HK-Korean Drama Expression

Barrack Karma episode 15 recap

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Peter told Siu Suet if she has a pretty face, she can receive flowers and money like Selena. Siu Suet looked in the mirror and saw her reflection asking her if she wants to be pretty and be loved .She gave her a gift. Two ladies asked the tourist where to buy Korean Cosmetics. The tourist told the two elder ladies that they are already pretty and he might not recognize them. Miss Yuki told the tourist that her period is over. She gave him money to be on bed with her. The tourist gave Miss Yuki a  moisturizer and anti aging mask.  The tourist told Miss Yuki that the clients asked him if she’s thirty eighty and he guessed it. The tourist told Miss Yuki that his friend Wang will come in two days and he hopes she takes care of her.

Yuki wore a dress and saw a girl told the saleswoman that she found the dress too girly and she prefer the black dress which makes her look more mature. Miss Yuki visited Physician Wang. Physician Wang looked at Miss Yuki and look at her face surgery. Physician Wang asked Miss Yuki if she knows how old she is . Miss Yuki asked Physician Wang if she can treat her. She is willing to pay to make her look young and pretty. Physician Wang put on herb on Yuki’s face. Joel told Lau Kong about he knew Selena in the past and she came back to Twilight Mansion to see him. Joel asked Lau Kong if he knows Selena in his dream.

Jazz guesses Miss Yuki’s age is fifty. Joel went to Miss Yuki’s room and saw a portrait of her being naked. Yuki told him that the photo was taken by a Japanese Photographer when he was courting her. Joel showed Miss Yuki the brooch and asked her if she seen it. Miss Yuki said she saw the brooch when she was little and belonged to a taxi dancer. Miss Yuki found a brooch and remembered her mother told her to be pretty. Miss Yuki told Joel to ask Lau Kong since he was here since the mansion was built.

Miss Yuki aging and walking on the street. The tourist held on to her and broke the mirror. Miss Yuki told the tourist that she was a beauty and the triad bosses fought for her. A boy played the ball, and Miss Yuki caught it. He called her auntie then grannie. The tourist barged in Physician Wang’s room. Joel noticed the cigarrette and asked Lau Kong if it belongs to Selena’s previous life.

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