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Forensic Heroes IV episode 2 recap

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Kwok Sir told Kwok Lap Keung’s wife and son Shing Hong that he suspects Kwok Lap Keung has killed Lung Yiu Chung. The forensic team tested the windbreaker. Cotton and his team noticed the stroke on the character of the windbreaker looks like blood. The Forensic team watches the throwing of knives distance on the body on the computer. They discussed there was Japanese oil being used and the weapon could be a Japanese sword. Besides using a sword, the person must be skilled in swordfight.

Shui Wai Ming had dinner with her boyfriend. Chris Tsui ran at the grave ,and  Cotton and Man Ka Hei and cover for her while the triad are searching. Chris gave Cotton and Man Ka Hei her reporter id.

During the meeting, Cotton Oh said Wong Lap Keung probably wanted to poison Lung Yiu Chung but he didn’t realized Lung Sang Bo would drink that. Wong Lap Keung tried to delete the recording but he went in the room and saw Lung Yiu Chung was about to call the cops so he took the Sis Hing’s scissor and stabbed him by the neck.  Kwok Sir said since they know that Wong Lap Keung killed Lung Siu Bog and Lung Yiu Chung but who killed Wong Lap Keung.

Lung Siu Tin told Lung Ying Suet he wants close the troupe. Lung Siu Tin took down the fabric and Lung Ying Suet performed her sword and held the fabric. Kwok Sir watches them. Kwok Sir asked Lung Ying Suet if she knows how to use Japanese Sword. Man Ka Hei and Cotton work out at the gym. Man Ka Hei mentioned about flour spreading on the floor. Cotton searched for powders and car crash.

Kwok Sir came to the hospital and told Shing Hong he is under arrest for murdering Wong Lap Keung. Shing Hong’s mom got agitated and told Kwok Sir and Ko Ching to arrest her instead. The forensic inspects Shing Hong’s motorbike. At the station, Kwok Sir showed Shing Hong a photo of him wearing a black outfit, before he went to Cheng Chau he wore a white shoe but when he returned he wore a grey shoes. The grey shoes is made of rubber. Shing Hong said it is a coincidence and the person in the picture isn’t him. Kwok Sir asked Shing Hong about his eyelashes made by a chinese finish ointment. Kwok Sir told him that he’s really good at using Japanese Sword and his hand is showing it. Kwok Sir said they found photos of him using Japanese sword online. Kwok Sir told Shing Hong that Wong Lap Keung has passed aids to his mom so he wanted to kill him. Shing Hong’s mom said her husband treated her well until he got addicted to gambling and hit her. Shing Hong said he wanted to kill his father but he didn’t.

Cotton told Kwok Sir he found sodium on the motorbike. That night when Wong Lap Keung was killed there was white powder splashing on his motorbike and on him. Kwok Sir told Shing Hong during that night he used his fish hook with his swordfight to kill Wong Lap Keung. Shing Hong said Wong Lap Keung would tell his mom she brings bad luck whenever he lost to gambling. During that night he uses his sword and killed his father for passing aids to his mom. Shing Hong told Kwok Sir and Cotton he didn’t put the tiger head and the chain. Shing Hong told him he received a call from Sis Man after that. Kwok Sir and Ko Ching went in Sis Man’s flat and saw Lung Ying Suet holding a knife and Sis Man dead.

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