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Against the Blade of Honour episode 14 recap

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The boy lead Ding Pang to a narrow hallway. Ding Pang looked at the wall and had illusions of martial art moves. The kid left. Ding Pang yelled for Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang that he is too absorbed into winning the duel. The kid felt relaxed when he left while he only thinks of the next martial art step. Ding Pang realizes that if he let go of his martial art, he can walk through he hallway. The servant told Siu Yuk to look at the painting. Siu Yuk looked at the painting and thought of her being kicked out of her house and Ding Pang performing martial arts from the wall. Ever since her mother died, her father love her more than himself. The servant told Siu Yuk that whatever her father does is for her own good.

Ding Pang has a duel with Tse Hiu Fung. Tse Hiu Fung took down his mask and said it was intriguing. No one has ever surpassed is thirty moves. Ding Pang won the duel. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang that there are stuff he shouldn’t know because when he knows it he will feel painful. Siu Yuk said her wish is to be with Ding Pang. Tse Hiu Fung asked Ding Pang to do him a favor by take care of his daughter. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang to let go of the blade because it has the power to control human full of vengeance. The previous owner of this blade is from a dark sect.

Lau Yeuk Chung visited Mo Ming and said his background is even more pitiful than him. Ding Pang has caused him to lose his wife and martial arts. Lau Yeuk Chung chopped the cellar and gave the sword to Mo Ming

Ching Ching visited the cellar and saw Lau Yeuk Chung. Mo Ming killed the guards. Lau Yeuk Chung reads the poem. Mo Ming killed more people. Mo Ming told Ching Ching that Ding Pang  stole his lover and locked him in the cellar. Ching Ching told Mo MIng that the people are innocent. She is willing to die for Ding Pang. Ching Ching told Mo Ming to think of the song she played. She told him to give her his sword.  Lau Yeuk Cheung reads the poem. Mo Ming killed more people.  Ching Ching jumped in front of the person  his sword poked her two eyes. Ching Ching’s eyes got injured. Ching Ching told Mo Ming she doesn’t mind dying if her blood could help reduce his vengeance. Ching Ching thought of Ding Pang. Ching Ching woke up and felt hurt and don’t see anything. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming to promise her not to kill anyone.

Ding Pang gave Siu Yuk a letter from her father. Flashback of Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang to go to this place if he wants to know the truth. Ding Pang asked the restaurant owner about the location of the place. The restaurant owner said it is known to have ghosts in that place. Ding Pang went to the place and on the way he saw some green lights. Chun Ho Ching sat in the restaurant and told SIu Yuk to have a drink with her. Chung Ho Ching told Siu Yuk when she loves someone, she must use every tactic to keep him. Ding Pang read the words on the wall about Ching Ching’s father got attacked by the other good six sects. He and his sect hid in the island. Ching Ching’s father carved the the martial arts move of the dark sect. Ding Pang held his sword and denied it is a dark saber. Chun Ho Ching appears and told Ding Pang he survived from the dead. He found out this dark martial art moves and learned the martial arts. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang that his saber makes him evil which makes them a good evil pairing. Ding Pang ran in the woods and asked why did they chose him to hold the saber. Ding Pang confidently said after he marries her he will be the sect leader of an official sect.

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