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Barrack Karma episode 12 recap

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Selena waited for Joel at the restaurant.  She called him and Joel’s coworker told her that Joel is working in the police station. Selena left. Joel ran and catch up with Selena and apologized he had to make an arrest. Selena told Joel she wanted to be alone but keep on seeing him in her dream. Joel told Selena that Brother Hung bribed some official and he will be release. Joel said he didn’t want her to be affected. Joel told Selena that he will protect her. They can runaway wherever she wants and watch the meteor shower together. Lau Kong played the erhu and wondered if Selena remember this tune.

Mr.Yau introduced the neighbor to Clare. Clire asked him to take selfies with her to promote his design. The neighbor got mad and threw the cardboard arts at them. Mia came and took a selfie with Clare. The neighbor looked at the holes on the wall and realized that KOL stands for King of Lies and Mia must be destroyed. Six Wing and Jazz read online that Mia is exposed as she lied about being best friend with Clare. Mia received unfollowed from her fans. Mia went live that she wore fake designer brands and her room is small. The airport and travel snaps were sent by her flight attendant friend. Mia cuts her hair. She said she did everything to earn likes. She will disappear and starts a new life again. She hopes they will like her.

The neighbor thought of Mia and had a dream of Mia telling her that without his mirror he is garbage. The neighbor eavesdrop on Mia practiced to be in the singing audition. Mia received a red bean soup delivery from the neighbor. Mia did singing audition. She said she joined King of Likes to receive more likes but now she knows she wants to be a singer. Mia came in the neighbor’s flat being drunk. The neighbor tried to kiss Mia while she’s drunk on the bed. Mia noticed a hole on her arm bandage. Mia cried and said her mother sewed this pair of rabbit socks for her. She worked hard on sewing with her poor eyesight. She turned blind. She hasn’t given her mom any money. She needs to get a job. The neighbor looked at his dress shirt and talk about following the trend in front of Mia. Mia sings in front of the petition. Mia won the petition to go to Korea to be a singer.

Mia asked Joel about the new neighbor. Joel asked Mia about where’s Selena. Mia told Joel about Selena being on the flight FQ235 which the customers died. Joel looked at the CCTV and saw him talking to Selena who was invisible. Joel read the postcard she wrote for herself. Selena saw Mia. Joel held on her. Joel told Selena about Mia going to Korea. Selena asked Joel if the neighbor eying on her has to do with her winning. Joel believes the neighbor must have seen Mia’s true self and helped him. Selena sighed to Joel that one Tung Tung and Mia left and she doesn’t know if she feels lonely. Joel told Selena that she still have him.  If she is flying, he will look at the sky and wait for her return. Selena told Joel to not take her for granted .She doesn’t settle for a man easily. Joel kisses Selena and she vanishes. Joel cried for Selena.

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