My first impression on Forensic Heroes IV

Here’s my first impression on the first two episodes I have viewed.

1. There’ a lot of cute guys for me to fangirl, Shaun Tam, Raymond Wong, and Fred Cheng.

2. The female leads are just side characters. Rebecca and Selena doesn’t do much in the series. All the focus in on Shaun Tam heading the team.

3. Watching the Forensic staff wearing white coats reminds me of the doctor series Healing hands where the doctors wear white coats.

4.The cases doesn’t provide much evidences. All the evidences are being talked during the Forensic research then in the end the criminal gets arrested.

5. The series spend more time talking about the case during the Forensic research.

6. The tech being used is impressive.

7. The ending scene of the first two episodes scared me with the chain tied up and the tiger head.

8. I love seeing Raymond Wong and Selena Li together.

Forensic Heroes IV episode 2 recap

Kwok Sir told Kwok Lap Keung’s wife and son Shing Hong that he suspects Kwok Lap Keung has killed Lung Yiu Chung. The forensic team tested the windbreaker. Cotton and his team noticed the stroke on the character of the windbreaker looks like blood. The Forensic team watches the throwing of knives distance on the body on the computer. They discussed there was Japanese oil being used and the weapon could be a Japanese sword. Besides using a sword, the person must be skilled in swordfight.

Shui Wai Ming had dinner with her boyfriend. Chris Tsui ran at the grave ,and  Cotton and Man Ka Hei and cover for her while the triad are searching. Chris gave Cotton and Man Ka Hei her reporter id.

During the meeting, Cotton Oh said Wong Lap Keung probably wanted to poison Lung Yiu Chung but he didn’t realized Lung Sang Bo would drink that. Wong Lap Keung tried to delete the recording but he went in the room and saw Lung Yiu Chung was about to call the cops so he took the Sis Hing’s scissor and stabbed him by the neck.  Kwok Sir said since they know that Wong Lap Keung killed Lung Siu Bog and Lung Yiu Chung but who killed Wong Lap Keung.

Lung Siu Tin told Lung Ying Suet he wants close the troupe. Lung Siu Tin took down the fabric and Lung Ying Suet performed her sword and held the fabric. Kwok Sir watches them. Kwok Sir asked Lung Ying Suet if she knows how to use Japanese Sword. Man Ka Hei and Cotton work out at the gym. Man Ka Hei mentioned about flour spreading on the floor. Cotton searched for powders and car crash.

Kwok Sir came to the hospital and told Shing Hong he is under arrest for murdering Wong Lap Keung. Shing Hong’s mom got agitated and told Kwok Sir and Ko Ching to arrest her instead. The forensic inspects Shing Hong’s motorbike. At the station, Kwok Sir showed Shing Hong a photo of him wearing a black outfit, before he went to Cheng Chau he wore a white shoe but when he returned he wore a grey shoes. The grey shoes is made of rubber. Shing Hong said it is a coincidence and the person in the picture isn’t him. Kwok Sir asked Shing Hong about his eyelashes made by a chinese finish ointment. Kwok Sir told him that he’s really good at using Japanese Sword and his hand is showing it. Kwok Sir said they found photos of him using Japanese sword online. Kwok Sir told Shing Hong that Wong Lap Keung has passed aids to his mom so he wanted to kill him. Shing Hong’s mom said her husband treated her well until he got addicted to gambling and hit her. Shing Hong said he wanted to kill his father but he didn’t.

Cotton told Kwok Sir he found sodium on the motorbike. That night when Wong Lap Keung was killed there was white powder splashing on his motorbike and on him. Kwok Sir told Shing Hong during that night he used his fish hook with his swordfight to kill Wong Lap Keung. Shing Hong said Wong Lap Keung would tell his mom she brings bad luck whenever he lost to gambling. During that night he uses his sword and killed his father for passing aids to his mom. Shing Hong told Kwok Sir and Cotton he didn’t put the tiger head and the chain. Shing Hong told him he received a call from Sis Man after that. Kwok Sir and Ko Ching went in Sis Man’s flat and saw Lung Ying Suet holding a knife and Sis Man dead.

Forensic Heroes IV episode 1 recap

First episode starts with Lang Siu Bo fainting during the opera. Master Lung is dead with his hands being chained from the back. Kwok Sir looked at Lung Ying Suet using her phone and he asked her if Lung Ying Suet is her real name. Kwok Sir said he hard  from his colleagues she used one kick and Siu Bo died. Michelle said she didn’t use real kick. Michelle said Siu Bo been going to the doctor and taking medicine. During the investigation, Cotton told Kwok Sir there’s a smell of garlic and metal and Siu Bo could be poisoned. Man Ka Hei checked Lung Yiu Chung’s body and said the three cuts has a sign of  swelling and inflammation. Cotton wondered what made the killer stop and tried again.

Lung Siu Tin slapped Lung Ying Suet and said he wants to see his son Yiu Chung. Lung Siu Tung told Kwok Sir and  Ko Ching during the interrogation that Lung Ying Suet disappointed him in managing the troupe but he believes she didn’t kill Yiu Chung. Liu Siu Ting told them he has never ask anyone a favor but he would like to ask them to find the killer.

Cotton told his team his analysis that Lung Yiu Chung was resting in his room, and and was stabbed by a sharp object near his liver. Charm Ting said he found blood on Yiu Chung’s cell phone. Yiu Chung must have  tried to call 911 but was stopped by the killer. Shui Wai Ming said they found yellow stain on the dressing room glass but after investigation it was from a plant. The stain could have come from a cosmetic. They found Ginseng flakes. Cotton said  Lang Siu Bo probably drank from Lung Yiu Chung’s tea using the straw. Man Ka Hei discuss with the team the wound near the neck and liver are eight cm. The murderer weapon must be a scissor.

Man Kai and Kwok Sir joins Cotton and Ko Ching for dinner. Kwok Sir told his team during the meeting that Lung Ying Suet’s assistant saw Lung Ying Suet and Siu Bo fighting over him checking his cell phone and not being serious about the opera. Ko Ching and Kwok Sir showed the scissor and asked Lung Ying Suet if she has used it. Kwok Sir asked Sis Hing to give him her gloves and he asked her to come to the station. At the station,  Ko Ching said Lung Yiu Chung got charged of rape when he was eighteen but was let go due to not enough evidence. Sis Hing told them that  Lung Yiu Chung got his daughter Ying Ying jumping down the cliff. Flashbacks of Sis Hing fighting with Lung Yiu Chung. Sis Hing used her scissor and pushed it toward Lung Yiu Chung’s body. She failed  to protect her daughter and now she did. Kwok Sir asked Sis Hing if she didn’t put the tiger head and chained Liu Ying Chung’s hand.

Cotton saw his colleague spilled out a drink and thought of the murderer used a water resistant clothe so the blood didn’t went through. Kwok Sir and his team noticed in the photo that Wong Lap Keung had a windbreaker in the first photo but didn’t have his windbreaker in the second photo after the case. Kwok Sir. Kwok Sir and his team went to Wong Lak Keung’s flat and saw him with the tiger head dead and Lung Yiu Chung looked at them.

Gentle Reflections episode 11 recap

The official ordered the guards to hit Far Chi Hui ten times as a warning for disruption in the court. Sai Moon Hing opened the lock and let Far Chi Hui visiting Ping Yee. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui he believes him,  he will tell the official to review this case carefully and he will search for the black suited man.

Sai Moon Hing doesn’t have the mood to eat and told Poon Kam Lien that it’s always chicken and fried fish. The second and fourth wives told Poon teased Poon Kam Lien that grabbing a spicy chicken Sai Moon Hing, he doesn’t like it. Is it better to share the variety of food. The first wife told Poon Kam Lien she isn’t used to Sai Moon Hing’s attitude, whenever he sees a new girl in his eyes he loses appetite.

Mou Chong told the official that he has investigated there were no red dirt on Far Chi Hui. Mou Chong and his guard found a black costume in the cave. The official tasted the tea and told Sai Moon Hing this flavorful tea relieves his anxiety. Mou Chong told the official he found a black costume with red dirt in Far Chi Lam’s friend’s cave. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Lam to give a sum of money to his friend and tell him to leave. Sai Moon Hing’s  servants warned Far Chi Lam’s friend to be careful since Far Chi Lam wants him as a scapegoat. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui that the official has sentenced him to death. Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui to dig down the cellar and search for the person in the black suit.

Far Chi Hui ran and bumped into Far Chi Lam’s friend and  recognized him as the man in the black suit. Far Chi Lam’s friend asked Far Chi Lam when will he repay him for killing his father. Far Chi Hui confronted Far Chi Lam. Far Chi Lam told Far Chi Hui all the asset must belong to him. Far Chi Hui fought with Far Chi Lam and the sword pushed in his body. Sai Moon Hing’s guard alert the guards that Far Chi Hui killed Far Chi Lam. Sai Moon Hing’s guard then killed Far Chi Lam’s friend.  Sai Moon Hing’s guard told Sai Moon Hing and Ping Yee that Far Chi Hui fought with Far Chi Lam and killed him. Sai Moon Hing asked his guard if he is in Far Chi Hui’s situation and saw his wife what would he do. Sai Moon Hing told his servant to let Ping Yee and Far Chi Hui in the canoe and push Far Chi Hui and make the canoe sink but he must save Ping Yee.

Sai Moon Hing threw a stick. Mou Chong looked at Ping Yee and the maid ran with Far Chi Hui. The maid twisted her leg. Mou Chong told Far Chi Hui to come with him. Far Chi Hui fought with Mou Chong. Ping Yee and the maid begged for Mou Chong to let go of Far Chi Hui. Mou Chong told Far Chi Hui he still has the crime for killing Far Chi Lam. Far Chi Hui said Far Chi Lam bumped into him. Ping Yee told Mou Chong that Far Chi Lam deserved to die. If he discovered Far Chi Lam is the murderer, her husband wouldn’t have dug the grave. Ping Yee said the government always finds a scapegoat but have never witness for her. Ping Yee told Mou Chong to arrest her too. The maid knocked on Mou Chong’s head and told Far Chi Hui and Ping Yee to leave. Far Chi Hui and Ping Yee went in the boat. Chi Hui gave Ping Yee a cup of hot tea. The maid is willing to surrender. The maid hopes Mou Chong can understand that Ping Yee is her friend and Chi Hui is innocent.

The boat shakes. Sai Moon Hing’s servant pushed Chi Hui. The chest fell on Sai Moon Hing’s servant. Sai Moon Hing’s servant told  Ping Yee to be careful of Sai Moon Hing. He has planned for Chi Hui to escape and took the opportunity to kill Far Chi Lam. He also told him to kill Chi Hui. He wants to have her. He also framed the doctor so he can have Poon Kam Lien. Ping Yee woke up. Mou Chong’s guard found the body of Chi Hui. In the rain, Ping Yee hugged Chi Hui’s body and vowed she revenge for him and his family.

A message from me How Am I feeling?

How’s everyone feeling? I’ll just post my thought how am I feeling about tvb and everything.

I’ve been watching tvb and wuxia series since I was eight years old and watching them helps me having more confident and relaxed. I’m a longtime tvb and and have chatted with lots of tvb fans and bloggers. Been blogging for almost eight years. I’m just rambling about how tvb series gave more confident seeing more faces look like me and when I’m stressed I usually watch tvb series. I watch lots of them. I’m not sure which is how I became what I am today of being a tvb blogger.

Sidetracking a bit, I followed a bit of asian activism and twitter and it isn’t for me. I prefer to enjoy life and chat with other asians as usually but not onto those infighting. Not to say we have to be unaware of racism. Be aware of it, but sometimes I get overhwelmed by the divide.

A bit of rant, real life sucks, I enjoy having my tvb series and which is why I do tvb drama recaps. I’m a bit over the top of a bit more of a hardcore tvb fan as your usual tvb fan who just watches them. I put a lot of hard work in my tvb series recaps and dedication to them. Cause I grew up with many tvb series and it helps me relieve stresses. I love listening to chinese music and watching tvb series. I’m one of the few Vietnamese here surrounded by many chinese and some are half viet and chinese.

With tvb series going down, I don’t know how long I will be able to substain  this blog as one of the few tvb bloggers around.

❤ Jac

Gentle Reflections episode 10 recap

Mou Chong told the maid to wish Ping Yee and Far Chi Hui happiness. Sai Moon Hing received an edict of becoming an official. The second wife danced and told Sai Moon Hing to let her cousin managing his account. Poon Kam Lien and the maid put powders in the second wife’s spa.  Sai Moon Hing slept with the second wife and freaked out seeing she has rashes. Sai Moon Hing made out with the first wife. Poon Kam Lien visited and told Sai Moon Hing to let her rub some medicine.

Far Chi Hui manage accounts and sighed to Ping Yee that Some of the money which Far Chi Lam managed is missing. Far Chi Hui came to the brothel and told Far Chi Lam to leave with him. Far Chi Lam told Far Chi Hui he wanted to take all his asset. Far Chi Lam told Far Chi Hui to give him a few days to find a sum. Far Chi Hui’s uncle told Far Chi Lam he knows about him stealing from the account. All the accounts will be managed by Chi Hui.

Mou Chong saw Far Chi Lam and Ping Yee and said he will be going on a mission and he wishes them happiness.’ Ping Yee saw blocks falling down and worried about Far Chi Hui and hugged him.  Far Chi Hui’s uncle told the people he will pay for their medicine and rebuild their house.s Sai Moon Hing told Far Chi Hui’s uncle to let the people decide the cost of everything. Far Chi Lam told Sai Moon Hing he has a plan of killing his uncle and blame it on Far Chi Hui. Sai Moon Hing dressed up in the black suit and fought with Far Chi Hui’s uncle. Far Chi Hui served soup for his uncle and pull out the knife and he’s dead. Far Chi Lam accused Far Chi Hui of murder. Far Chi Hui told the magistrate that the murderer is a person in the black mask. Ping Yee requested Mou Chong to find evidence before judging.

At the court, Ping Yee told the magistrate that she gave the bowl of soup to Far Chi Hui to bring to his uncle but she can assure he didn’t kill him. Far Chi Lam told the official he saw Far Chi Hui holding a knife when his uncle was murdered. Far Chi Hui said he saw a person in the black suit leaving the room and he pulled him and saw blood on his hand. Far Chi Lam told Far Chi Hui he has schemed to have his uncle’s asset.

Fangirl tech guru Fever and Iron Man

Hey guys! It’s a good day for me today. Good or bad guys for you, Enjoy this post of mine! It’s been a while I did an editorial post. This will be a fun fangirling post as I watch tvb series and fangirl. Creeps back off! It is my moment of fangirling!

Internet Playboy known as IronMan where each woman he sleeps with will marry a rich man in Barrack 0 Karma.

Fever in Fist Fight who is the tech guru and created Flyingman the virtual boxing game.


❤ Jac

Barrack Karma episode 16 recap

Selena yelled at three prostitutes for fighting over Ping Ping  mirror. Ping Ping yelled at Selena that she only wanted to keep her here to make her look young. She wanted to abort Siu Suyet but she stopped her so she has this burden. Selena took Siu Suyet with her. She gave Siu Suyet her brooch from Joel for her to look at. Selena told Lau Kong the way Siu Suyet looks at pretty thing reminds her of  the lady boss. She thinks the ladyboss is the grown up of Siu Suyet. Pui Pui cursed Master Choi he would die of loneliness. She keeps on dreaming of Golden Boy. She wonder if he is the descendant of Master Choi.

Selena served Brother Hung alcohol and he threw up and got angry at the waiter. Ping Ping seduced Brother Hung. Brother Hung hit Ping Ping with his bottle of wine. He took Selena to the rooftop. Brother Hung poured the wine and held the pin. He slapped Selena and asked if Joel killed Brother Keung. Brother Hung pushed Selena on the rooftop. Lau Kong told Joel that Selena been taken by a gang. Joel beat up Lau Kong. Joel told Brother Hung he has never betrayed him. Joel gave him a gun and told him to shoot him if he doesn’t believe him Brother Hung smiled and put back the gun in Joel’s jacket.

Joel told Selena that Brother Hung doesn’t trust anyone but he is useful to him. He will give him a big task. Selena asked Joel if he is fine with it. Brother Hung was about to throw her on the rooftop. Joel told Selena he wants to make up for their loss sum of money. Selena told Joel if they had the money, they would not live happily. Joel showed Selena a chip and said it will bring them good luck. Selena told Joel she had a dream of having a plane crash and she tried to find the way out of the building. Joel promised Selena he won’t work for Brother Hung. Joel told Selena he thought cops wouldn’t make much money but he met her and wanted to take risk to give her a comfortable life. She wanted her to be a happy housewife and they can  spend the day at the beach watching sunset and meteor shower.

Ping Ping looked in the mirror and bleed her forehead and she looked for the mirror. Siu Suet looked in the mirror. Lan Po took it. The tourist told Miss Yuki he wants to take her to the doctor. Miss Yuki wants to see Physician Wang. The tourist told her Physician Wang has conned people. Jazz looked at Miss Yuki’s face and freaked out. Miss Yuki asked Ching Ching if she or Samantha is prettier. Master Kai told Miss Yuki that the problem is her. Miss Yuki looked in the mirror and sees her mom Ping Ping. Ping Ping told her to be prettier and prettier by day.

Miss Yuki followed Lan Po and wanted to suck his blood. The tourist stopped her. The tourist told Miss Yuki he fell for her when he took a guest in the guesthouse five years ago.  Lau Kong told him about the mirror and her mom is obssessed with her look. Miss Yuki held a knife toward Miss Yuki. Lan Po bumped into Miss Yuki and she dropped the mirror and freaked out. Miss Yuki wakes up and looked in the mirror. The tourist told Miss Yuki she is beautiful and they could grow together.

Joel showed the picture and asked Lau Kong if they are them. Joel went to the rooftop and checked on the  water. Lau Kong walked and  closed and locked.