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Gentle Reflections episode 3 recap

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Poon Kam Lien apologized to Sai Moon Hing and left. The nanny invited Sai Moon Hing for a drink of tea. Sai Moon Hing asked the nanny which family does Poon Kam Lien belongs to. The nanny said Poon Kam Lien’s husband is the hunchback Mou Dai Long. Sai Moon Hing told the nanny she wants a mistress but needs her help. Sai Moon Hing laid down and thought of Poon Kam Lien. Poon Kam Lien drinks and told the pupil she doesn’t trust him because he tried to get her drunk so he can marry Mou Dai Long’s daughter. Sam Moon Hing waits in front of Mou Dai Long’s house. He requested the nanny to help him win Poon Kam Lien’s heart.

The nanny told Poon Kam Lien to sew a cloth for her. Sai Moon Hing greets the nanny and asked Poon Kam Lien about her identity. The nanny prepared a meal for Sai Moon Hing and Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long and his pupil eavesdrop on Sai Moon Hing and Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long’s pupil gave the nanny some money. The nanny told the pupil to leave.

Mou Dai Long confronted Poon Kam Lien and Sai Moon Hing for having an affair. Mou Dai Long dragged Poon Kam Lien out. Mou Dai Long slapped Poon Kam Lien. Mou Dai Long cried and  told Poon Kam Lien  he feels very hurt. He rather being scold by her and don’t want to lose her. Poon Kam Lien asked Mou Dai Long even if she goes out with Sai Moon Hing in public, does he dares to call them out. Poon Kam Lien pushed Mou Dai Long and said she is pretty and has standard but he and the master have ruined her reputation. Mou Chong held on her. Mou Chong came and grabbed Mou Dai Long. Poon Kam Lien told Mou Chong other wouldn’t believe that he and Mou Dai Long are brothers.

People wouldn’t hire the doctor. The doctor asked Mou Chong for a job. Mou Chong said there’s a bodyguard post. Lee Ping Yee gave a good luck charm to Mou CHong and Mou Chong. The maid teases Lee Ping Yee of falling for Mou Chong. The master told Poon Kam Lien he got promoted to be a magistrate. The master looked at the food and asked Poon Kam Lien who’s he waiting for. The master slapped her. Poon Kam Lien told her master that Mou Dai Long is scared of him but he’s scared of his wife. Poon Kam Lien said everytime he’s here she only sees him as a pig or a dog. The master slapped Poon Kam Lien. The master threaten the nanny to not let anyone else know it. The nanny told Sai Moon Hing that the master is Poon Kam Lien’s husband and Mou Dai Long only fake his marriage. Sai Moon Hing blocked the master’s way.’

The master came out of the sedan chair and told the workers to continue throwing down the boxes of Sai Moon Hing’s herbs. The master heard the news of the master bringing three fabrics to the official. Sai Moon Ling’s two servants sneaked in the master’s warehouse of fabrics. The master’s wife screamed seeing the men.  The men accidentally pushed the lamp on the fabric and it burn the warehouse. Lee Ping Yee came in the warehouse. The two men pushed the library and it fell on her. She fainted. Mou Chong carried Lee Ping Yee out of the fire. The doctor told Mou Chong he thinks Sai Moon Hing did it since he competed with him to be the magaistrate. The doctor came and asked if he ordered his men to burn the master and his wife. Sai Moon Hing told the official that the doctor wanted to revenge him being angry he fired him and he accused him of setting the fire. The official asked Mou Chong if he has evidence of someone setting up a fire. Perhaps the stick fell on her and he fainted. If there’s no evidence of a third person in the incident and there was fire so it was an unfortunate fire incident. The case is closed.

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