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Gentle Reflections episode 5 recap

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Mou Dai Long sighed to Mou Chong he worked hard to buy Poon Kam Lien but all he get is criticism. Mou Chong encouraged him to be more gentle. The nanny gave Poon Kam Lien some herbs from Sai Moon Hing. Mou Dai Long gave Poon Kam Lien an hairpin. A pregnant lady asked for direction to the palace. Her son is hungry. Far Chi Hui gave her his bag of buns. The lady is giving birth. Far Chi Hui’s servant brought Lee Ping Yee. Far Chi Hui held the baby. Poon Kam Lien eaves drop on the nanny told Sai Moon Hing he brought herbs and bird’s nest and must have a crush on her. Poon Kam Lien refuses his love.

Far Chi Hui beat up a man for stealing his money when he gambles. Far Chi Hui took him to his wife, the pregnant woman. The man told his wife that he didn’t went to the palace to take the exam, someone stole his money. Lee Ping Yee spoke up for Far Chi Hui to his father that he helped a man reunite with his wife. Far Chi Hui went in the kitchen and asked Lee Ping Yee why did she helped him.


The doctor lead Ping Yee to Muo Chong. Ping Yee gave Mou Chong a bag of buns. She almost tripped and she gave him her handmade shoes. Poon Kam Lien got upset and gave him the shoes she sewed. Poon Kam Lien got mad at Lee Ping Yee for stealing  Mou Chong from her. Lee Ping Yee drinks and sighed to Sai Moon Hing and the nanny that Lee Ping Yee stole Mou Chong from her. Poon Kam Lien gave Mou Chong a drink. Mou Chong told Poon Kam Lien he only has Lee Ping Yee in his heart. Poon Kam Lien seduced Mou Chong. Mou Chong pushed her. Poon Kam Lien asked Mou Chong if he knows how much she has suffered from his brother. His brother has let the master rape her and ruined her life. His brother forced her to marry him. Mou Chong told Mou Dai Long to treat Poon Kam Lien nicer.

Mou Dai Long’s pupil wants to marry Mou Dai Long’s daughter.  Poon Kam Lien said the doctor is a thief and now is a bodyguard who wants to steal stuff from the court. Poon Kam Lien said whereas Mou Dai Long’s pupil is hardworking. Mou Dai Long’s daughter refuses and slapped the pupil and left. Mou Dai Long’s daughter and the doctor begged Mou Dai Long to let them be together. The doctor held Mou Dai Long’s daughter’s hand and left.  The pupil and Mou Dai Long chased them. Mou Dai Long held on the the doctor’s bag and fell down the stair and fainted.

A doctor said Mou Dai Long broke his back. Mou Dai Long yelled at Poon Kam Lien and told her to give her some herb and lock his daughter. The nanny told Poon Kam Lien if Mou Dai Long injured more when he fell then everything will be fine. Mou Dai Long yelled and ache his stomach. Poon Kam Lien put on the rat powder in the pot. The doctor begs Poon Kam Lien to let him see Mou Dai Long’s daughter. Poon Kam Lien brought the cup of drink to Mou Dai Long. Mou Dai Long drank the cup and ached. Poon Kam Lien pushed the pillow on Mou Dai Long. Poon Kam Lien freaks out seeing Mou Dai Long dead.


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