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Gentle Reflections episode 7 recap

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At the court, Mou Chong told the judge he saw the trees got crooked in his brother’s grave and he dug his body and found a black bone. The doctor said he drank wine during that night. Mou Chong won’t let his brother die without proof. Lee Ping Yee hopes Mou Chong understands her feeling that she won’t let her brother die without proof. Mou Chong cried in the cellar and asked Mou Dai Long’s daughter if she trusts him. A doctor came to the court and said  he inspected the body and found it was being poisoned.

During the night, the doctor knocked in front of his door and admitted he poisoned Mou Dai Long. A doctor said the doctor threaten to kill him if he won’t lie about being poisoned. Sai Moon Hing rewared a doctor some silvers. Sai Moon Hing told him to leave with those silvers. Two guards chased a doctor and throw him down the sea. Sai Moon Hing told the nanny and Poon Kam Lien he has sent his men to get rid of a doctor.

In the court,  the bone was inspected to have a rat powder. The  elder doctor witnessed the doctor of stealing the powders including rat powders. Poon Kam Lien told the judge that the doctor steleft and was angry and said he won’t forget this incident. She was bringing the bowl of medicine for Mou Dai Long but he was sleeping. She then brought fabrics for the nanny. She went home and didn’t see the bowl of medicine there. The judge sentenced the doctor for stealing the bowl of medicine and poisoning Mou Dai Long.

Lee Ping Yee told Mou Chong that her brother didn’t kill anyone, and is he happy with the consequence. Lee Ping Yee wants to admit guilty and she told Far Chi Hui to find the whereabout of the doctor. Lee Ping Yee told the judge that during the night, she went to beg Mou Dai Long to let her brother marry his daughter. She thought of Mou Dai Long treated Poon Kam Lien badly. She saw the rat powder and put it in the bowl of medicine. She poured the bowl of medicine in Mou Dai Long’s mouth. Lee Ping Yee asked Mou Chong if he understands the feelings of the person he love being sentenced. Poon Kam Lien had a nightmare of Ping Yee being beheaded and won’t forgive her. Ping Yee told Far Chi Hui she rather take the guilt for her brother.



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