Barrack Karma episode 9 recap

Selena serves Boss Li. Selena went home drunk. She smoked and said men in the nightclub are heartless. Lau Kong told Selena about last time her dream about the doll and the crow hag was interesting and he wanted to use them in his novel. Young Lau Kong told Selena there is a myth that if a black cat is staring at her, it means something is going to happen. Selena had a dream of Joel again. Selena  said she dreams of Joel watching the meteor shower on the rooftop with her. He told her whenever there’s a thunderstorm, mice chases cats instead. Selena’s coworkers wondered where Sasa is and there’s a tale of the fox spirit in the twilight mansion. Selena followed Lan Po. Joel asked drinks and asked for Sasa. Joel walked out and saw Selena. Selena tripped. Joel picked her up. Joel told the director to rush back to his wife.

Joel told Selena he became a cop. He had no money. His superior took his credit. His former boss went to bed with his fiance. Joel gave Selena his cigarette. Selena asked Joel if she’s seeing someone. Good men  won’t pick her but she doesn’t want bad men. Selena told Joel that the lift will stop at the wrong floor. Selena returned home and found the house a mess. Sasa’s body were bitten by mice. The lights turn off while Selena is drinking. Selena saw Lan Po.

Joel went with Selena to Macau. Selena told Joel she is the second oldest of her eight siblings. She worked in the factory but the money wasn’t enough to pay for the food and rent. Then she felt ill. Then the medical bill took of all of her money. Then her father marry her off to an old man from the States. A coworker introduced her a new job as a taxi driver and she took it. Selena rung the door  for Sasa’s granny.

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