Barrack Karma episode 11 recap

Joel told Jazz and Master Kai about he heard a girl said No Daddy. He called the police and they found out he raped her. Master Kai made Mia  some curry fried chicken. The new neighbor saw a whole on the wall and eavesdrop on Mia. Mr Yau called him and asked him to add more feelings on his design. The neighbor and Mia  text each other. Joel waited for Selena at a French restaurant and his souffle arrive. Joel gave Selena a bag and got upset she didn’t show up in the restaurant.

Selena called Mia while she exercise and she couldn’t hear it. Mia tripped. Mia read the news about her doing yoga. The neighbor heard Mia aching and eavesdropped on Mia eating noodles. The neighbor followed Mia in the bus and looked at her. The sub song of Revolving Door of Vengeance was played. The neighbor looked at Mia doing the laundry and imagined himself dressing up as skywalker saving the princess. Mia asked Lau Kong if she can pay her rent later. She requested him to switch room since she suspect someone is eavesdropping her. Selena texted her but there was a flash. Lau Kong told Mia she and Selena are good friends and it is normal she misses her and has an illusion she came back.

 The neighbor eavesdropped on Mia. Mia freaked out and ran. Selena saw her. Mia hid behind the wall carrying the broom. Joel saw the neighbor and thought he ate fried chicken. The neighbor closed the hole and lights flashed.

Selena sleeps and wonder where’s Joel. Selena had a dream in the past, Selena told Lau Kong her eyes hurt. Selena sighed to Lau Kong that Joel didn’t come to see her. Selena told Lau Kong he doesn’t know what it feels like to be in love. She misses the person even more. If he were in love with the person, wold he flee with them? Lau Kong played the erhu. Selena defended Ping Ping against other prostitutes. Selena seduced a client. Selena drinks. Joel stopped her. Selena told him to meet her at the restaurant at six in the afternoon tomorrow.

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