play this song again to suppress his vengeance. Ching Ching is willing to die in place of Ding Pang.

Mo Ming told Ching Ching to leave. Ding Pang waited three whole days for the man in the black suit to appear. Siu Yuk cooked food for Ding Pang. Ding Pang yelled at her to leave. Siu Yuk cried and sliced the moves on the wall for ruining her relationship with Ding Pang. Ding Pang slapped Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk he is not Mo Ming.  Siu Yuk told Ding Pang she doesn’t care who he is, she just wants to be with him. Ding Pang chased Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung threw a paper to Ding Pang and said he will tell him how to finish the moves but he must promise him one thing.


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