Barrack Karma episode 11 recap

Joel told Jazz and Master Kai about he heard a girl said No Daddy. He called the police and they found out he raped her. Master Kai made Mia  some curry fried chicken. The new neighbor saw a whole on the wall and eavesdrop on Mia. Mr Yau called him and asked him to add more feelings on his design. The neighbor and Mia  text each other. Joel waited for Selena at a French restaurant and his souffle arrive. Joel gave Selena a bag and got upset she didn’t show up in the restaurant.

Selena called Mia while she exercise and she couldn’t hear it. Mia tripped. Mia read the news about her doing yoga. The neighbor heard Mia aching and eavesdropped on Mia eating noodles. The neighbor followed Mia in the bus and looked at her. The sub song of Revolving Door of Vengeance was played. The neighbor looked at Mia doing the laundry and imagined himself dressing up as skywalker saving the princess. Mia asked Lau Kong if she can pay her rent later. She requested him to switch room since she suspect someone is eavesdropping her. Selena texted her but there was a flash. Lau Kong told Mia she and Selena are good friends and it is normal she misses her and has an illusion she came back.

 The neighbor eavesdropped on Mia. Mia freaked out and ran. Selena saw her. Mia hid behind the wall carrying the broom. Joel saw the neighbor and thought he ate fried chicken. The neighbor closed the hole and lights flashed.

Selena sleeps and wonder where’s Joel. Selena had a dream in the past, Selena told Lau Kong her eyes hurt. Selena sighed to Lau Kong that Joel didn’t come to see her. Selena told Lau Kong he doesn’t know what it feels like to be in love. She misses the person even more. If he were in love with the person, wold he flee with them? Lau Kong played the erhu. Selena defended Ping Ping against other prostitutes. Selena seduced a client. Selena drinks. Joel stopped her. Selena told him to meet her at the restaurant at six in the afternoon tomorrow.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 19 recap

Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang with or without Ching Ching, he still needs to finish his task for him. Ding Pang took out his sword. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang ever since he killed Tse Hiu Fung, he cannot turn back. He only has a choice of working for him. The world will belong to them in three days.  There will be a battle between good and evil. Ding Pang told Tse Hiu Fung’s servant he wants everyone to leave the mansion. Siu Yuk wants to stay by Ding Pang. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk to leave. Ding Pang slapped Siu Yuk. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk that he killed her father. Ding Pang told Siu Yuk to leave. Ding Pang took Siu Yuk to her father’s body. Ding Pang said said he is cold blooded and is being a puppet. She should leave and find a good person to marry.

Ching Ching told Lau Yeuk Chung she is willing to use her life to repent for Ding Pang’s mistake. Lau Yeuk Chung asked her if it is worth it. Ching Ching hopes Lau Yeuk Chung live a peacefully life. Lau Yeuk Chung asked god why did he let Ding Pang steal everything from him. Ding Pang thought of Ching Ching’s father told him he can’t turn back since he killed all the sects. Ching Ching played the harp. Ding Pang searches for her. Ching Ching cried and enjoy hearing Ding Pang’s voice. She hopes he forgets her. She doesn’t want to be his burden. After tonight, he can achieve his goal. Ching Ching gave Lau Yeuk Chung her knife and told him to kill her for Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Chung dropped the knife.

Ding Pang burns the mansion. He took the sect to the dark sect. He said they’ve been betrayed by one person. From the outside, he looks good but he’s been manipulated by the dark sect. Ding Pang yelled and cried it’s him.

The priest said the sword has feelings, and if it belongs to the good sect then they can use it for the good. The buddha can remove it’s darkness. The priest told Ding Pang he is the leader of the good sect but is a spy for the dark sect. Ding Pang doesn’t have anything to say and is willing to let the sects kill him. Siu Yuk came to the temple and asked the sects if Ding Pang is a spy for the dark sect, can they punish him right now? If he isn’t willing to admit, could they punish him. Siu Yuk told the sects they claimed to be a good sect but did many bad things behind the scenes. The two sects fought, and if Ding Pang wasn’t there then they would been dead. Siu Yuk told them how Ding Pang helped them. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang she heard her father mutter that he caused him to have this burden. Ding Pang requested Siu Yuk to play the song that Ching Ching played for him. Ding Pang thought of Ching Ching.

Lau Yeuk Chung stood in front of the cellar and asked Ding Pang if he remembered he stole everything he has. Chun Ho Ching died for him and Ching Ching became blind. When Ding Pang dies tomorrow, he can repent his mistake. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ding Pang that Ching Ching begged the sects to forgive him. Ding Pang yelled and broke the cellar. Ding Pang yelled at the sects for killing Ching Ching. Ding Pang stabbed Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung told Ching Ching’s father that everyone has a weakness and Ding Pang’s weakness is Ching Ching. Lau Yeuk Chung said Ding Pang won’t be able to repent his mistake tonight. Lau Yeuk Chung just want to revenge Ding Pang. Ching Ching’s father gave Lau Yeuk Chung the three manuels. Lau Yeuk Chung got injured and has an illusion of seeing Chun Ho Ching holding his hand. Ding Pang held his blade and trembled.

Ching Ching came to the mansion. Ding Pang told Ching Ching that he killed all the sects. Ding Pang left the temple with Ching Ching.

The historian wrote that Ding Pang has killed three hundred people that night. Mo Ming believes Ding Pang and Ching Ching is hiding in a peaceful place. He put back the history manuel of Ding Pang back in the box. The good and dark sect fought with each other on the thirteenth of January. On the seventh of February, Ching Ching’s father became the leader of the sect.



Comment: A good episode to recap. Lots of stuff happening!

Barrack Karma episode 10 recap

Selena  visited Sasa’s granny Law Lan. Selena went to Sasa’s granny flat and got scared of the rocking chair moving. Joel took Fong Fong and Sasa out of the room. Sasa and Fong Fong told Joel they didn’t kill Man Man, it was the fox spirit. Sasa and Fong Fong planned to run away. They saw Man Man in the basket. They got scared of reporting or they would end up in worse fate than Man Man.  Fong Fong told Sasa to throw away the body and pretend to be dead. Joel told Fong Fong and Sasa he found the dutch cigarette which can’t be found in Macau. Coco guaranteed they didn’t killl anyone. Flashbacks of Joel getting beaten up by Dog Keung. Brother Hung gave Joel money to repay his gambling debt in return he has to report to him every move of Sasa.

The cops called. Joel put the phone down.  Joel looked at Selena’s pendant and found a key. It was Brother Hung’s key to Sasa. Joel opened the locker and found hundred and fifty grand of money and decided to keep it. Selena and Joel gambled and danced. At the beach, Selena told Joel she had a dream of being an air hostess that she could fly everywhere. Joel told Selena she doesn’t need another dream, she got him now. Joel kisses Selena.  Joel said he is thinking if it would be great if everyday is like this.  Selena told Joel if he takes her away, they can watch the stars everyday.

Selena told Lau Kong that she met the watchman . She found her love before thirty. Selena told Lau Kong that Joel is her lucky star and she can quit her job. Selena folds her clothes and Lan Po scratched her hand. Law Lan died. Dog Keung ordered his men to cut Fong Fong’s ears and asked her where’s the buddha pendant.  Sasa killed herself and said the fox spirit will give him a horrible dead. Selena made an announcement at the mansion. She danced with Joel. Selena opened the box and saw the pair of ears and freaked out. Dog Keung asked Selena where’s the buddha pendant. Selena pointed to her suitcase. While Dog Keung  searches in the suitcase, Selena hit him with a stick and run. Dog Keung  beat up Selena on the stair. Selena swears he will die a horrific dead.

 Joel went to the mansion. Dog Keung’s men chased him. The man searched the toilet. Joel put his feet up. The man checked the toilet next to Joel and the rats crawled out. The other man hit Joel from the back. Joel shot at the chandelier and it fell on the man. Joel came on the rooftop and pointed the gun at Dog Keung. He told Dog Keung that Boss Heung knew he would betray him so he asked him to keep his money. Joel threw the bag of money down the fortune tellers while they were doing a spell, and Dog Keung jumped down the fire. Dog Keung got burnt. Joel told Brother Heung that the bag of money got burnt with Dog Keung. Selena sighed to Joel she thought they could travel together but they can’t. Joel gave Selena his star pendant and said he’ll watch the next meteor shower with her.




Barrack Karma episode 9 recap

Selena serves Boss Li. Selena went home drunk. She smoked and said men in the nightclub are heartless. Lau Kong told Selena about last time her dream about the doll and the crow hag was interesting and he wanted to use them in his novel. Young Lau Kong told Selena there is a myth that if a black cat is staring at her, it means something is going to happen. Selena had a dream of Joel again. Selena  said she dreams of Joel watching the meteor shower on the rooftop with her. He told her whenever there’s a thunderstorm, mice chases cats instead. Selena’s coworkers wondered where Sasa is and there’s a tale of the fox spirit in the twilight mansion. Selena followed Lan Po. Joel asked drinks and asked for Sasa. Joel walked out and saw Selena. Selena tripped. Joel picked her up. Joel told the director to rush back to his wife.

Joel told Selena he became a cop. He had no money. His superior took his credit. His former boss went to bed with his fiance. Joel gave Selena his cigarette. Selena asked Joel if she’s seeing someone. Good men  won’t pick her but she doesn’t want bad men. Selena told Joel that the lift will stop at the wrong floor. Selena returned home and found the house a mess. Sasa’s body were bitten by mice. The lights turn off while Selena is drinking. Selena saw Lan Po.

Joel went with Selena to Macau. Selena told Joel she is the second oldest of her eight siblings. She worked in the factory but the money wasn’t enough to pay for the food and rent. Then she felt ill. Then the medical bill took of all of her money. Then her father marry her off to an old man from the States. A coworker introduced her a new job as a taxi driver and she took it. Selena rung the door  for Sasa’s granny.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 18 recap

Ching Ching’s father ordered Ding Pang to kill all the sects. Ding Pang showed a letter from the dark sect and said there’s a sect who is collaborating with the dark sect. In three months, Ding Pang has destroyed three sects. Ching CHing played the harp. Ding Pang felt drowsy. Ching Ching played the harp.  Ding Pang woke up and held her clothing. Ching Ching begged her father to not force Ding Pang or he’ll lose everything. Ching Ching’s father said he has waited for thirty years for this day. Ching Ching’s father took Ching Ching to the woods and showed her to the villagers who’s been stuck on the island. Ching Ching’s father slapped Ding Pang. Ching Ching’s father told Ching Ching if she can leave this wood alone then he promises her. He told the villagers to hit Ching Ching. Ching Ching crawled. Ching Ching apologized to her father for not being able to take care of him but she hopes he keep his promise. Ching Ching left the island.

Ching Ching woke up and saw Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung said they can’t be with their lover. Ching Ching asked Lau Yeuk Chung why she can’t be with Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Chung said it’s because of her getting in Ding Pang’s way. Ching Ching wants to see Mo Ming. Flashbacks of Lau Yeuk Chung folllowed Mo Ming and saw him getting injured after a duel. Mo Ming lead Ching Ching to a forest and told her to write a love poem to calm him down. Ching Ching recited the poem all night. Mo Ming came. Mo Ming recited the poem and said he has no goals and is like a dead person. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming if he remember his goal. Mo Ming said ever since he stepped in the forest, he has stopped thinking about holding this sword again. Ching Ching recited a poem and encouraged Mo Ming to hold his sword and continue his goal. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming to take out his hand. She told him to foget his past and start a new journey as Mo Ming. Ding Pang held his sword and thought of Ching Ching and yelled

. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang he hasn’t leave this room for three days. He has to report to him what he did to the sect each day. Ding Pang said nothing is important to him, he just wants to see Ching Ching. Ching Ching took Siu Yuk and hoped she would learn playing this tune in the harp in the shortest time. Ching Ching told Siu Yuk that she must play this song. Before she leaves, she wants to do her and Ding Pang a favor. Siu Yuk played the harp and hurt her fingers. Ching Ching told Siu Yuk she doesn’t have time to teach her, and she must learn the tune and play for the person she loves the most. Flashbacks of Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang if he wants to see Ching Ching he has to kill Tse Hiu Fung for him. Ding Pang hesitated and heard the song while Siu Yuk played. Ding Pang cried. Siu Yuk asked Ding Pang who is he crying for. Ching Ching has left. Ding Pang apologized to Siu Yuk he thought he could forget Ching Ching but he only has her in his heart. Siu Yuk cried. Siu Yuk played the harp and hurt her finger.

Ding Pang threw his blade in front of the villagers and asked them where is Ching Ching. Ching Ching’s father stood in front of Tse Hiu Fung and said it’s been thirty years.  For only a lie, he has harm the sect on the island. Ding Pang killed the sect on the island. A family trembled behind the bush.  Ding Pang made a vow if Ching Ching is hurt then he will kill everyone on this island. A boy pushed his sword at Ding Pang. The sect member told Ding Pang if he kill them, he won’t be able to see Ching Ching. The only way he can see Ching Ching is to kill Tse Hiu Fung.

Ding Pang held his blade and apologized to Tse Hiu Fung he came to kill him. Ding Pang fought with Tse Hiu Fung. Ding Pang threw his dagger and it sliced Tse Hiu Fung’s head. Tse Hiu Fung said thirty years ago he made a lie and regret. Thirty years later he let him have this burden. Now he uses his blood to return half of his life.

Against the Blade of Honour episode 17 recap

During the night, Tse Hiu Fung only wanted to see the mysterious lady. She is Ching Ching’s father fiance but she only has Tse Hiu Fung in his heart. Tse Hiu Fung said Ching Ching’s father only focus on his work affairs. One day he couldn’t stand it and had a night with her. Tse Hiu Fung feel frustrated he couldn’t  make a choice as a legendary swordman. Tse Hiu Fung made a stupid move for that lady. Ching Ching’s father waited to settle with the six sects but he couldn’t believe this is the end of the dark sect. A sect member pushed his sword toward the lady. Tse Hiu Fung checked on the dark sect and saw the lady before she passed away. For thirty years, he has lied to the world. Ding Pang asked Tse Hiu Fung if he’s afraid Ching Ching’s father will revenge. Tse Hiu Fung told Ding Pang to leave with Siu Yuk.

Siu Yuk asked Ding Pang if he is confident he can defeat Chun Ho Ching. Chun Ho Ching helped Ching Ching and told her that when we lose the one we love the most, although we are generous every day seems longer and we always feel hesitated. Ching Ching has a different perspective that we can feel satisfied. Ching Ching only knows she can give up everything for Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching  said she would use every scheme to win everything back. Ding Pang looked at Ching Ching. Ding Pang asked Chun Ho Ching why did she gave Ching Ching the yellow petal. Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang she can give Ching Ching a saber next time which will hurt him.

Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang. Chun Ho Ching pointed her sword at Ding Pang. She told him he can’t protect himself, how can he protect Ching Ching.  Chun Ho Ching told Ding Pang to leave. Ding Pang went back to the forest and picked up his saber.

The six sect leaders wait for Ding Pang and asked Siu Yuk where’s Ding Pang. Ding Pang came to Siu Yuk and told showed his saber and said everything will be fine with it. Ching Ching’s father told Chun Ho Ching that Ding Pang will return to her. Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang. Ding Pang told her he represents the good sect to fight her. Chun Ho Ching asked Ding Pang when will he repay what he has owes her. Ding Pang told her he only has Ching Ching in his heart. Chun Ho Ching fought with Ding Pang and died in his arm. Chun Ho Ching said she thought she could use the saber to win his love but she couldn’t do it so she rather die under his arm so he can remember her.

Ding Pang read a letter and met Ching Ching’s father. Ching Ching’s father smiled and is impressed of having Ding Pang as their leader. Ding Pang refused to be his pawn. Ching Ching’s father asked Ding Pang if he can stand being humiliated by both the dark and good sect. If he keep the saber, he can have both. Ching Ching’s father took Ding Pang to the people in the island and said those people were forced by the sect escape to the island. They hope he can lead them.



Against the Blade of Honour episode 16 recap

Chun Ho Ching came and told Ching Ching only she knows how it feels to be heartbroken. Chun Ho Ching told Ching Ching she can stay being heartbroken or kill Ding Pang. Ching Ching opened her sword and closing it. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming to do one thing for her. Ching Ching told Mo Ming to take her to the mansion. Ching Ching came and apologized to Siu Yuk that she mistaken her husband with the same name. She won’t blame her husband for leaving her. Ching Ching gave SIu Yuk a string. Ching Ching gave Siu Yuk her sword. Ching Ching told Ding Pang this will be the last time she will see him. Ching Ching touched Ding Pang’s face.

Lau Yeuk Cheung recited a poem in the brothel. He called Mo Ming a coward. Lau Yeuk Chung asked Mo Ming what is he waiting for. Mo Ming slapped and hit Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung died. Mo Ming proudly said he has to revenge by blood. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang the story of the knot tying them together. Mo Ming killed the guards. Mo Ming told Siu Yuk to tell Ding Pang to come out. Mo Ming recited the poem in front of Siu Yuk. Mo Ming told Siu Yuk his identity. Ding Pang saw Ching Ching crawling. Siu Yuk told Mo Ming she was willing to follow Ding Pang. Siu Yuk said she recognizes the feeling of love when she met Ding Pang. Siu Yuk pointed the sword at Mo Ming.

Ching Ching’s father visited Ching Ching and said he knows everything that happened. Ching Ching just wants to live alone peacefully. Ching Ching begs her father to not harm Ding Pang. Siu Yuk told Ding Pang, when she pointed her sword at Mo Ming, she found out she can do anything for him. Siu Yuk hugged Ding Pang. Ding Pang doesn’t know if he made the right decision. He chose the path that was the best for him but in his heart he loves Ching Ching the most. Ding Pang looked at Ching Ching by the window and know he has caused her to be miserable.

In the sixth of June, he has duel with other sect leaders. He became respected after Tse Hiu Fung. Chun Ho Ching killed the members of other sect. She asked Ching Ching’s father how many people does she have to kill to reach her goal.  Ching Ching’s father told Chun Ho Ching she is more fortunate than him since his lover have a chance to reunite with her.

Ding Pang received an invitation to the dark sect. Ding Pang apologized to the sect he threw his blade in the sea and sworn he won’t use it. Tse Hiu Fung had a talk with Ding Pang and said he is sure the person behind this is Ching Ching’s father. The six sects owned Ching Ching’s father and their leader was Tse Hiung. On the fifth of march he official removed the dark sect. Tse Hiu Fung argued with Ching Ching’s father but he respects his knowledge and generosity. They both agreed on the settlement between the dark and good. Tse Hiu Fung saw a mysterious lady behind the cover. She is the princess, Ching Ching’s father’s fiance.