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Forensic Heroes IV episode 7 recap

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The forensics did an inspection on the body and found bruises on the neck and signs of arm being strangled to dead. The blood is A plus. The person put the victim in the nylon bag and threw him in the sea. A man came in the station and told Kwok Sir to look for his daughter Chiu Kit Yu. Kwok Sir suspects she is the person being murdered at the pier. Chris followed Miss Ying in her covered face and interviewed her. Ko Ching came and showed her badge to arrest Miss Ying.

Ko Ching asked Miss Ying if Kelvin killed Chiu Ho Chuen. Miss Ying is surprised to hear Chiu Kit Yu died. Chiu Kit Yu’s  father blamed himself for letting her daughter go to work and meet Kelvin. Her daughter said Miss Ying slapped her and gave her a hard time. Miss Ying said she doesn’t know who killed Chiu Kit Yu but she knows Kelvin killed Chiu Ho Chuen. It was Kelvin who hired those clowns to rob Ho Hing Sang back in 2011. Chiu Kit Yu’s father saw Miss Ying and yelled.

Shui Wai Ming and Monique ate with Elaine and saw a text from her ex Ricky and they advised her to take time finding the right guy. Cotton and Monique walked in the beach. Monique dreamed one day they will open their own winery. Flashbacks of Cotton made a wish of him and his two sisters will never fall apart. Chris had a nightmare of searching for her brother.

Kelvin’s body got wrapped in a vacuum. The forensics found a bed bug on Kelvin’s body. Chiu Kit Yu’s father barged in Miss Ying’s room and was about to hit her with an antique. Miss Ying accused him of killing Kelvin and his daughter. Flashbacks of Chi Kit Yu’s father hitting Kelvin with a plate and Chi Kit Yu drove him out of the room.

Kwok Sir showed a piece of diamond to Chiu Kit Yu’s father he found in Kelvin’s stomach and asked him if he recognizes it. He recognized the diamond were stolen goods from the clowns. In the tech diagram,  Cotton recognized the piece on Kelvin’s forehead as a locking clip on Chan Sum’s bottle. The cops and forensics assumed Chan Sum killed Kelvin to revenge for Wild Boar. The real murder of Kelvin is Prawn Cracker.

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