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Barrack Karma episode 14 recap

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6Wing told Jazz he’s tired of women, they see him as a good luck charm instead of as human. 6Wing covered his face and eat dim sum with his mom. Carmen told 6Wing’s mother that 6Wing is a net celebrity Golden Boy so he covered his face.  6Wing’s mother told 6Wing she left his father and married his stepfather. 6Wing’s mother asked Carmen if she ever considered 6Wing Wing. 6Wing’s mother gave 6Wing two movie tickets to an art film. During the movie, they saw couples kiss each other in the theater. Carmen tries to have sex with 6Wing but it didn’t work. 6Wing asked Carmen she’s also like other women. Carmen said every woman wants to marry a rich man. Carmen told 6Wing he enjoys sleeping with other women but why is she the exception. 6Wing asked her if at this age, she still dreams of marrying a rich man. Carmen told 6Wing she has wasted seven years on him.

Yuki sighed that 6Wing could have rent a more elegant hotel with his status but he always come here. He used to always come here with the same girl. 6Wing and Carmen thought about how they used to sleep together. 6Wing sighed that Carmen works for the big 4 accountants and the hotel rent is expensive. Carmen rant that she is so busy with work and had a minute to spare with him and he complains about the hotel being pricey. 6Wing left that he’s poor and won’t have time for her. Ching Ching told 6 Wing she and Raj will take their bridal shoot in Japan. Flashbacks of Carmen told 6Wing that they want to take photoshoots in Japan when they get married. 6Wing teased his family will say the cherry blossoms are pretty but the bride. Carmen got upset. 6Wing cheered her up and said he will take his life to save her.

6Wing had sex with Carmen for the last time. Carmen chased 6Wing. She almost got hit by a car. 6Wing watches the rich man carry Carmen.

Pui Pui wanted to suicide and cried and told Selena she had three abortion because of Master Choi. Pui Pui made a curse on Master Choi that he will never get true love. Master Choi had a mistress and got absorbed by the mansion. Selena told Lau Kong she hopes that fox spirit will bless the ladies won’t be fooled by love. She always has a dream of water and a glittering man.

In the present, Selena has a nightmare of she died in a plane crash. The water leaked from the shelves. Joel drove Selena out of the library. Lau Kong wondered who is Joel talking to.

6Wing drinks in the bar. A lady bought him a drink. 6 Wing went in the hotel and told Suki he wants to end the lease. He enters the room and saw Carmen sitting on the bed. 6 Wing told Carmen that Mister Siu has nine hundred million dollars and she’s not happy. Flashbacks of Carmen rejected Mister Siu when he proposed to her. She can be the happiest woman in the world with a beautiful house and man but he’s not the man in her dream. 6Wing is happy that Carmen chose him over a rich man.

Selena saw Joe land tried to pass through the building but got pushed back. Selena cried and wondered if she’s dead. Joel saw Lan Po and climbed up the vent and found a star pendant.  Selena remembered now why she has to come back. Selena disappeared. Joel cried.

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