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Gentle Reflections episode 1 recap

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Poon Kam Lien takes a bath. A maid told Poon Kam Lien she’s just a maid who dream of marrying a rich man. The ladymaster asked the maid where’s the candles. The maid blamed Poon Kam Lien didn’t bring it. Poon Kam Lien watches the ladies. Poon Kam Lien bought a red umbrella. The stall owner looked at her and gave her buy one get one free. Poon Kam Lien tries some blushes. The stall owner touches her. Lee Ping Yee took her out. Lee Ping Yee teased Poon Kam Lien to stop seducing men, and Poon Kam Lien chases her and bumped into  Mou Dai Long, a hunchback. Mou Dai Long teased Poon Kam Lien if he wants to marry her then how much should he pay her. Kam Lien said five hundred thousand taels.

Poon Kam Lien and the two maids threw the incense sticks. Poon Kam Lien told them that this is the third time she picked up a good fortune and she may marry a rich man. Lee Ping Yee said they have to work hard. Poon Kam Lien daydream of being a concubine. Lee Ping Yee rather work hard and make her own living. Lee Ping Yee want to save money to open her own business. Poon Kam Lien believe they must rely on a man. The master eavesdrop on Poon Kam Lien taking a shower. Poon Kam Lien screamed. The lady master saw her husband’s eye having bruises. The master said he saw a cat eating a fish and he accidentally bumped into the wall. Poon Kam Lien said maybe it was the cat causing noises. The lady master picked up a red fortune letter of she would like to get married. The lady master got mad and punished Poon Kam Lien cutting the woods three days.

During the night, the master told Poon Kam Lien she is good at keeping the secret. The master wants to make her a concubine. The maid overheard them. The master gave her a piece of jade. The lady said last night she lost her golden bracelet and who stole it. The maids checked Poon Kam Lien’s room and didn’t find anything. Poon Kam Lien held her golden jade. The maid found it. The lady master hit Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien said hte master gave it to her and wanted her to be his concubine. The lady spanked Poon Kam Lien and asked her to admit it. The master came. The master blamed Poon Kam Lien to be spoiled.

Mou Dai Long’s daughter asked for a medicine. The doctor gave her a pack of herb while the elder doctor is looking for some herbs. Mou Dai Long poured a bottle of his saving from baking pancakes and requested Lee Ping Yee to marry off Poon Kam Lien to her. Mou Dai Long begged the lady master to marry off Poon Kam Lien to him. Poon Kam Lien refuses to marry Mou Dai Long. The lady master told her she must either marry to Mou Dai Long or go suicide. The lady master ordered her maid to pour food in Poon Kam Lien.  Poon Kam Lien shakes her head. Lee Ping Yee visited Poon Kam Lien and told her to agree to marry Mou Dai Long, he’s a gentleman and it’s a good temporary plan. The master visited Mou Dai Long and ordered him to pretend to marry Poon Kam Lien. The master’s servant beat him up. The master told him even if he can’t have Poon Kam Lien, he won’t let anyone have him.

The lady master returned the ransom paper to her. Poon Kam Lien tore the paper and said after this then she doesn’t have to worry about being framed. The people and the lady master cheered for Mou Dai Long to kick the sedan chair. The lady master offered to piggyback Poon Kam Lien. She rather just walk. Mou Dai Long upsetly drink. Mou Dai Long left. The master raped Poon Kam Lien. The master told her she is only missing a title. He can visit her every night. The master gave Mou Dai Long his gold. Poon Kam Lien spit at Mou Dai Long.

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