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Against the Blade of Honour episode 18 recap

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Ching Ching’s father ordered Ding Pang to kill all the sects. Ding Pang showed a letter from the dark sect and said there’s a sect who is collaborating with the dark sect. In three months, Ding Pang has destroyed three sects. Ching CHing played the harp. Ding Pang felt drowsy. Ching Ching played the harp.  Ding Pang woke up and held her clothing. Ching Ching begged her father to not force Ding Pang or he’ll lose everything. Ching Ching’s father said he has waited for thirty years for this day. Ching Ching’s father took Ching Ching to the woods and showed her to the villagers who’s been stuck on the island. Ching Ching’s father slapped Ding Pang. Ching Ching’s father told Ching Ching if she can leave this wood alone then he promises her. He told the villagers to hit Ching Ching. Ching Ching crawled. Ching Ching apologized to her father for not being able to take care of him but she hopes he keep his promise. Ching Ching left the island.

Ching Ching woke up and saw Lau Yeuk Chung. Lau Yeuk Chung said they can’t be with their lover. Ching Ching asked Lau Yeuk Chung why she can’t be with Ding Pang. Lau Yeuk Chung said it’s because of her getting in Ding Pang’s way. Ching Ching wants to see Mo Ming. Flashbacks of Lau Yeuk Chung folllowed Mo Ming and saw him getting injured after a duel. Mo Ming lead Ching Ching to a forest and told her to write a love poem to calm him down. Ching Ching recited the poem all night. Mo Ming came. Mo Ming recited the poem and said he has no goals and is like a dead person. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming if he remember his goal. Mo Ming said ever since he stepped in the forest, he has stopped thinking about holding this sword again. Ching Ching recited a poem and encouraged Mo Ming to hold his sword and continue his goal. Ching Ching asked Mo Ming to take out his hand. She told him to foget his past and start a new journey as Mo Ming. Ding Pang held his sword and thought of Ching Ching and yelled

. Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang he hasn’t leave this room for three days. He has to report to him what he did to the sect each day. Ding Pang said nothing is important to him, he just wants to see Ching Ching. Ching Ching took Siu Yuk and hoped she would learn playing this tune in the harp in the shortest time. Ching Ching told Siu Yuk that she must play this song. Before she leaves, she wants to do her and Ding Pang a favor. Siu Yuk played the harp and hurt her fingers. Ching Ching told Siu Yuk she doesn’t have time to teach her, and she must learn the tune and play for the person she loves the most. Flashbacks of Ching Ching’s father told Ding Pang if he wants to see Ching Ching he has to kill Tse Hiu Fung for him. Ding Pang hesitated and heard the song while Siu Yuk played. Ding Pang cried. Siu Yuk asked Ding Pang who is he crying for. Ching Ching has left. Ding Pang apologized to Siu Yuk he thought he could forget Ching Ching but he only has her in his heart. Siu Yuk cried. Siu Yuk played the harp and hurt her finger.

Ding Pang threw his blade in front of the villagers and asked them where is Ching Ching. Ching Ching’s father stood in front of Tse Hiu Fung and said it’s been thirty years.  For only a lie, he has harm the sect on the island. Ding Pang killed the sect on the island. A family trembled behind the bush.  Ding Pang made a vow if Ching Ching is hurt then he will kill everyone on this island. A boy pushed his sword at Ding Pang. The sect member told Ding Pang if he kill them, he won’t be able to see Ching Ching. The only way he can see Ching Ching is to kill Tse Hiu Fung.

Ding Pang held his blade and apologized to Tse Hiu Fung he came to kill him. Ding Pang fought with Tse Hiu Fung. Ding Pang threw his dagger and it sliced Tse Hiu Fung’s head. Tse Hiu Fung said thirty years ago he made a lie and regret. Thirty years later he let him have this burden. Now he uses his blood to return half of his life.

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