Barrack Karma episode 10 recap

Selena  visited Sasa’s granny Law Lan. Selena went to Sasa’s granny flat and got scared of the rocking chair moving. Joel took Fong Fong and Sasa out of the room. Sasa and Fong Fong told Joel they didn’t kill Man Man, it was the fox spirit. Sasa and Fong Fong planned to run away. They saw Man Man in the basket. They got scared of reporting or they would end up in worse fate than Man Man.  Fong Fong told Sasa to throw away the body and pretend to be dead. Joel told Fong Fong and Sasa he found the dutch cigarette which can’t be found in Macau. Coco guaranteed they didn’t killl anyone. Flashbacks of Joel getting beaten up by Dog Keung. Brother Hung gave Joel money to repay his gambling debt in return he has to report to him every move of Sasa.

The cops called. Joel put the phone down.  Joel looked at Selena’s pendant and found a key. It was Brother Hung’s key to Sasa. Joel opened the locker and found hundred and fifty grand of money and decided to keep it. Selena and Joel gambled and danced. At the beach, Selena told Joel she had a dream of being an air hostess that she could fly everywhere. Joel told Selena she doesn’t need another dream, she got him now. Joel kisses Selena.  Joel said he is thinking if it would be great if everyday is like this.  Selena told Joel if he takes her away, they can watch the stars everyday.

Selena told Lau Kong that she met the watchman . She found her love before thirty. Selena told Lau Kong that Joel is her lucky star and she can quit her job. Selena folds her clothes and Lan Po scratched her hand. Law Lan died. Dog Keung ordered his men to cut Fong Fong’s ears and asked her where’s the buddha pendant.  Sasa killed herself and said the fox spirit will give him a horrible dead. Selena made an announcement at the mansion. She danced with Joel. Selena opened the box and saw the pair of ears and freaked out. Dog Keung asked Selena where’s the buddha pendant. Selena pointed to her suitcase. While Dog Keung  searches in the suitcase, Selena hit him with a stick and run. Dog Keung  beat up Selena on the stair. Selena swears he will die a horrific dead.

 Joel went to the mansion. Dog Keung’s men chased him. The man searched the toilet. Joel put his feet up. The man checked the toilet next to Joel and the rats crawled out. The other man hit Joel from the back. Joel shot at the chandelier and it fell on the man. Joel came on the rooftop and pointed the gun at Dog Keung. He told Dog Keung that Boss Heung knew he would betray him so he asked him to keep his money. Joel threw the bag of money down the fortune tellers while they were doing a spell, and Dog Keung jumped down the fire. Dog Keung got burnt. Joel told Brother Heung that the bag of money got burnt with Dog Keung. Selena sighed to Joel she thought they could travel together but they can’t. Joel gave Selena his star pendant and said he’ll watch the next meteor shower with her.




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