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Barrack Karma episode 13 recap

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6 Wing took a shower with a girl he met from the bar Amy. There was a strange sound.  6Wing talk to Jazz about having sex with a girl but the hard part is dumping the girl. Two girls gossipped about Carmen working all day and end up like an old maid. 6 Wing looked at girls in the wedding banquet of Amy.  She met Carmen, an old friend.  He asked her where’s her husband. Carmen told him her boyfriend is doing a charity event and will pick her up later. Amy made an announcement, she wants Carmen to have the bouquet of flowers. She has never seen her dating after work. In the restroom, Carmen heard the girls in the restroom talked about having a date with 6Wing. They found their true love the next day after having sex with him. 6 Wing went in the elevator with Carmen, and the girls went in with him.

Selena sighed to Joel that Mia haven’t called her after going to the competition. Joel asked Selena what’s her dream. Selena said she wants to see buckwheat flowers. There’s a buckwheat field in Korea. Selena told Joel sometimes we are in the right place but not the right time, but right time but not the right person. Joel sighed the timing is not right. Joel told Selena she flies from time to time so it’s hard to see her. The floors leaked. Selena couldn’t wash it. Joel came and flushed the toilet and said the toilet was drained. Joel wiped the floor. Selena hugged Joel and said thankfully he’s there; she was so scared. Selena told Joel she thought he was a bit stubborn but now she finds him sexy. Lau Kong looked at the two drawings of Selena which Joel drew. Joel checked the basement and thought of his past with Selena and got a headache. Joel cried and wondered what can he do.  Ching Ching’s friend told Ching Ching to go for 6Wing so she can marry a rich guy and she can dump Raj. Carmen told Ching Ching’s friend she has low IQ and shouldn’t believe 6Wing. Carmen said she is 6Wing’s college school mate.

Selena told Joel she has poor memory, she doesn’t remember what she has done, Joel told Selena even if her memory is poor, she must remember who he is. Selena told Joel she remembered Sister Yuki told her to buy her a mask, skincare product, and massage stick in Korea. Now it’s time for her to pay back. Joel told Selena he will pay her instead. Selena went and asked Sister Yuki. Joel came and said there’s cockroaches. Selena saw  Amy walking out of the room, and 6Wing is in it. Selena was surprised seeing Amy shined. Selena told Joel that the girls are using 6Wing, and they get happiness. Shui introduced 6Wing to the tourists. The women followed 6Wing. Joel lead them to a different direction. Carmen watches two girls fighting for 6Wing at the bar. 6Wing told Carmen that he is golden boy and has girls going for him and he shouldn’t go back to his old date. Carmen told 6Wing he’s not young anymore. 6Wing said he can die alone at home without anyone knowing. Carmen left and cried. 6Wing followed her.

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